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SPA Chapter 13

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 13

Chapter 13: New Fu Empire

According to history, 16 years ago, the monstrosity known as the Xiong Empire caused despair throughout the land. Pillaging, destruction, slaughter. They were the dictators of the land who didn’t care about the common people’s lives. The emperor of this empire was especially ferocious. In order to satisfy his own lust for power, he abolished denied the position of empress from the one who helped him conquer the lands, a rumored lady from the famous, righteous Hu Jia, and took a mere courtesan as his empress. Unable to bear to see such injustice, the righteous swordmaster of the rumored lady pleaded to his mysterious master from his super sect for judgement. And so judgement came.

Under orders from the super sect, many local sects in the Xiong Empire that could no longer stand the tyranny of the Xiong Emperor banded together to overthrow the dynasty. The righteous swordmaster from the Hu Jia took the lead and personally beheaded the tyrant of the Xiong Empire with no external assistance, becoming famous with the title of Tyrant Slayer, Grandmaster Hu Fan.

Then, with the goal of calming the populace and stabilizing the empire, the Hu Jia made the great sacrifice of separating Grandmaster Hu Fan from the family in order to create a new empire that has no ties with the Hu Jia, the Fu Empire, with Grandmaster Fu Fan as the new emperor who will lead the empire to glory. And in order to protect Fu Fan’s sister from revenge by the rumored still alive, evil child of the previous Xiong Emperor, Fu Fan’s master magnanimously took in Fu Fan’s sister as a concubine.

Thus, 16 years passed. And here I am, Xiong Zhi Ye. I take on simply the name Pro now though because there are people after my life afterall if you did not get that from that introduction. As for that history bullc***, heh! They gotta get their facts straight!

First of all, cause despair throughout the land? Honestly, how big is Xiong Empire compared to the rest of the continent? It makes up just one part of it. It is just like how a state in the United States would compare to the entire United States.

Then there’s the ferocious emperor, but seriously? What’s the point of this statement? All emperor’s got to be ferocious at some point or how would the saying come that they rule with an iron fist?

And lady from who knows where m*th**fing Hu Jia, sorry, but pretty sure you’re delusional because if my father loved you, he would have chosen you. You don’t just not get the empress position for no reason.

And HA! Hu Fan to Fu Fan. Seriously, “Ni Fan Bu Fan?”. (Chinese words meaning similar to: Are you annoying or what?) What kind of hypocrite is this Fan? Righteous sacrifice to become an emperor that owns harem and rules with an iron fist.

HA! Then there’s the Grandmaster of this Fan guy who “righteously” and “magnimously” takes in the young sister as a concubine. Alright, first things first, how old are you Grandmaster? As far as I know, I learned from my Sis Ji that Grandmasters are usually at least 100 years old? And that younger sister, Fu Fan is in his 30s. How much “older” can that sister get?

And worst of all. You DARE to use ME as an excuse?! The fudge does me got to do with you on whether you take a concubine or not?! Why not I use your grandson as a reason for me to r*** your mother. Oh wait, first of all language. Second of all, I don’t think your mother can even match up to my sisters. Bleh, now I want to throw up.

(A/N: You here is referring to Grandmaster in story not you, you.)

Seriously what have this world come to? What have I come to? Aii~ never mind that. Because as the saying goes: Doesn’t matter what you do, because I’m coming for you.

Oh, and I’m finally here, my birthplace. The capital city, Xin Fu Capital City. Yea, nice name, because it doesn’t have Fan in it for once. And just like how cliche it is in those isekai novels, there is a queue, a very long one, that I do not want to wait in, ever.

Hmmm…wonder if there’s any easy targets. Merchant group, naw, too big, and there is probably strict checking on them, especially the goods. Erhmm, cultivator group, but they probably don’t want a low level cultivator like me in their group. A beauty with her escorts. Ohhh~ looks like a good choice, let’s try walking over- and nope, that icy glares from her escorts gives me the “Keep away if you don’t want to die vibes”. Ehh~ Oh? A hooded individual in the midst of all these out in the open people. Not suspicious at all. Common cliche: beauty under the hood. Alright, that’s the one.

I waited until the hooded individual was almost entering the gate. Then, I strolled up, my hands whipped around and perfectly hooked around the person’s waist, then put on my most rascally smile.

“Heyyy~ Long time no see! Ohoh! You’ve grown up even better than I thought! Just look at you. Anyways, thanks for lining up for both of us. Sorry for being a bit late, you don’t have to be mad. I know we had prior arrangements, but I really had to take a dump you see. Let’s just go in, and I’ll treat ya to a meal. How bout that bro?” I delightedly spoke and winked at the person under the hood while my hands slid down a bit and squeeze. Oh~ perky!

The person glares at me and makes an attempt to kill me with a palm of Qi. But before the person could, I shifted my foot a bit and bounced back like I got shoved. To everyone else, I got shoved in the direction of the gate and landed on my butt pass the gate.

“Aiyaaaa~ How cruel~ I know you are mad, but do you really have to do this in front of everyone? Okay, I get it, it’s that time of the month. I’ll go in first, then we can meet up at our usual inn after you calm down a bit,” I hopped up, quickly tossed more than enough coins to the guards, “I’ll head on out first captains, before my friend here starts a killing spree. Captains, you know what to do. Help me out a bit.”

Then, I rushed off as a burst of Qi struck a hole into the pavements where I stood before. The hooded individual, or should I say girl who I took advantage of, glared at me. She was about to rush through the gate and chase after me, but the “friendly” guards smirked and did the “correct” thing by holding her back until I escaped. Tsk~ Tsk. Justice is served. This world is definitely not corrupted at all.

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