Dragon Raja Moon Realm Guide

Steve’s Dragon Raja Moon Realm Guide

Decrypt those ciphers before others do!

— Steve

Looking for a moon realm guide? Looking for tips for your moon realm endeavors? Well, you are at the right place! Steve has compiled a basic guide for Dragon Raja Chizuru and Tokyo Moon Realms!

The moon realm event is an event open to players level 50 or above. Players must enter a open PVP map where they must collect shards from D-Cyphers that have spawned all over the map. Cyphers may spawn anywhere on the map, including but not limited to rooftop of buildings, ground floor, in small gaps, on small ledges of buildings, and midair (albeit rare as it may be a bug). You will not be able to use vehicles in the moon realm map, but you are free to use dash (head over to Steve’s transportation tips page for dash tips).

Besides the gold and experience reward from collecting the cyphers, you may also get a chance at other loot when you collect a cypher. There are small, large, and complete cyphers. Collecting a larger cypher will give you a chance at better rewards, but larger cyphers will take longer to collect. Although a simple interaction to collect is easy, do note that you can be interrupted by other players’ attacks (damage over time effects are especially annoying). Also, if you are collecting a complete cypher, there is a chance that the cypher itself will shock you and disrupt your collection. If there is a thunderstorm, you may also be interrupted by lightning strikes. A complete cypher has the best loot, but they spawn rarely and usually are accompanied with an announcement at spawn to alert all players to search for it in a frenzy.

The two maps for Moon Realm are Chizuru and Tokyo. When the Moon Realm opens, players can enter through the Moon Realm NPC in the respective maps or players can simply directly enter by choosing to teleport to the moon realm label on the world map. Depending on the moon realm being opened, a copy of the map will be spawned as an instance for players to enter for a limited time of approximately 40 minutes. Fortunately, although the actual maps are big, the moon realm version of the maps have barriers that shrink down the size of the map. Even so, the maps are still fairly large and there will be multiple channels/lines that a player can switch between to search for cyphers. Now, let Steve open the realm and guide you through each map.

Chizuru Moon Realm

The Chizuru Moon Realm opens at the beginning of a random in-game hour every day. In the Chizuru Moon Realm, all cyphers you collect will not directly drop loot. Instead, you will get Fragmented Rubbing which you can trade in once you have collected a certain amount (100). Simply use the rubbings in your inventory and it should auto-path you to the NPC in Chizuru for exchanging the rubbings. You can get rewarded for up to 6 times daily for collecting rubbings.

Collecting a larger cypher will give more rubbings, and collecting a complete cypher may have a chance at dropping a special rubbings that can be exchanged into a Gold Secret Key or Draconic gear. Note that you may also get the special rubbing to exchange for a Gold Secret Key by collecting a large cypher, but the chances will be lower.

PVP is less intense in the Chizuru Moon Realm due to the vast number of lines that you can switch between (depending on the number of players) and also due to the fact that the Chizuru Moon Realm may spawn multiple times per day (pay attention to announcements as it is random). Although you can fight it out over a rubbing with another player, it might be easier to switch lines to find another one. The map is not too big, and it is fairly simple to carpet search the map for complete cyphers (which can spawn anywhere on ground or rooftops, but usually within the town).

Tokyo Moon Realm

The Tokyo Moon Realm opens on Saturdays during the in-game time of 22:00-22:40. In the Tokyo Moon Realm, all cyphers you collect will directly drop loot. You will be limited to 4 reward chances during the Tokyo Moon Realm.

Collecting a larger cypher will give better loot. Even a large cypher has chances at good loot such as motor cores, but it is the complete cyphers that give the best loot. However, complete cyphers will be hard to collect as PVP is usually very intense in the Tokyo Moon Realm due to the limited number of lines. Although the Tokyo Moon Realm map is very large, most players will be crowded on the ground floor where complete cyphers will usually spawn (you will most likely never find a complete cypher on rooftops). Complete cyphers have chances at dropping Draconic and orange gear along with other loot such as rare pet chips.

If you simply want large cyphers, you can simply use dash to climb up the skyscrapers and easily find lots of large cyphers on the rooftops of the buildings. Do be careful of other people attacking you in midair because entering combat will cancel your dash. Do note that it is possible to fall off buildings and take fall damage (you can use that to your advantage if you can knock others off). After death, it’s simply better to wait for the respawn timer to respawn at your spot with full health because the revival point may be clogged with players in the midst of PVP.

That is all for Steve’s Dragon Moon Realm guide! As always, if Steve find any ways to enhance the guide, Steve will update it! Also, subscribe and look out for more guides from Steve or head over to the Gaming Corner! If you have any questions, suggestions, or disagreements, feel free to comment below or you can contact Steve through the contacts page; however, there is no guarantee for a good answer because Steve does not know everything about the event. Now, go out there and find those shards!

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