Dragon Raja Special Guest Answers

Steve’s Dragon Raja Special Guest Answers

When you are so addicted that you are nosy about relationships.

— Steve

Looking for answers to the Special Guest event? Have answers that you want to share with others? Then you are at the right place! Steve started this post as a compilation for answers to the Special Guest event!

The Special Guest event is a 3-5 team up event that occurs throughout every day for players level 35 and above. The event involves exploring the Cassell College look-alike map and looking for NPCs who will give you a quiz. The questions being asked will usually pertain to the Dragon Raja game’s characters and their relationship with other characters. Answering wrong will incur a penalty that buffs the monsters or weakens the players, which causes the event to take a longer time to do. It’s fine when you are strong enough, but it’s always good to know the answers.

Although these questions are fairly simple, some may not know the answers. Steve may not know all the questions and answers, but Steve will update the list as Steve encounters more questions (with some based on memory, so apologies for inaccuracies). Steve also hopes the guide will grow over time with the help of everyone, so feel free to comment your findings or send them to Steve~ Hence, this page is here for those that want to share their answers or find answers! The questions/answers are split into two tables, one for “have a bond” questions, the other for “doesn’t have a bond” questions. Good luck!

Party MasterHave a bond
Chisei GenSakura Yabuki
Johann ChuCaesar
Sakura YabukiChisei Gen
CaesarJohann Chu
EriiChisei Gen
Party MasterDoesn’t have a bond
Chisei GenAnjou
Johann ChuMasamune
LuminousKatsu Inuyama
Sakura YabukiAnjou
EriiJohann Chu

That is all for Steve’s Dragon Special Guest answers! As always, if Steve find any ways to enhance the guide, Steve will update it! Also, subscribe and look out for more guides from Steve at the Gaming Corner Page! If you have any questions, suggestions, or disagreements, feel free to comment below or you can contact Steve through the contacts page; however, there is no guarantee for a good answer because Steve does not know everything about the game. Now, go out there and party!

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