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Dragon Raja World Boss Guide

Steve’s Dragon Raja World Boss Guide

We can’t grind dungeon bosses, but we can grind world bosses!

β€” Steve

Looking for to fight some bosses? Lost on how to find world bosses? Then you are at the right place! Steve has compiled Steve’s knowledge of world bosses all on this page!

Although Steve is unsure of all the variety of attacks each world boss has, Steve still managed to grind the bosses with no problem. So, this guide won’t be the specifics of each world boss, but details on their location and the general mechanics that you need to get the reward for each world boss.

Before we get into the locations of the world boss, Steve would like to provide some general information about world bosses. There is a level requirement for some of the world bosses (usually you can enter when you are 5 levels lower than the required), and you should be able to see the description for the world boss pop up in your challenge event’s description if you meet the conditions to fight it. Each world boss has different spawn times and locations (which can be viewed in the world event description and its location will usually show up on the mini-map as a red area). They also have different token drops that can be traded for different rewards. Do note that it is possible to grind all the world bosses as they spawn at different times, and even if you are higher level than a world boss, you can still get rewards for it! Rewards may include gear box drops (of the boss’s level usually), Ex Catalysts, and more, but it is fairly rare to get anything besides a token.

After you get a token drop (that is guaranteed on many of the world boss fight if you met the conditions and joined the fight on time), you can bring it over to a cat slot machine to trade it in for the specific boss’s coupon. These coupons can then traded for items through the store. Using the token item in your bag will auto-path you to the specific cat slot machine for the specific token. Using the coupons in your bag will auto-path you to the NPC where you can trade your coupons for cosmetics, titles, and transformations.

As for the boss fights itself, it usually consists of a large group of players all attacking one boss. No need to mind them as you will all get rewards. Sometimes, the stacked heals from the player will out-heal the boss’s damage, but if you don’t want to die so much, simply dodge the big area of effect red circles or cones. Do note that even if you die, besides respawning at the revival point, you can also revive at your spot with full health for free (by waiting for the revival timer to count down on the revive at respawn point option); however, this does increase the cost of a diamond revival if you ever need it (resets daily so no worries). Another note is that it may take a while to kill some bosses, and you might have to fight bosses before it drops to a certain percentage of its health (Steve is unsure about this) or you won’t get the loot. Also note that there is a weekly loot chance on boss drops (Steve doesn’t know what it is because Steve never reached it).

Now let us let the world turn and grind out the guide for world bosses!

Frost Harbor (Level 15)

At level 15 (or below), you can head over to Siberia Harbor where you will be able to find a Dragonblood Abomination that you can slay for loot near the coordinates 265,325. This dragon is fairly easy to solo and respawns fairly quickly after death, so you can grind it all day if you want; however, there is no token drops for this boss. Although the boss can drop cosmetics as loot, they are not permanent. The boss can also drop level 15 gear, but gear of this level usually hold no value at later stages as there will not be Draconic nor Lost Whisper from dismantling them.

Paradisio Terror (Level 45)

You can head over to the yellow cat statue in Paradisio Outskirts to find the entrance to the level 45 world boss, Paradiso Drunkard, near the coordinates 20,110. He will be standing out in the open if he has respawned so you can’t miss him. Although this world boss has a quick refresh rate of 30 minutes, the boss still drops tokens! Hence, you can grind this boss for Doll – Drunkard coupons that you can use to exchange for cosmetics (Battle Uniform 2.0, Tamamomae Body Tatoo) and Cosplay Drunkard transformation. Unfortunately, there is no title for you to exchange. On the bright side, you can grind this boss for purple gear that you can dismantle for Lost Whisper.

College Crisis (Level 60)

At level 55, you can head over to the Cassell College area near the NPC Cameron (who is near the coordinates 195,385) at in-game times of 11:30, 15:30, 19:30, and 23:30. You will need to use your vision to find the rift to enter the boss fight area. Do note that the rift will usually be floating in midair so it may be easy to miss.

After entering the boss fight area, you notice that you are in a cave with no exit. Do not panic as your spawn location should be right next to the illusory wall that you can pass through to fight the boss. There should be a glowing shard of light near this wall, and when you walk up to the wall, the wall will gradually disappear to allow you to walk through.

You will find the Borgman boss which is a giant serpent that has a couple of area of effect crowd control skills, which may be a bit annoying. If you were to die, you will respawn in the midst of the cave and you simply have to find the wall with the glowing shard once more (simply head straight then to the right from the respawn point or go to the arch on the mini-map). Do note that you may not get the loot if you are at the respawn point when the boss dies (happens sometimes). Also do note that you may also not get the loot if you enter the boss fight too late (happens sometimes when the boss is already low and time of fight exceeds 5 minutes). The coupons for this boss can be exchanged for cosmetics (Star & Heart, Glazed Wind), Raging Blood title, and Naga Warden transformation.

Ghostly Riot (Level 80)

This event is also known as Devil’s Rampage. At level 75 (or lower as this boss is out in open but you may have to be level 75 to get rewards), you should be able to head over to the funfair at the in-game times of 14:30 and 22:30 to join in the fight against the giant spider boss, S-Onimaru, near the coordinates 250,210. This boss event consists of two phases. The first phase requires the players to rescue the guests at the funfair. The players must rescue all the guests (or wait for them to all die) in order for the boss to spawn. Do note that you must be at the funfair during the guest saving phase, otherwise you may risk not getting any loot even if you defeat the boss (happens sometimes). Although it is unnecessary to participate in the rescuing of the guests, do note that recusing the guest may give you coupon drops along with additional rewards!

Once the boss has spawned, you can simply use the go button at the bottom of your screen to auto-path to the boss area, which is on a circular platform at the center of the funfair. Defeat the boss (that may pack a heavy punch), and you will get your token for coupons that can be exchanged for cosmetics (Tamamomae Facing, Blue Sky), titles (Exorcist, Devil Busting), and Shadow Spider transformation.

Skeletal Mystery (Level 85)

This event is also known as Godslayer of Bones. At level 80 (or below because the boss is out in open, but you can only get rewards once you hit level 80), you can heard to Well of Bones at the in-game times of 13:00, 16:00, 19:100, and 23:00 to fight the skeletal serpent boss, Osho’s Blade Snake Form, near the coordinates 590,465.

This boss fight has two phases. The first phases involve protecting the workers, and you probably need to be on the map during this phase to gain loot. Although it is unnecessary to protect them as the boss will eventually arrive, you will get extra rewards for doing so probably. The boss is located towards the center of the Well of Bones map, and a go button will pop up once the boss spawns. The boss itself has plenty of AOE attacks that hit very hard and may potentially one shot you if you are not tanky enough (Steve has around 2 million health points and still got one shot). The token for this boss may be bugged and you will have to manually find the cat that can be found near the Night Owl Squad on the mini-map, near the coordinates 750,615. You can trade the WrymGokusho coupons for cosmetics (Snake Seal, Nightwalker – Necklace), Blood Debt title, and cosplay Naga Soldier transformation.

Terror at the Beach (Level 90)

At level 85 or above (boss is out in open but you need to be at least level 85 to get rewards), you can head over to Ehime Prefecture at the in-game times of 11:30, 15:30, 19:30, and 23:30 to fight the whale boss near the coordinates 335,315. Similarly to the previous world boss events, this event also has two phases.

The first phase consists of saving the tourists. Afterwards, the whale boss will spawn on the beach. Do be careful as this whale boss has two (instead of one) heavy hitting attacks that can potentially one shot you (Steve has 3 million health points but still get one shotted). You can trade the coupons for cosmetics (Witch’s Game, Sunny Doll), avatar frame (Hybrid), titles (Antiquity’s Call, Listen the giant whale is breathing), and transformation (Cosplay Levi.).

Imaginary War (Level 95)

At level 90 or above (boss is out in open but you need to be at least level 90 to get rewards), you can head over to Highway 95 (the map where you do racing event) at the in-game times of 14:30 and 22:30 to fight the imaginary boss Kite. There should be a go button like in the other bosses to auto-path you to the boss even if you come late (as long as the boss is still alive and initial phase is over).

The initial phase of the boss fight is destroying data transfer devices to decrease the boss’s initial HP. Afterwards, the boss will spawn with the ability to transform (where the boss may transform into the imaginary version of different bosses available in the game). This boss doesn’t seem to hit as hard as other bosses as Steve was fine even when standing there to take photos during battle (note that this may depend on the boss that the illusion may transform into). You can trade the coupons for cosmetics (Shadowy Window), rain gear (Drizzle Meow), titles (Chasing Phantoms, Radio Wave System), and transformation (Cosplay Kite).

That is all for Steve’s Dragon Raja world boss guide! As always, if Steve find any ways to enhance the guide, Steve will update it! Also, subscribe and look out for more guides from Steve! If you have any questions, suggestions, or disagreements, feel free to comment below or you can contact Steve through the contacts page; however, there is no guarantee for a good answer because Steve does not know everything about the quest after all. Now, go out there and find those bosses!

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