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Review on Sleep Apnea Exercise Program

Here is Steve’s review on the product, Stop Snoring And Sleep Apnea Exercise Program. Stop Snoring And Sleep Apnea Exercise Program is an instructional manual regarding a set of exercises that can help you stop snoring.

First of all, a disclaimer: Steve has not purchased nor read Stop Snoring And Sleep Apnea Exercise Program, hence all opinions are based off of Steve’s first impression of the Stop Snoring And Sleep Apnea Exercise Program advertisement and the provided info on its affiliate page. Basically, this is not Steve’s book review, but Steve’s ad review as an independent affiliate of the product!

Steve will now start with a brief explanation of the product and hope it doesn’t cause you to snore. This product is a downloadable instructional manual that explains to you about a set of exercise which the product owners claim will help you stop snoring. Unlike some other products, this one claims that the solution is pretty much immediate as it’s that simple. Besides helping you to stop snoring, it claims that it may also be a solution to sleep apnea, which can be a serious condition where you have periods where you stop breathing during your sleep. Albeit there were provided promotional material for this product, it was stated in the terms that user testimonials were not allowed in any way so Steve will not be holding a poll for this product. Feel free to comment regarding Steve’s review though. Without further delay that may cause you to snore away, let’s start Steve’s review.

Moving on to first impressions, Steve notices a simply, fairly empty landing page for the ad with a dubious ClickBank trusted and secure logo (Steve thought no one can use ClickBank logo anywhere). Although the page was a bit empty, Steve fortunately notices that there is a video, and they also provided a simplified transcript for the video! Steve is ecstatic that Steve can simply read one or watch the other. Although Steve can simply watch the video, Steve will scrutinize the text this time to make sure Steve can clearly pick faults with it.

The ad begins with bold claims of instant, easy miracles to snoring and sleep apnea problems. Whenever Steve sees that there is an instant solution, Steve can not help but become suspicious as not all instant solutions are reliable or without consequences; however, Steve can’t claim that this product is unreliable as Steve has not tried it. Additionally, a simple, easy solution may work in some cases, but for a lot of cases, easy does not mean effective.

Steve then sees the narrator try to play the emotion card by appealing to your emotions. Personally, Steve probably won’t care about the shame of disturbing others with snoring, but Steve assumes there are people who may feel shame, irritation, anger, sadness, or more emotions due to snoring. Steve must commend the narrator of this ad for using this aspect to target its audience, but Steve must state that the best way to resolve issues of emotional conflicts that you may have with others is to communicate with them. Although trying to get rid of the problem directly can be a solution, you can’t simply get rid of every problem you have in your life just to satisfy others can you? It’s best to work out a compromise instead of relying on external solutions; however, that is simply Steve’s opinion.

Steve is then shocked when the narrator claims that it was his wife that taught him the solution to the problem. Okay, besides the fact that the narrator is already some random person that Steve does not know, now Steve finds out that the source of the info is the wife of this person Steve doesn’t know. That simply puts the credibility of the solution and the target audience even further apart as now the audience knows that it is not the speaker, but another unknown person that provided the solution. Although it is difficult to figure out the credibility of the speaker, it is still possible for those with experience; however, now there is an extra barrier. Steve will now have a hard time figuring out the credibility of the speaker because the claims of his content does not originate from him, and Steve knows that the speaker will be biased in some way because the content originated from his spouse. This makes the speaker even harder to trust in Steve’s credible book; however, this is simply Steve’s opinions.

In the latter part middle parts of the ad, Steve notices that the narrator tries to appeal to the audience’s logic by providing lots of statistics and claims regarding the dangers of snoring. Although they seem to be fact, there was no credible citations or source to it so Steve is just wondering where exactly these claims come from. Hence, Steve can only doubt their credibility.

Then, the narrator jumps into the simplified steps to treat its snoring without going into detail. Do note that although it looks simple on here, it may not be as simple for the actual exercise itself as that may require more steps (which are not listed on the ad for obvious reasons). Even though the narrator claims that the instructional manual will help you diagnose your exactly what your snoring problem is, Steve can not help but doubt this due to the fact that the user will have to personally diagnose the problem themselves. Even with an instructional manual, Steve knows that it is not as simple as following instructions to diagnose oneself or else anyone can be doctors.

Then, there is the section that begins the promotional experience that targets the audience that likes incentives. Besides the common money back guarantee, the narrator also go into a long speech in attempt to hype the audience up about the “low” price of the product compared to the costs of other treatments for the problem. Before you get hyped yourself, Steve must warn you that although the cost may vary for the treatment to the same problem, it does not mean that the treatments are the same. Let Steve repeat that the problem may be the same, but the treatments are not! A more expensive treatment may possibly ensure more reliability, stability, and credibility than a cheaper treatment, albeit not always the case. So, Steve does want to warn you to not be hyped by all the price slashing or cost of the product as in the end, the price final price is determined by the seller who will be making a profit.

Finally, there is a couple of testimonials from unknown people regarding the effectiveness of the product. Steve noticed how limited the testimonials were along with how restricted they were regarding the aspects of diversity and region. There isn’t even pictures to go with them, so it’s hard to determine the credibility of the testifiers as it would be difficult to find them.

That is all Steve has to comment on for the ad for Stop Snoring And Sleep Apnea Exercise Program. As for Steve’s current verdict for this product, it is still being determined with the help of everyone one of you out there. Like always, Steve shall update this post if Steve finds more aspects to criticize, or maybe when Steve tries the product as Steve does have a family with snoring problems. Now go here and pick faults with this product now or try it out~

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