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Steve’s Top Gaming Money Makers

Steve’s Top Gaming Money Maker List

Steve understands that many may love playing games, but does not have the time to play them due to the necessity to spend time on making money for your health. What if Steve told you that there are games that you can play to make money? Steve has compiled a list of games that Steve plays that can earn you real money! Here are Steve’s top gaming money makers!

Steve defines gaming money makers as money makers where you earn money through playing a (video) game, usually through grinding to some extent. Although these games do have options to top up (investing real money into it), it is unnecessary as you can still make money by grinding. Of course, these games do not include most of the popular games you would play as this is a list of games that allows you to cash out directly instead of requiring you to stream, sell in game content, or win competitions! There is no need to find an audience nor is there a need to purchase the game on steam as these games are free-to-play money makers! Of course, you can still choose to actively earn that extra buck using these games by streaming them or you could simply make money other ways by checking out Steve’s money making posts.

As a disclaimer before Steve starts sharing, none of the money makers shared by Steve are owned by Steve in any way. Although Steve may wish to be an owner of some of these games as they are fun, Steve is still only a mere referrer at best. Also, the fact that these games can let you cash out for real money does not mean that you will be earning money instantly. These games do require time, effort, and probably some extent of luck if you intend to cash out, so don’t expect to make it rich by playing a game for a small amount of time. These games may also be addicting, so do watch your health and game moderately! You have been warned!

Additionally, Steve will not be presenting any efficient, good ways of making money in these games, but a general description of the game instead. It’s not that Steve doesn’t want to share how Steve makes money, but it’s a fact that Steve doesn’t know all the best ways to make money in the game as Steve is still learning as Steve plays. Steve is pretty sure there are plenty of other sites online which has detailed guides for these games, so feel free to check them out. If enough people desire for Steve to write a guide for the game, then Steve will be happy to oblige to the best of Steve’s knowledge.

Note that this list may contain games found elsewhere and still can be updated occasionally as Steve discovers new gaming money makers, so subscribe to stay up to date! Although Steve can not guarantee that these money makers will work for you as it’s a truth that not everyone can excel at games, Steve wishes everyone good luck in getting that extra buck. Well, without further blabbering, Steve will share Steve’s games.

Logo from EU Site

Here we have Entropia Universe. Entropia Universe a fairly old, yet still ever so popular MMORPG set in a futuristic Sci-Fi environment where humans are colonizing new inhabitable planets. Although one shouldn’t be looking for great graphics in a game for money making, Entropia Universe can still satisfy your needs in this aspect as it boasts incredible graphics with decent AI, a massive economy system, an inclusive social system, multiple planets you can explore, an entire outer space you can traverse with a spaceship, along with lots of quests you can find to complete. Just like any other MMORPG, Entropia Universe has a variety of jobs you can undertake along with a multitudes of ways to earn in-game currency ranging from hunting monsters for loot jackpots to charging tax on land you own to robbing others as a space pirate! What can you do with the in-game currency? Besides investing in the game so you can earn more, you can also cash it out once you have hit a threshold of $10 USD worth of in-game currency (100 PEDs in-game). Unfortunately, there is no referral program for this game unless you are one of the top players (who can easily make hundreds of dollars a day stable income in-game).

Although this game would be extremely fun to play with amazing graphics, there are still drawbacks to the game. Due to its amazing graphics, the game does require lots of storage space to download. In fact, the game is so big that the game had split the maps into different planets and you only have to download the planets you want to play on (yet it still takes a lot of space). Another drawback in this game is that every action that can make you money will mostly likely cost you in-game money. Just like in real life, vehicles will need gas that will cost you money, the weapon in addition to ammo you use to fight mobs will cost you money, repairs will cost you money, and the list goes on! Well, at least walking is free and there is still a way to grind free money, albeit slow and time consuming.

Banner provided by Exodus 3000 referral program

Here we have Exodus 3000. Exodus 3000 is a move-based, strategic browser game where you explore a planet (probably Mars) and mine it for resource. You will then sell these resources for Martian Dollars (in-game currency) that you can use to upgrade yourself/base or cash it out for real money. There are also cards that you can collect for free gifts, other player bases that you can raid, shops, missions, ability cards that allow you to travel faster, and personal abilities that you can upgrade. This is similar to a base building game, but any action you take will consume a turn and there is no map for you to select players to attack. You must personally explore and map out your surroundings while hoping no strong players will find your base. Feel free to use Steve’s referral link here to join the game!

Of course, it’s clear to the eye that the graphics of this game are not eye catching at all. Not only that, there are minimal amount of guidance along with tutorials, hence most of the time you will be groping around trying to find your way on the map. Your vision on your map is limited and must be upgraded for you to see more, and it may be difficult to navigate around as you may easily get lost. Also, cashing out is very difficult in this game as you must be lucky and chance upon a cash out card whilst in game in order to be able to cash out your Martian Dollars. Not only that, when you cash out, it will halve all your stats so you basically will lose a lot of momentum for earning money once you cash out. The amount of Martian Dollars you earn per day will vary depending on your luck in mining, and you are also limited by the daily free moves if you do not have the special anytime moves (which must be purchased with real money or other players with Martian Dollars). Fortunately, it doesn’t take much time to simply play Exodus 3000 once every day, and Steve can assure you your assets will slowly rack up.

Logo from Corporation Master Site

Here we Corporation Master. Corporation master is a strategic investment browser game where you play as a worker in society. You will go to work every day for pay (by logging then clicking go work button for a company) and slowly build up your empire by making smart (lucky?) investments. You can also participate in wars, fight in arenas, and upgrade your character with gear with the money you make. You can also start your own in-game business and dominate the market while hiring other players to work for you. Of course, you can also cash out your money once you have hit a threshold 10 Euros (Steve believes, but is unsure as game has too much special currencies). Feel free to sign up through Steve’s referral link here.

As mentioned above, one drawback of the game can be its variety of special currencies ranging from euros to gold to CMC. There are also a variety of other stats that you must take into account hence the game can be very confusing at the start, especially since the tutorial only gives you minimal guidance. Although there are guides for the game, they usually pertain to once you have a sizable asset to start your company. As for before you have enough assets, you will be stuck working for the (in-game) government once every day. It is also fairly difficult to earn currency to cash out as investments are based on luck and it will take a while (perhaps months of checking in) to earn enough to start your business which you will have to manage in addition to grow before you can cash out. However, you can still get lucky from daily chests or investments and strike it rich in Corporation Master (chances are probably low though).

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