Dragon Raja Under the Dome Guide

Steve’s Dragon Raja Under the Dome Guide

Return the girl to her family before others do!

— Steve

Looking for a hidden tale guide? Not a small one, but one of the six unknown ones on the tales page in-game? Well, you are at the right place! Steve chanced upon an easy hidden anecdote called Under the Dome!

Although Steve is unsure if you must have a certain amount of points in certain personalities to trigger this quest, Steve has most of Steve’s point in healing. To trigger this quest, simply go talk to Saturn in Cassell College by the bottom rightmost purple camera symbol on the mini-map near the coordinates 285,452. Saturn can be found near the basketball courts under the shades of the trees.

Saturn will need some pure water. So, go to any (not walking) vending machine and buy the pure water for 100 gold coins (you can also get an orange juice, another pure water for later, and an oolong tea for later). Then, go back to Saturn and choose to give the water to him after talking to him. After talking to him again, Saturn will then run off.

You must now find Saturn again in Cassell College. He should be standing in front of a group of vending machines over at the Cassell College cafe near the coordinates 191,415. Talk to him again and this time he wants your money. Be nice and choose to give money to him because he has trust issues, hence you have to bribe him to continue on with the hidden quest (truthfully he’s just broke). Now Saturn runs off again (with your 1000 gold of your money this time!) so chase him! You can also grab an orange juice from the vending machine before you go because you will need it (and another pure water along with an oolong tea for later if you don’t have one already).

You can now find Saturn back by the basketball courts; however, this time he will be sitting on a bench on the opposite side of the court where you started the quest. This is near the coordinates 247,441. Now he wants you get him juice. If you haven’t already, go grab an orange juice from a vending machine and give it to Saturn. Obviously, this jerk runs away after getting his juice.

Although it showed him running off in a direction, where he actually appears next is the opposite direction of where he runs off to. Now, Saturn appears next to the dorm area, the one where you start the Music Box Tale which is near the coordinates 222,472. The balding game developers were trying to mess with you using Saturn’s animated running direction in an attempt to send you on a wild goose chase, but fortunately, you are following a guide.

Now Saturn will need another pure water, probably because he is thirsty from running around so much. So, go grab a pure water from a vending machine and give it to him if you haven’t bought one already. Go back to Saturn and give him the water after which he runs off again (for the last time!). Now, don’t follow the misleading direction on the animation and head over to the claw machines right off to the left of the dorm building. You will find Saturn standing at a corner by the pet claw machines near the coordinates 200,433.

Now Saturn will want oolong tea. My goodness, his wants be oh so long! Go buy an oolong tea for him from a vending machine if you haven’t already and give it to him. That will be the last thing he wants … from a vending machine that is. Now, he wants you to save his sister. Well, you finally get to meet the target you want to kidnap … you mean return to her family! You will now be teleported to a hidden cave where you can find Saturn and his sister towards the top left corner of the map (you can use the mini-map to navigate to somewhere near coordinates 5,20).

Walk up to the sister and an interaction icon should show up. Interacting will cause you to pick up a Dragon Scale item that you can use. Well, let’s clear some inventory space so use the item to get rid of it (truthfully you simply just got to use it for quest). Now, Eva will tell you go go find the alchemy dude in Cassell College. You can find the staff of the alchemy department right outside the library. He is standing towards the edge to the right side of the library door. This is near the coordinates 135,420.

Talking to the alchemy dude will get you a suppressant. Now, bring the suppressant back to Saturn (who is still by the claw machine). Have the Saturn by the claw machine teleport you back to the hidden cave. Head over to Saturn’s sister and use the suppressant on her. Then, talk to Saturn. A small dialogue will occur telling you that the suppressant is not working. Now, you must go find a devil to help (or the devil that caused this? Steve is still unsure what role the random devil plays). The devil can be found in the Icy Lair map at the end of the first branch off to the left (on the mini-map, its the first path heading downwards from the spawn spot). At the end of the path near the coordinates 184,101, you should see a magic circle of some sort along with a message saying that the space in the area is vibrating.

You will need vision to be be on to see the devil, so activate your vision (the eye below your character profile image). Talk to the devil who will tell you he has resolved the issue. Go back and talk to Saturn inside the hidden cave (by teleporting there once more through the Saturn inside Cassell College, you may need to talk to Saturn twice for the choice to agree to help/teleport). You will find out that the devil scammed you. Now, you have to go find the devil again and beat him up. Of course, he escaped so now he is in Siberia Harbor inside the forest with glowing rune rocks. You will find another magic circle in the midst of the forest near the coordinates 166,233.

Activate your vision once more to talk to the devil. After going through all the dialogue the first time, you will have to defeat the devil. Then, head back to the hidden cave and talk to Saturn again who will tell you that his sister is now fine. Now, you must help Saturn return his sister back to her family. You can go grab the memory wipe powder at this point if you like from the Principal’s office by talking to Anjou. You can find Saturn’s family in Hydras at a corner near a building (the one nearest to the spawn point) near the coordinates 302,200.

Talk to the father named Fujiwara and you will find out that they don’t want their monster daughter back. Check the newspapers by interacting with it right next to the father for the reason why (but this is unnecessary). Now, you must somehow make the father forget about that event so that he will accept his daughter back into the family. Who else to go to but the trusty Principal of the school who has all those sneaky under the table potions that you can use. If you haven’t already, go talk to the Principal (Anjou) in the Principal’s Office and he will give you a memory wipe powder.

Go back to Hydras (unless you are still there) and go through the dialogue with father Fujiwara until you can use the memory wipe powder (an interaction icon should pop up). Use the memory wipe powder then talk to the father again who will be happy to accept his daughter back into the family as he will have forgotten all the events (as for if he forgot anything else by accident, we will never know). The quest should be complete after a small dialogue occurs.

This tale was fairly easy and will still be listed as a gold medal because it was one of the longer ones of the 6 hidden world tales. The final rewards include anecdote points, gold coins, an Ex Catalyst Beta, and the title Beyond Good (which gives +1000 HP).

That is all for Steve’s Dragon Raja Under the Dome hidden anecdote guide! As always, if Steve find any ways to enhance the guide, Steve will update it! Also, subscribe and look out for more guides from Steve! If you have any questions, suggestions, or disagreements, feel free to comment below or you can contact Steve through the contacts page; however, there is no guarantee for a good answer because Steve does not know everything about the quest after all. Now, go out there and find the planet quest!

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