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Top 5 Worst Actions During Outbreak

Steve’s Top 5 Worst Actions During Outbreak

Seeking justice from the virus itself is fine, but harming fellow human beings is not.

— Steve

An outbreak has occurred, and it may have even have been raised to the level of a pandemic. The world is quaking in fear; however, it is not due to the virus. Instead, it is due to the darkest sides of human natures breaking free of their shackles and rear their heads. Human beings are an interesting yet powerful species, ones which have constantly brought harm to both the planet and other human beings. Although an outbreak is encroaching upon the world, as fellow human beings, there should be lines that should not be crossed and actions you should not be taking. In hopes of mitigating those with severe, dark thoughts, Steve has compiled a list of what Steve believes to be the worst actions one can take during an outbreak.

Although some may believe an outbreak or pandemic may mean the world is ending, the truth is that it is not; however, rumors and fear have caused many to misunderstand the gravity of the situation. This in turn leads them to take frantic action along with many others, resulting in chaos all over the world. By reading this, Steve hopes you understand that an outbreak is definitely not the same as an apocalypse. An apocalypse is when the world comes to an end due to an interference that cannot be controlled, and it usually is an event that we as humans will be helpless against. Usually, we will not have time to prepare for, defend against, or find a solution for an apocalypse.

On the other hand, both an outbreak and pandemic may be scary as they may affect the world, but do note that there are people who are working hard to resolve the problem as there is still actually time! Although there are infected people who are frantically stirring the pot in fear due to their possibly limited lifetime, do note that you will not die instantly. Steve can only wish for those who are infected during an outbreak to stay strong as Steve will not be of much help, but do know that there are an immense amount of professionals working hard to find that cure for everyone. However, Steve is not here to console everyone nor is Steve here to offer advice or a cure for any sort of outbreak. Steve is here to tell you that there is something much scarier than the virus, and it is known as the human heart.

If you look through history, it’s clear how dangerous humans are in all aspects of life. Wars, environmental damage, massacres, discrimination, assaults, greed, and much more are all aspects of the curious being known as humans. Of course, if you were to look on the bright side, humans may also have that heart full of radiant thoughts; however, in dark times such as during an outbreak, humans hearts tend to steer towards the darker side. Steve cannot claim that all humans are such dark beings, but it is clear how dark the human society can be once you take a glance at the news. Shootings, murders, discrimination, and racism are all occurring. Although there is outrage, there is no one coming to their defense. With this list, Steve hopes that these occurrences will reduce even by the tiniest bit.

Before Steve begins, let Steve drop a disclaimer. Steve is not a medical professional in any way nor is Steve an expert in the topics Steve will discuss about. Steve is just like every normal person out there, and Steve’s list was made using Steve’s common sense along with simple online searching. The most important part of this message is: don’t try these at all to prove them right or wrong. Also, there may be negative consequences with Steve breaching upon this topic, but Steve still must be brave and take the step to do so because Steve simply don’t want to see the world crashing down upon Steve before the virus does. Do note that this list may have dark, disturbing content that may not be suitable for some people’s eyes, so feel free to stop reading at anytime and read at your own risk. Steve will also apologize in advance if any of Steve’s content offends you in any way.

Hence, without further suspense, let Steve’s list of worst actions to take during an outbreak shall break out onto the screen.

1. Committing a Crime

Steve believes this should be common sense, but there are still those that seemed to not care even a tiny bit regarding the well-being of others. While the world is in fear, these selfish people will take the chance to do the illegal things that would either help them get rich and powerful or get them the sanctification that they wanted. Although this still happens during normal times, during an outbreak where everyone is in fear, it may happen at a much more frequent rate! There are laws in place to discourage soon-to-be criminals from committing a crime, but if someone believes that they would die anyways, they might not have a care in the world and decide to commit that crime that will ruin others’ lives. Honestly, Steve simply want to curse these selfish people. Why must you drag the innocent into the mix? Steve sympathizes with your situation, but that doesn’t mean that you should give up on life for a moment of satisfaction or greed! If you somehow managed to survive the virus (which many do survive and even recover), you will now be a wanted criminal instead of a free person. Do not think you can get away with a crime just because the government is busy and the people of the world are looking the other way in fear.

On the other hand, some may believe that it’s a necessity to commit a crime for their survival. You may have heard about shootings in front of Walmart or silly fights over toilet papers. Honestly, you must know that the government will do its best in ensuring that many people will survive. There is no point in committing a crime for your own survival. If it was truly necessary for you to commit a crime to survive in the first place, you may not be able to survive in the end because you will only survive for so long using this tactic. Even if you don’t trust the government will save you, there are other ways that you can save yourself through. There are so much empty land available, so much resources in the wild, and probably even charity organizations running to provide assistance to many. All these opportunities are up for you to grab, you shouldn’t take the easy way out and commit a crime. You must know, there isn’t a truly easy way out in life for anything.

2. Discrimination/Racism

Did you notice the news talking about where the virus originated from? Or maybe you have heard from others that a certain group is responsible for the outbreak? Are you feeling anger towards this certain group? Are you one of those that decided to boycott a certain group because everyone else is blaming them? Well, no matter which case, as long as you even have the thought of blaming any group at all, then your mind is already twisted. You have fell into the trap of others and joined the group of racists. Truthfully, Steve believes that it is impossible to eradicate the dark side of humans known as discrimination or racism. It has always existed and will continue to exist whether we like it or not. Although it is a horrible trait to have, it is not that dangerous in normal times; however, once it rear its head during times of crisis, that is when things get ugly.

Steve must tell one clear fact. No individual or single group of people is responsible for an outbreak. Although it is possible for a single group of people to bring harm to the rest of the world if they have a firm belief in a certain ideology, the spread of a virus is a different story. Even if the news, politics, and other outlets put the blame on a single group of people, you should not believe it. An outbreak doesn’t happen due to a singular group of people, it happens due to the negligence of everyone. It requires a collective effort to stop an outbreak in its tracks, so if the outbreak didn’t get stopped in time, it means that not everyone had put in enough effort. It is not one group’s fault nor is it anyone’s fault. Steve can say it’s more like the virus outsmarted humans.

Although a virus may seemed to have appear at a certain period of time, do note by the time it actually gets discovered, the virus should have already lived for a fairly long time without being discovered! As for when or how long this undiscovered period last, no one knows as the virus is truly undiscovered. You must also note that it is also unclear where the virus actually came from during this undiscovered period of time! So, technically, it could have been anywhere; however, it is the unlucky group of people that actually discovers it that gets blamed. Have you ever wondered what would have happened if the virus was never discovered? Or maybe if the virus was first discovered in your country instead of another? You must know that if no one actually discovers the virus for the first time, the world would be in much more danger. You should be glad that someone discovered the virus and became the first shield for the rest of the world. You should not blame a group of people simply because they were lucky enough to discover it first.

3. Keeping Your Business Open

Do you feel that certain regulations are unfair towards your business? Maybe your business was forced to shut down for an unknown duration. Maybe you lost business due to discrimination. Maybe your business was forced to have losses due to the requirement to cater to the population in times of crisis. Well, you must know that regulations are put into place for a good reason! Although you may feel that you are the one losing out when your business gets shut down during a crisis, do know that the government is actually losing out much more than you are. The government runs on the taxes that usually come from businesses like the ones that many people own. It was a very difficult decision, but the government still decided to impose the regulations such as business closure because it believes it would be for the better good for the population. Disregarding its increasing debt, the government is trying to help everyone, yet there are some people who disregard these regulations!

Although you may not know about it, there are actually people who are disregarding the regulations for purely selfish reasons. These people may even decide to hold public protests under the guise of protesting against discrimination, racism, or unfairness. They are trying to go against the law while trying to stir up trouble. Of course, if they truly care about discrimination, racism, or unfairness, Steve will cheer for them and support them in their endeavor, but Steve will still say to choose another time to do so because a world crisis is occurring and humans should stand united. However, the problem is that most of these protests’ secret true reason or final goal is that they don’t want their businesses to close down. Steve understands that having your business closed down for an undermined period of time can lead to dire consequences as you may not even be able to make a living; however, the regulations are put into place to protect everyone. If you truly care about your survival, you should worry because even the government is coming up with ways to rectify the people’s worry about money. For example, the American government is considering sending checks to all Americans and you can read more about over at the Washington Post.

If you selfishly want your business to continue running, it may not only put you at risk, but your business may be the danger zone that puts everyone at risk. Steve can only apologize for the unfairness towards your business and thank you for your services, but know that no matter how much money you make with your business, it will all become useless if the world becomes infected due to your business. At that point, you will have no where to hide, no where to run, and no where to spend the money you worked hard to earn. If that was not enough to persuade you, then you must also consider this issue from the business’s perspective. During a time of crisis like this, your business will probably not make as much money as you do normally as most people will stay home rather than come to your business. Even if people do come to your business, you will have to worry about them filing a lawsuit against your business afterwards if they somehow end up with the virus. Even worst will be that the virus will be brought to you by your visitors, which may cause the employee compensations to rack up to be higher than your profits.

4. Traveling

Traveling is for your leisure and to see the world, but if your traveling can bring about the destruction of the world, there would be no places to travel to in the future as you are essentially destroying your own future plans. Although this may sound exaggerated, do note that traveling (or the traveling we are used to) can not be done alone. Not only do you require food for sustain, you may also require either fuel or a vehicle to travel in. You may also need to pass through many locations safely before you can reach your destination. Note that all these aspects usually require other people’s assistance in one way or another or you will not be getting very far in your travels. You must know that travelers have the highest risk of encountering and spreading the virus because they travel to lots of different places which in turn causes them to encounter lots of different people. Now, if the traveler happens to carry the virus and spreads it to every place the he or she travelers, then that route of travel may no longer be viable in the future! This is simply laying a road of destruction wherever you travel to. Honestly, if you are one of those fond of revisiting places with fond memories, then hold back on your urges for a while and wait for the world to calm down.

Do you feel that it is the perfect time to travel because costs are low? Steve understands that some just can’t sit still as their lives revolves around traveling. Well, Steve can tell you that it is a very bad time to travel right now. Besides the fact that most travel agencies have been shut down and lock-downs being imposed on inter-country (probably inter-state as well but will be harder to restrict) travels, traveling during an outbreak is one of the best ways to encounter and spread the virus. If that was your goal, then you may want to go see a doctor. Some may worry that not traveling now may mean that you will never travel again, but please calm down and reconsider your options. Do not neglect the lives of others and travel for your own selfish desires. Although traveling costs may be low during an outbreak, the underlying costs of putting both other people’s life in addition to your own life at risk is a cost that far outweighs the costs of a simple travel.

5. Depriving Others of Resources

You may notice that many stores have their shelves empty. You may even know for a fact that many are stocking up like crazy, and you may even be one of them. Steve understands that everyone is in fear and that stocking up is a good idea especially in the situation of an outbreak where we mostly likely would stay inside our homes for a long period of time; however, please stock up moderately! Do not hoard all the resources and deprive others of necessary resources! Everyone is trying to survive just like you are, and you have no right to deprive others of their resource just because you were there first or you have more money. This is a very selfish thing to do, yet lots of people can’t help but do it. Seriously, the outbreak may not be as scary as most people think because the death rate can be as low as 2% according to Statnews. Instead, it is the notion of fear that spawns in most people that is the scariest thing.

With fear, rationality may be lost as chaos ensues. So, Steve cannot blame anyone for stockpiling resources as it is the right thing to do. We do not know what the future holds nor do we know how long an outbreak will last, hence it’s good to have more resources just in case; however, note that for every stash of resource you buy for yourself, you are depriving another human being out there of their stash of resource that they may very much need. Of course, in the short term this may not seem to be much of an issue as there will still be resources being put up for sale. Although some may worry that they will not have the money to purchase resources in the future, do note the possibility of gaining assistance from the government (read this announcement if you haven’t over at the Washington Post). However, what people are truly afraid of is when the resources run out. Steve can tell you now that the probability of that happening is lower than you would imagine unless the world truly goes to hell. At that point, even if you hog all the resources you can, it would be futile. Have you thought of what that person who had been deprived of resources due to you hogging the resources would do in a moment of desperation? In order to avoid any possible future crimes over resource, it’s best to purchase what you need in moderate amounts. You don’t want to paint a target on your house for resource criminals nor do you want your food to spoil because you bought too much.

That is all for Steve’s top 5 worst actions during an outbreak. As always, if Steve thinks up of more to add to this list, Steve will update it! If you have any questions, suggestions, or disagreements, feel free to comment below or you can contact Steve through the contacts page; however, there is no guarantee for a good answer because Steve is not professional after all. Feel free to share the post if you want to show your support. Now, go out there and find someone or somewhere with credible posts in order to learn how to stay safe.

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