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The Greedy Lion

Steve’s Parody of The Greedy Lion

Xiao Shīzi Curbing Hunger

Note: All characters, events, and spoken words in this story are fictional, and is not meant to target any specific audience. Feel free to stop reading at anytime and read at your own risk.

There once was a middle-aged, skinny man named Xiao Shīzi. Xiao Shīzi recently had a hunger that doesn’t seem to want to go away. It keeps coming back even when Xiao Shīzi indulges himself in snacks. Afraid of getting fat from trying to curb this hunger with snacks, Xiao Shīzi decided to find another solution to his problem.

With some simple searches online on how to burn away calories consumed, Xiao Shīzi discovered that exercising is a good solution. So, Xiao Shīzi began exercising. After all, Xiao Shīzi now believed that exercising would burn away the calories that he would eat. At least, the many articles online claimed it would; however, Xiao Shīzi probably ignored the parts that had anything to do with stopping his indulgence.

Hence, Xiao Shīzi continued with his indulgence as he exercised; however, Xiao Shīzi felt that the arduous effort he put into exercising does not present significant results as he seems to be getting a bit chubbier! Xiao Shīzi neglected the fact that his indulgence may be the cause as he placed the blame on exercising. Xiao Shīzi also neglected the fact that exercise doesn’t show instant effects! Oi, Xiao Shīzi is neglecting way too much stuff here!

Although others may be clear regarding the reason why, the confused Xiao Shīzi began to search online for the reason why exercising is not working for him. It was then that Xiao Shīzi saw a review for the product called Leptitox! It claimed that it could curb hunger! Xiao Shīzi was excited as he decided to purchase and use this product. Xiao Shīzi believed that with Leptitox, his hunger will be curbed and he won’t be hungry randomly anymore! Not indulging himself in snacks randomly means he won’t get fat which means he won’t have to exercise anymore! Exercising is such a good solution, yet Xiao Shīzi is doing his all to avoid it. What are you thinking Xiao Shīzi?!

Hence, Xiao Shīzi gave up on exercising and only consumed Leptitox. Following the program provided, Xiao Shīzi did feel that his hunger was curbed somewhat. Maybe it was just a placebo effect, but Xiao Shīzi did not care. As long as it could curb the annoying hunger, Xiao Shīzi was happy to oblige. Even though Xiao Shīzi was satisfied with his current condition, Xiao Shīzi in the end couldn’t resist temptations and his bad habits. Even though he wasn’t hungry, he desired to eat, especially when he saw delicious food. Although Xiao Shīzi held back as much as he could, Xiao Shīzi felt very frustrated that he couldn’t eat what he wanted without worrying about getting fat!

It was then that Xiao Shīzi found out about another program called The Smoothie Diet. This program claimed that you can lose weight simply by drinking delicious smoothies! Xiao Shīzi decided to try the program out, and he did enjoy drinking the delicious smoothies! Hence, Xiao Shīzi believed that this program will work as the claim that the smoothies were delicious was true. Xiao Shīzi’s faulty logic seems to have kicked in and he deemed something a truth using the common fallacy known as truth by association. Wait, is that even a thing? Who knows, it’s Xiao Shīzi’s fictional logic, not our realistic logic.

Since The Smoothie Diet will help Xiao Shīzi lose weight, Xiao Shīzi had no worries about gaining weight anymore! Hence, Xiao Shīzi could indulge in anything he wants with no worries whatsoever! So, Xiao Shīzi tossed Leptitox out the window and decided to only use The Smoothie Diet program. Did Xiao Shīzi really forget to ask for a refund? That’s some money that Xiao Shīzi could have been saved, but Xiao Shīzi was too excited with the new product to care. Why? Of course it’s because Xiao Shīzi decided he was free to indulge in whatever food he wanted, with no limits whatsoever. No matter how much weight Xiao Shīzi would gain, Xiao Shīzi believed that The Smoothie Diet would take care of it all!

Of course, reality proved Xiao Shīzi wrong. Years passed and Xiao Shīzi became fat without knowing it. One day, Xiao Shīzi looked into the mirror to check on his white hair, but was shocked because he realized he was too fat! Xiao Shīzi was furious as he put all the blame on The Smoothie Diet. Xiao Shīzi cursed it for being useless as it made him gain weight instead! Of course, Xiao Shīzi neglected that it was mostly his own indulgence that made him gain weight. After all, there is only so much weight one can lose at a time, and if you gain more weight than you lose by consuming too much, it is obvious that you would get fat. However, the enraged Xiao Shīzi did not come to that conclusion. Instead, Xiao Shīzi raged and called The Smoothie Diet for a refund, which was rejected as he already used the program for too long. Xiao Shīzi was so mad that he burned The Smoothie Diet booklet to ashes.

However, that same night, Xiao Shīzi couldn’t curb his annoying hunger once more. Not only that, he was already fat. That’s two of Xiao Shīzi’s worst nightmares coming true at once! Xiao Shīzi was frightened as he began to search online for a solution once more. The best solution he had found in the end was exercising. There was no solution that can both curb hunger and help lose lots of weight at the same time. Although there were some products that claim to do so, Xiao Shīzi no longer trusted these products after trying two of them. Xiao Shīzi could only slump down to the ground in regret and sadness. Xiao Shīzi can’t imagine how difficult it would be now for him to lose all his weight through exercising, especially since he is no longer young. If only he had hadn’t given up exercising just because he thought other solutions would work. In the end, not only did Xiao Shīzi fail to curb his hunger, he also ended up with another problem under his heavy weight belt.

If you give up the current solution in your grasp to chase another solution, you may have no solution in the end.

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