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Steve’s Top Passive Money Makers

Steve’s Top Passive Money Maker List

Steve understands that not everyone has the money to invest in his or her health. Although there are many sites that require active participation over time to earn money, that may not be what you want in the long term. Hence Steve thought maybe you would want a passive income stream, one where you set it up once and you will just have to sit to wait for the money to come in! Here are Steve’s top passive money makers!

Steve defines passive money makers as money makers where you can gain a passive income stream after you have set up the system. Of course, you can continue to be active in order to bolster your earnings for these money makers; however, these money makers usually grant you passive income over a long period of time.

As a disclaimer before Steve starts sharing, none of the money makers shared by Steve are owned by Steve in any way. Some of them Steve serves as an affiliate for, others may not even have a referral program, hence Steve won’t be getting you on Steve’s money making friend list. Also, these money makers provide long term returns, not instant returns, so there are no guarantees that you will make any money in a short period of time.

Additionally, Steve will not be presenting any efficient, good ways of setting up these money maker systems, but a general description of what they are instead. It’s not that Steve doesn’t want to share how Steve makes money, but it’s a fact that Steve doesn’t know how to set-up every system properly. Steve is pretty sure there are plenty of other sites online which has detailed info on how to set up these passive income streams correctly.

Note that this list may contain money makers found elsewhere and still can be updated occasionally as Steve discovers new passive money makers, so subscribe to stay up to date! Although Steve can not guarantee that these money makers will work for you as they may require a lot of persistence to see results, Steve wishes everyone good luck in sailing on that passive income stream. Well, without further splashing, let our voyage on the passive income stream begin.

Affiliate Marketing

Here we have affiliate marketing. There are many parts to affiliate marketing, and many ways to do it; however, for most people, the end game of affiliate marketing is to have a passive income stream. Although it may be difficult to even get started in affiliate marketing, once you got the hang of it and set up your system for passive income, you may see big bucks flowing into your pockets over time. There are plenty of affiliate marketers out there that are very successful, and you can easily find out more about how to set up a passive income stream in affiliate marketing by searching online.

Although you can make big bucks with affiliate marketing, there are also many drawbacks to it. There are already many laws in place to restrict certain ways of promoting your products. You must watch out for these laws or you may actually risk being fined even more money than you make. Another drawback is that there is a lot of competition in affiliate marketing. There are so many people promoting the same products, and it would be difficult to find the right products to promote. Finally, it is possible to set up a passive income stream with your own knowledge in affiliate marketing, but it would be difficult if you’re a newcomer. Also, if you wanted to find out from other experience affiliate marketers how to set up that passive income stream, most of the time it requires some form of payment.

If you want a more basic general details on affiliate marketing itself, you can check out Steve’s affiliate marketing blog post!


Here we have blogging. You may already know what this is as you are most likely reading this on Steve’s blog. Not only that, it has already been noted by many others that blogging is a very good way to start a passive income stream. Through your own blog, you can make money through promoting products or by showing ads through Google Adsense. You may even show ads from WordPress, other sites, or even custom ads! It’s your blog, and you have a lot of freedom on what to do with it. You only need to write content that can draw in followers or viewers to your blog, and you’re good to go short term. If you can write content that can draw in viewers constantly over time, then you will have a passive income stream.

As for the downsides to blogging, some of them are already clear to most people. Time is a fundamental requirement for starting up your blog and maintaining it. Even if you were to pay someone else to do it, you would still have to check in on it. Another requirement of blogging is that you either have to be a good writer or be able to hire good writers. You won’t get an audience without good content. Finally, drawing an audience or gaining followers for your blog may be difficult and time consuming. Depending on what your blog niche is, you may have a lot of competition to gain followers from a large audience or you may have little competition but a small audience. People won’t come to your blog even if you have good, valuable content if you can’t find a way to promote your blog. Hence, it will be a lot of work in addition to creating the blog itself.

Writing/Selling a eBook

Here we have writing/selling a eBook. Selling a product can already gain you a fairly decent income stream, but you may run out of the product! However if you’re selling a digital product like an eBook, you can gain a long term passive income stream as you will never run of copies of your eBook. There are already many sites that facilitate the selling of eBooks, and all you need to do is write a eBook and put it up for sale. It’s your eBook and you will decide what to write! After you put the eBook up for sale, as long as you have a constant stream of buyers, your passive income stream is set.

As always, there is a flip side to the book. Although you may write any content you like in your eBook, it must be acceptable content that would be accepted onto platforms that sell eBooks. If you don’t get in, it would be hard to find an audience yourself to sell your eBook to unless you already have your own source for promotion. Another requirement is that your content is something others would want to read and would be willing to pay to read. It also must be content that won’t go so outdated that no one will buy in the future. If your eBook doesn’t sell, it doesn’t matter how well you have written it because you still won’t get any money from it. Finally, may of the sites that facilitate your sales of eBook may require you to write your books in a specific format. Sometimes it may be frustrating to meet these requirements. Of course you may purchase formatting tools like the Ultimate eBook Creator; however, it may be best if you can do it yourself.

Youtube Videos

Here we have making Youtube videos. If you don’t know what Youtube is, Steve doesn’t know where the hell have you been. Maybe you were living inside a tube where you had no access to internet, but you are here reading this, so you have internet. Youtube is an immensely popular platform with an immense amount of daily traffic. It’s one of the perfect sites for driving traffic to your ads; however, you can also make money through posting videos just like most Youtubers out there. Your videos can be almost about anything, and you will get paid a couple bucks for every 10,000 views or so. Although this may sound very little to you, you should think about how many views those top Youtubers have on each video. Then, you must also consider the fact that each video has its own separate view count. Better yet, you must know that your video will stay up and will continue to gather more viewers over time. That is loads of passive income all waiting for you.

Of course, although many claim it’s easy to start a Youtube channel, it’s truly not easy to make money off of it. The first barrier would be Youtube administration themselves. You will have to go through a period where your channel will be on probation and under review. You won’t make any money during period, and it’s unknown how long it will last as that would depend on your channel content in addition to the administration itself. Usually it doesn’t take long if you channel doesn’t have sensitive or adult content. Besides the probationary period, there is also the issue of making sure the videos you create can be monetize as not all videos can be monetized. It you can’t monetize a video, it means you aren’t going to get paid. Then, like any other social media platform, you will need to create good content with good keywords to attract viewers. Although it’s not necessary to reveal your face, you will have to be comfortable with creating videos in one way or another.


Here we have Patreon. Patreon is a site that allows you to receive donations from others for your content. You can also set up a subscription service for your content which will allow you to get paid every month. The subscription system can be multi-level with perks at every level, and it all depends how you want it. As for the content itself, Patreon allows a fairly wide range of content. You can create posts directly on Patreon or you can simply funnel traffic to your Patreon from other sites. Of course, posting on Patreon itself has its benefits as you could lock your posts and charge viewers a small fee per post. This is a good way to have a passive income stream, especially if you can have a continuous stream of viewers for each post. On the other hand, you can also lock posts so that they are only viewable to subscribers. If you want a basic example or want to support Steve, feel free to check out Steve’s Patreon. You can also sign up through Steve’s referral link here.

Of course, there are some downsides like any other platforms. Patreon has to make their money somehow, and they do this by taking a 5% cut out of all transactions on their site. So, you might have to charge a bit higher than you expect for subscriptions and fees to your content. Another factor is that you still will have to drive traffic to your Patreon. It will be difficult to pick out your Patreon from the rest unless it’s already popular. Of course, the setup of your Patreon services may a difficult for beginners, but you can probably find help online. Finally, although a passive income stream is possible on Patreon, you probably will gradually lose your subscribers unless you actively create good content. On the other hand, donations and pay-per-view is still easily part of the passive income stream as long as you have a system set up to drive traffic to your Patreon.

That is it for Steve’s passive money maker list for now! As always, if Steve finds new passive money makers to add to the list, Steve will update the list. So feel free to subscribe to stay up-to-date! If you have any suggestions or comments, feel free to comment down below! Now, it’s no longer time for you to stay passive! Go out there and set up your own passive income stream!

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