Snow White Part 1

Steve’s Parody of Snow White Part 1

Xiao Xuě’s Curse Part 1

Note: All characters, events, and spoken words in this story are fictional, and is not meant to target any specific audience. Feel free to stop reading at anytime and read at your own risk.

There once was a little, kind girl named Xiao Xuě born into a millionaire’s family. Xiao Xuě was a beautiful little girl, and it was clear she was going to grow up into a heaven toppling beauty. Perhaps the heavens were jealous of her as they cursed her with dysphagia. Although this made Xiao Xuě’s life a bit more difficult, it was still a fairly comfortable life, but all that came to an end when her father married her evil stepmother.

Xiao Xuě’s stepmother was also a renowned beauty, and it was her beauty that won her the marriage with Xiao Xuě’s father; however, from the first time that the stepmother laid her eyes on Xiao Xuě, the stepmother had developed hatred for Xiao Xuě. It was because Xiao Xuě was too cute and beautiful, even as a little girl. Of course, the stepmother held her urges in and hid it very well as she had just married. However no matter how fortified the stepmother’s barriers were, eventually it was worn away by the many gossips and praise that the servants in addition to other noble ladies had.

Many claimed that Xiao Xuě would grow up to be more beautiful than her stepmother. Others claimed that only someone as beautiful as Xiao Xuě can be cursed by the heavens. Then, there were the ones who claim that Xiao Xuě is already more beautiful than her stepmother, both inside and out. Hearing these remarks, the fury and hatred that the stepmother had towards Xiao Xuě ballooned as time passed on. Even though the stepmother couldn’t do anything to Xiao Xuě publicly, she secretly would make life difficult for Xiao Xuě by giving Xiao Xuě food that was hard to swallow. With Xiao Xuě’s dysphagia, this made Xiao Xuě have a difficult time filling her belly during mealtimes; however, Xiao Xuě’s kindness towards her servants caused them to secretly feed her even after meal time. As Xiao Xuě was kind, she decided to not report these trifles to her busy father lest she ruined her father’s relationship with her stepmother. After all, Xiao Xuě believed her stepmother won’t go any further than torturing her secretly; however, Xiao Xuě was wrong.

Eventually, when Xiao Xuě’s father was on a business trip overseas, the evil stepmother decided to take action. Poor Xiao Xuě was only 12 years old and it was the perfect time to enjoy her growth spurt, but she was tied up by her evil stepmother’s servants to be sold off to a different country as a slave. Although slavery was not allowed in most parts of the world, the parts where they are secretly allow were not few; however, those places usually have horrible conditions. Although Xiao Xuě was kind and refused to hurt others, it doesn’t mean she was not smart. Xiao Xuě knew she was in trouble when she was being shipped off. Hence she came up a plan to escape. With her charming beauty and pitiful googly eyes, Xiao Xuě charmed the guard watching over her to let her go to the restroom. While they were not watching, Xiao Xuě headed to the ship deck and resolutely dived into the ocean. As for what happened to Xiao Xuě afterwards, the people on the ship failed to find out as they couldn’t even find her corpse.

As fate would have it, Xiao Xuě was saved by a group of dolphins and was brought to a distant shore without anyone noticing. It seems Xiao Xuě also has an affinity with animals as she giggled happily with them. Xiao Xuě bid farewell to her new dolphin friends before heading off to the city. As a young girl, it would be difficult for Xiao Xuě to survive by herself, hence Xiao Xuě went and turned herself in at a local orphanage. When the caretaker granny at the orphanage met Xiao Xuě, she couldn’t help but be charmed by her and she treated Xiao Xuě as her adopted granddaughter.

Years passed as Xiao Xuě enjoyed her comfortable life at the orphanage. Not only was she treated with care and love, she also made many new friends. Besides those at the orphanage, Xiao Xuě also met the caretaker granny’s blood-related grandson, Xiao Wáng. Xiao Wáng came to visit his granny one day, and was entranced by Xiao Xuě’s beauty. From then on, Xiao Wáng would frequently use the excuse of visiting his granny to come meet Xiao Xuě. With the two being nearly the same age along with the passing of time, the two became good friends.

Of course, all good things must come to an end. It’s a depressing fact but it’s true that nothing is eternal. The caretaker granny grew old, and eventually she passed away when Xiao Xuě was at the age of 18. Although the granny had wanted to adopt Xiao Xuě officially, she was too old and the younger generations of her family didn’t want another person added to the family register, lest they fought for a part of the inheritance. Apparently, the granny came from a very rich family, and she was actually the owner of orphanage as she desired to spend the rest of her life taking care of children. Although most of the granny’s assets still went to her family, the granny had clearly stated in her will to have the orphanage under Xiao Xuě. Of course, no on in the family complained as they had no care about a small orphanage nor the funds stashed away for its operations as their values could not be compared to the vast amount of wealth they were fighting for. Hence, Xiao Xuě inherited the orphanage with no problem, solving her worries of finding a place to stay. Not only that, Xiao Xuě enjoyed working at the orphanage and taking care of children. Living with the granny for so many years, Xiao Xuě had learned to operate an orphanage and care for children.

Alas, Xiao Xuě has not seen her best friend Xiao Wáng ever since the granny has passed away because Xiao Wáng’s family apparently forbid Xiao Wáng from visiting the orphanage any longer as the granny was gone. Xiao Wáng was furious deep down, but there was nothing he could do as he was still powerless in the face of his family. Hence, he made his resolve to get powerful enough so no one can bar him from seeing Xiao Xuě again. Xiao Xuě planned to live her life peacefully in this orphanage, just as the granny had. Although Xiao Xuě felt lonely sometimes due to all her friends of her age growing up and moving out of the orphanage, Xiao Xuě enjoyed the company of the new batches of children coming in.

Of course, Xiao Xuě never new about this as she was busy taking care of a new batch of seven children. Usually the children came in separately, but this batch of seven came in together. It seems that the seven children were rescued in the midst of a crackdown on slavery. Although the officials wanted to return them to their parents, it was unknown who their parents were. When the officials wanted to ask the children, the children only shrunk back in fear due to the traumatic kidnapping event. Hence, the children were deemed as orphans and sent to the nearest orphanage after being shipped to shore; however, most of the orphanages denied the batch of children’s entry. This normally is not allowed, but all sorts of excuses were made as no one wanted to take care of the children. As for the reason why, it’s because the children were deformed in one way or another.

After finding out about the children’s backgrounds, Xiao Xuě couldn’t help but take pity on them as they had a similar experience as herself, but Xiao Xuě was fortunate enough to escape while the children failed to. Xiao Xuě believed that everyone should deserve a fair chance in life, disregarding physical appearances. So, Xiao Xuě resolutely decided to take in the seven children, and only invested all her time into helping the seven children see the light of life once more. Xiao Xuě then stopped taking in other orphans as she took care of the seven children, reflecting the love and care she once received to the pitiful children. After years of hard work, the children finally opened up to her and became lively again. Xiao Xuě was ecstatic as the orphanage became cheerful and lively with the seven children trying all sorts of crazy shenanigans. Although they sometimes caused a lot of trouble, Xiao Xuě was happy that they had the will to live once more as she decided she would take care of them until they were ready to explore the world on their own.

Xiao Xuě thought that she could continue to peacefully raise the seven children; however, she would have never expected to be targeted already. After years of investigations, the ones behind the human trafficking organization had traced the children to the orphanage. The orphanage’s background including a picture of Xiao Xuě was then delivered to the organization head for a decision to be made. After all, the orphanage was once owned by a powerful family, and it was difficult to make a move on it without anyone noticing.

When the organization head saw the photo of Xiao Xuě, a wrathful voice resounded as a Hermes Cheval D’Orient Teacup was thrown to the group, shattering the silence of the secret room.

“How is she still alive?! No! I am the most beautiful in all this land, and no one shall be more beautiful than me! As long as she’s dead, I will be the most beautiful and fairest in this land!”

A cackle resounded that sent shivers down the servant’s spines as the evil stepmother began to scheme to cause the downfall of a heaven toppling beauty.

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