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Top 5 Worst Ways to Avoid Coronavirus

Steve’s Top 5 Worst Ways to Avoid Coronavirus

That virus got a crown on its head, but do not go and pay your respects unless you are seeking death.

— Steve

It’s all over the news, that wicked coranavirus that had begun its invasion to conquer the world. Many don’t care about it that much yet as it hasn’t affected their lives yet, while others are already living in fear due to there being no cure. Now some may wonder if there is anyway to avoid this virus in order to decrease their chances of being acquainted with it. Well, with a simple online search, there will be plenty of answers to that question. Hence, Steve will not answer that question. Instead, Steve will tell you the worst things you could do to avoid the coronavirus.

Although some may believe that all coronavirus is dangerous, do note that some coronaviruses are just like your common cold. Coronavirus is just another type of virus that has been around since long ago, but it just so happens that a new, evolved, and dangerous one was born into this family. Steve will not go much further in detail about the coronavirus because those details can be found easily online from much more credible sources such as World Health Organization.

Since there’s already credible sources of info, Steve won’t add on to that as Steve believes that Steve has not done nearly (if any at all) enough research on this new virus to comment on its intricacies. After all, Steve is not one of the many courageous heroes who are currently risking their lives by standing at the front of the battlefield in order to figure out how to counter this new invader to our world. Steve offers Steve’s gratitude and respect to all of our hard working professionals who are taking a stand to protect the world. Meanwhile, Steve will only be able to sit at home and throw out this list of bad ways to avoid the coronavirus, in hopes that people, who are not trying to help, shall be warned enough to not try nonsensical actions that would have a chance of causing more concerns for those who are truly researching for the better good.

Before Steve begins, let Steve drop a disclaimer. Steve is not a medical professional in any way. Steve is just like every normal person out there, and Steve’s list was made using Steve’s common sense along with simple online searching. The most important part of this message is: don’t try these at all to prove them right or wrong. Also, do note the fact that even if you don’t do any of these, you may still be at risk of meeting the coronavirus because it would be difficult to tell with a glance which one of the many people you meet actually has the coronavirus. Also, please note that the coronavirus being named in this list refers to the new dangerous coronavirus, but it may apply to similar types of virus.

Hence, without further suspense, let Steve’s top 5 list of the worst ways to avoid coronavirus will infect this page.

1. Visiting Areas with a Population Infected with Coronavirus

Steve understands there are some thrill seekers and tourists that always love to visit dangerous places, but Steve must clearly tell you that visiting an area with a population that is infected with coronavirus is definitely not something you should do. This is common sense because visiting an infected area increases your chance of contracting the virus drastically. If you ever had the thought of doing this nonsensical action, Steve just wants to ask you, “Are you seeking death?!” Steve must commend you for being brave and unafraid of death; however, please do cherish your life. Even if you don’t cherish your life, please do consider the lives of others. Do not go to infected areas just to get in the way of medical professionals who are trying hard to save lives. Not only that, you may think you aren’t infected after visiting the infected area, but you may have been infected without knowing it. With you going back to your home town after the tour, you may have now carried the virus to a new land that it could invade, with the possibility of bringing the end to the lives of lots of people around you, and maybe even more. The biggest warning is that even if you think you are completely safe due to having proper protective gear or other reasons, you are never truly safe!

2. Not Reporting a Coronavirus Patient

Did you notice that one individual, infected with the coronavirus, who vehemently refuses to get treated? Perhaps this individual is your family member, and you worry about medical fees or that your whole family would be quarantined. Hence, you decided that you would not report this infected individual for one reason or another. You may believe it’s alright leaving them alone isolated or it will be fine if you escape alone. Steve just wants to flip the table and toss Steve’s water bottle at your face for such selfish actions. Do you think that running away from the problem will solve the problem?! No! The problem will continue to exist, and may even grow into a larger problem! Don’t believe that you can control everything even if you follow all the proper procedures. Even the mass amount of professionals couldn’t contain the coronavirus from spreading, let alone a small group of people like you. This virus is much more dangerous than you may imagine, and it is not something you can deal with alone or with a small group. It is best to report to medical professionals who can take proper actions to prevent the spread of the virus while monitoring the individual in hopes of finding the solution that would not only save that individual’s life, but many other lives as well. You should not fear of being quarantined and not seeing the light of day any more because Steve can guarantee that you will not see the light of day anymore if you end up dead due to being infected by that individual you did not report. Of course, although reporting makes you sound like a snitch, a better way to state it would be to bring that individual in for a medical checkup. After all, there may be a chance that the individual is simply infected by a normal illness and is actually perfectly fine.

3. Not Following Noted Prevention Methods

You may or may not have read about the proper procedures or methods that anyone could do in attempt to lower their risk of being infected. These prevention methods may easily be found online from both credible and non-credible sources. Honestly, Steve believes its fairly easy to pick out which sources are credible, but if you can’t tell, the World Health Organization could be your source. Even though these prevention methods are already opened to most of the public, there are still some skeptical ones or fools who decides to not act upon them. If you believe yourself to be superman and impervious to diseases, well unfortunately most of us are not. Even if by the off-chance you are one of these supernatural beings, the risk still exists that this new virus may be able to infect you as it may be a virus that is evolved enough to take down the supernatural. Then, there are those that believe that the virus will never reach their area and not worry about the prevention methods. Honestly, Steve must tell you all that you are simply lacking a sense of danger. Although the professionals are doing their all to prevent the spread of the virus, there are still probably hidden slips that they could not detect. This could be in the form of an infected individual who escaped their detection or infected food products that had sneaked its way onto the market undetected. Cases like this are rare, but chances of this happening are not zero. You may feel safe, but maybe a weak strand of the virus may have escaped to your area unknowingly. You may have been able to kill it off had you follow the proper prevention methods, but just because you foolishly believe yourself to be invincible may cause you to become the source of outbreak in a new area.

4. Not Communicating with Others

Steve understands that some might not want to be snitches and report someone to authorities just to end up with that person having a common cold. Well, even if you can’t report them, there are still better ways to make sure you are not at risk of being in contact with the coronavirus. The best way is to communicate withe the individual. Please, don’t just ignore the tiniest symptoms of the coronavirus as it may end up resulting in everyone around you, including yourself, ending up being infected. Steve says you should be the brave one and go up and talk to the person in question. Don’t be afraid to communicate just because you’re afraid to be infected. Know that if the virus spreads in your area, you will eventually be infected. So, before the virus can spread, go up to suspected individuals and kindly ask them about their illness. Maybe request them to get a medical checkup if you are worried after learning about their symptoms. You can even be the kind one and offer to pay for their checkup bills. Steve believes communication is the key to success, and communication is also a significant key in prevention. Also, if you are worried about your own symptoms, please do go and communicate with a medical professional. Don’t wait until its too late and end up being a source of outbreak which could cost you more physically, mentally, and financially. Steve believes that if you want to avoid something, figuring out if that something is near you by communicating with those around you is an important factor. As for those introverts who camp out inside their own rooms, the online community is always an open option for you to communicate with. Don’t believe you can avoid the virus with no communication whatsoever. Even though you may know the news and details behind the virus, know that there is always a certain delay in those news even if the delay is small. You won’t be able to find out the current situation in your area without communication.

5. Dropping Everything to Run Away

Although many may attach importance to their current livelihood, there are some who are capable of simply dropping everything to run away in face of danger. Honestly, Steve also believes running away is a smart thing to do; however, that is only if you run away correctly. Please consider the following questions. Did you make sure you have sufficient supplies to thrive in your destination? Are you going to leave your family and friends behind or are they coming along? Is your destination safe? Finally, did you make sure that you and no one near you are a carrier of the virus?! Although running away from the trouble is fine, it is not fine if you bring along the source of the trouble and help it invade a new area. Of course, you may believe that everything is fine because everyone is perfectly healthy, and you are simply moving away from a source that seems to be slowly creeping towards your current location. However, how are you so sure that the destination you are heading to is actually safer than your current location? Your destination may have silently become an infected area by the time you reach there, or it may become infected in the future! Perhaps that one person that caused you to run away may actually have a common cold while the people at your destination could be those who are at the brim of an outbreak. Honestly, even if you are successful in running away, if the virus breaks out all around you, then running away can be the most tiresome event that you will have to do. An even worse case would be your escape being the push that causes others to make the same decision to escape. This could lead to widespread panic as everyone tries to escape, causing the virus to have an even higher chance of spreading everywhere in addition to impeding the medical professionals’ progress in containing and finding a solution to the virus. Honestly, Steve would rather hole up in Steve’s house rather than trying to escape which would cause Steve to come into contact with lots of people who may potentially be carrying the virus.

That is all for Steve’s top 5 worst ways to avoid the coronavirus. As always, if Steve thinks up of more to add to this list, Steve will update it! If you have any questions, suggestions, or disagreements, feel free to comment below or you can contact Steve through the contacts page; however, there is no guarantee for a good answer because Steve is not professional after all. Now, go out there and find someone or somewhere with credible or viral posts in order to learn how to stay uninfected.

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