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What is Affiliate Marketing?

Steve’s Affiliate Marketing

Although some may be in the know, others may be wondering what exactly is Steve doing by being this so called affiliate marketer. Well, although Steve doesn’t believe that complete transparency is possible, Steve is very willing to reveal Steve’s knowledge of affiliate marketing to Steve’s reader so that Steve’s reader will know exactly what Steve is doing on Steve’s blog.

If you haven’t figured out by reading most of Steve’s posts, Steve is an independent affiliate marketer. What this means is that Steve is an affiliate marketer that is not associated in any way to the products that Steve is putting on his site. Of course, Steve still owns the content on the site and the blog itself as Steve is blogger here.

You may be shocked and confused after reading this. After all, you came to this site for health related content or stories, yet you ended up with affiliate marketer Steve. What exactly does that mean? What is affiliate marketing in the first place? Honestly, with simple searches online, you will find plenty of content, ranging from videos to texts, all providing the answer to this question. Or you can stay tuned and listen to Steve drone on about it.

Honestly, Steve can’t claim that Steve is the most knowledgeable in the affiliate marketing field as there are much, much more better affiliate marketers than Steve out there; however, Steve is still an affiliate marketer who knows enough to reveal some basics to the world known as affiliate marketing. Without further delay, let us start this campaign.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

What exactly is affiliate marketing and what exactly do you do as an affiliate marketer? These two questions can simply be tied together in Steve’s knowledge as the answer to them both is simply product promotion. Based on Steve’s knowledge, an affiliate marketer is simply just another human being just like you and Steve who is trying to promote the products of certain businesses in order to make some money for themselves.

Of course, this basically just sounds like marketing or advertising. It is pretty clear that both ads and affiliate marketing involves driving traffic to a particular product. Hence affiliate marketing and advertising are similar in a sense, except affiliate marketers don’t make money by putting up an advertisement or promotional content. Affiliate marketers only make money if someone purchases the product through the affiliate link provided. In Steve’s case, it means that Steve only makes money if you purchase a product through the link provided by Steve. As for how much money that is? It depends on the product’s owner or the business behind the product.

To straighten out this fact clearly, Steve or any affiliate marketer does not own any of the products we promote nor do we get paid the full price for each sales of each product. If we owned the product and promoted it, that would not be called affiliate marketing but self promotion, also know as simply advertising. On the other hand, affiliate marketers promote products they do not own nor have responsibilities over. In exchange, affiliate marketers only get paid a commission, or a certain percentage of the sales fee, per sale of each product. Although this may not sound like a lot for many, trust Steve, it will pile up to fairly large amounts if you manage to get lots of sales.

Of course there are some exceptions to what can actually be included in the field of affiliate marketing. Although affiliate marketing is not like Google Adsense where you get paid for clicks to ads, it is possible to promote products through such ads. Of course, there are also the rare cases where sites only want traffic and would pay you promoting their sites. This is known as pay to click or PTC earnings, and some may consider this as part of affiliate marketing as well; however, they can clearly be set as two separate entities for Steve’s affiliate marketing explanations because PTC is not what Steve is doing on this site.

Who can do Affiliate Marketing?

Now some may now be interested in affiliate marketing and want to join in the already packed competition. Will Steve tell you not to or deny you this chance to join? Nope, Steve would put Steve’s hands up in the air and cheer for you to join. You may be wondering if you fit the bill, whether you can do affiliate marketing. The obvious factors you would need would be a working connection to a company that provides the product to promote and a device to handle your marketing. In this modern day and age, that would be an internet connection to an affiliate marketing site with a computer to handle your marketing. Well besides these basic factors, Steve can tell you that Steve doesn’t know if you would qualify because Steve doesn’t know who you are. Steve believes that you will have to decide for yourself after reading all the requirements for becoming an affiliate marketer.

Although there are plenty of ads, videos, and other sites claiming that anyone can do affiliate marketing, that is not the complete truth. Steve does agree that anyone can do affiliate marketing; however, there are certain conditions that are attached to that “anyone”.

First, you must have time, lots of it. Although many may claim that you can make lots of money from affiliate marketing and then you can use the extra time to do other things you like, that only holds true after you start making the big bucks. When you have just started as an affiliate marketer, there are just too many aspects you would have to manage, including product selection, content creation, traffic tunneling, funneling, and more. Of course, if you’re smart and have sufficient capital, many of these aspects can be handed to other sources. You can pay others to write your content, pay for ads to get traffic to your page, and pay for many other stuff; however, that is only if you have the funds. If you don’t have sufficient funds, lots and lots of time would be required.

Besides time, you will also need persistence and hard work. It is obvious why you need hard work as without hard work, nothing will get started. However, you may wonder why you would need persistence. The reason why Steve included persistence is due to the fact that not everyone will be successful and see immediate results. Unless you are already a famous, iconic figure in real life/social media or you are capable of creating viral content as easy as breathing, you would most likely not see the rewards be proportional to your efforts at the start as gaining traffic for your page has a very slow start. This may cause you to be depressed with the inclination to give up as you would believe that it is impossible for you be an affiliate marketer; however, know that most affiliate marketers, including Steve, are part of this group that are having a hard time at the start. But don’t give up! If you give up, it means that’s the end and there will never be progress anymore. Instead, Steve believes you should persist on.

Of course, persisting on blindly would not help you if you don’t know what you are doing wrong. Hence, another reason why time would play a big factor is that you will have to spend most of your time doing research. You will either be researching about your topic or about how to drive traffic to your page. You may also have to research how to host ads, how to write good content, how to get your content to appear on the front page of search engines, and more. Finally, you will have to research on what you are doing so wrong that the market decides to give you the cold shoulder. That’s lots and lots of researching that will require lots of time in addition to the willingness to study. If this doesn’t sound like you, then either pay for the jump to be an affiliate marketer or use brute force to slowly grow your popularity and traffic.

Finally, to be an affiliate marketer, you do need to heed some warnings. There are laws passed to prevent spamming, and also the fact that product owners tend to relieve themselves of all responsibilities from your advertisements. Hence, you are clearly on your own if you end up posting or sending content that steps on someone else’s foot. If you’re not ready to read and abide by the rules/laws that may be found online, then you may want to reconsider your decision to be an affiliate marketer. You can’t simply promote products with no restrictions as that’s similar to barging into someone’s house uninvited in an attempt to sell a product that the house owner doesn’t want. Steve wouldn’t want that to happen to Steve, nor do you want that to happen to you. Steve is still can’t remember all the rules with Steve’s tiny brain as there are too many, but know that you can find and refer to them all online, maybe even offline.

With Steve’s long blocks of text coming to a conclusion, Steve does want to provide some notices. Do note that what Steve has stated may be found elsewhere as the content is fairly common knowledge and definitely does not include everything there is about affiliate marketing. Steve only have written this article to reveal what Steve knows about affiliate marketing based on Steve’s knowledge, and Steve shall update this article if Steve’s knowledge grows through Steve’s experiences in affiliate marketing. If you desire to find out more, feel free to do some research by yourself. Although it’s not Steve’s job to promote affiliate marketing itself, Steve does look forward to seeing the already packed circle of affiliate marketers grow. As for whether that will happen, Steve will let you decide.

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