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Steve’s Top Lucky Money Makers

Steve’s Top Lucky Money Maker List

Are you looking for money makers where you can win money? Although there are plenty of sites out there where you can do surveys, gigs, or other similar tasks for money, Steve understands that not everyone has the time or patience needed to do such tasks. Hence Steve thought maybe some money makers where you can get money mostly from being lucky sounds like a good addition to the money making list. Here are Steve’s top lucky money makers!

Steve defines lucky money makers as money makers where you win using one part skill, and nine parts luck. Okay, maybe it’s closer to 99% luck, and 1% participation in order to win.

As a disclaimer before Steve starts sharing, none of the money makers shared by Steve are owned by Steve in any way. Some of them Steve serves as an affiliate for, others may not even have a referral program, hence Steve won’t be getting you on Steve’s money making friend list. Also, as all these money makers are usually luck based, don’t expect to make any money on them unless you are fairly lucky.

Additionally, Steve will not be presenting any efficient, good ways of using these money makers, but a general description instead. It’s not that Steve doesn’t want to share how Steve makes money, but it’s a fact that Steve doesn’t know how to increase your luck. Steve is pretty sure there are plenty of other sites online which has detailed info on how to do statistical “luck increase, but Steve is no math geek nor a statistics superman.

Note that this list may contain money makers found elsewhere and still can be updated occasionally as Steve discovers new lucky money makers, so subscribe to stay up to date! Although Steve can not guarantee that these money makers will work for you as they are usually based on luck, Steve wishes everyone good luck in getting that extra buck. Well, without further blabbering, Steve will share Steve’s luck.

Logo from DailyRaffleApp Site

Here we have Daily Raffle App. As the name denotes, its an app that allows you to enter daily raffles for money. The raffles consist of a number guessing game, somewhat similar to lottery, and big winners may win anywhere ranging from $100 to $1000 USD! You can also win small amounts of $10 to $50 for guessing a certain amount of numbers right, but not all of them. Of course, it is clear why this is on the lucky money makers list as winning is mostly from pure luck. Don’t tell Steve any of the so called hacks and statistics you could use to guess the numbers correctly because Steve still would rather simply use luck, or else Steve would go to survey sites instead. You can drop crediblesteve as your referrer when you join to make Steve happy, or you can simply skip that step as it is optional.

As for drawbacks of this app, it is clear that luck plays a major factor, and you may even believe that you shall never win. The time and effort you spend on app may not necessarily increase your chances of winning. There is also a limit to entries for the raffle in the form of raffle tickets, and the annoying part is that you will have to watch ads or do other tasks in order to earn some tickets if you ever run out. Although this app has a main website, the website only contains info on the app, not raffle drawing.

Logo from Squadhelp Site

Here we have Squadhelp. Squadhelp is a site where one can find a multitude of names, logos, and domains for their business. On the flip side, you can be the one that is coming up with those names, logos, and domain names for those businesses. Squadhelp mainly runs on contests for each name where you will have to submit your creative names, and the winner will be the one that provides the best name that the business owner of the contest likes. Winners can earn starting from around $135 USD minimum per contest, with no upper limit; however, most businesses pay around the same amount for each contest. You can also be a logo designer or a domain name rights holder, but the naming contests is usually the easiest with the most reliance on luck. You can sign up here through Steve’s referral link~

As for the downsides to Squadhelp, it’s pretty much luck based as well. Although some may claim that creativity is a skill, in the end, it all depends on the taste of the contest holder and whether your name just so happens to match what they wanted while standing out from the many other names surrounding yours. Another downside of Squadhelp is that it is not free as a one-time $10 USD sign-up fee is required before you can begin entering naming contests. However, in the end, as long as you get lucky and win one or two contests, you will easily make lots of profit. Another annoying part of Squadhelp is that you will be under a period of restricted access to contests where you can only enter assigned contests until the moderators deem you to be fit to begin spamming every contest. It is also unfortunate that Squadhelp only pays out to Paypal or Payoneer.

Logo from Apple AppStore, created by mage 19M

Here we have Societi. Societi is an app where you can find a multitude of multiple choice answering games to play. These games have questions regarding upcoming episodes of popular reality shows, so if you’re one of those that watch reality shows, this may be the app for you! Making money on this app is all about your prediction skills as you must predict the answers to certain questions of a reality show (for example: who will be unmasked or who will survive). Based on how much you answer correct out of the set of questions, you will get a share of the prize pool once the episode airs. As you can tell, this prediction is purely based on your luck! Although analytic skills may be a factor, that is not enough for predicting the future unless you have insider info (which you shouldn’t have). Of course, you can also refer your friends for a double earning period on your prizes. You can enter Steve’s referral code on account sign-up if you want to support Steve: X30P71. As for the prizes, Societi has its personal store where you can redeem prizes while you can also cash out to Paypal.

Of course, there are still some facts that would want to dissuade you from jumping into the pool. First, you must note that the prize listed on each of the game shows may be high (over $100), but you must know that this is the final prize pool that is shared between all contestants. This means that you will only get a small share of it, and the percentage you will get depends on how well other people, similar to you, answers the questions. If more people answer them right, there will be a smaller prize for everyone. Of course, if you answer more questions right than the rest, you will have a higher prize. Another limiter on this app is that the number of available games depend on the available reality shows that partner with the app. Although there are many reality shows like America’s Got Talent and Voice, but these shows are not always on the app as there wouldn’t be anything to guess on whilst the show is in the midst airing. Hence, there might only be a small list of games for you to play in a week. A final drawback is that the minimum threshold for cashing out is very high ($20 for Societi store and $80 USD for Paypal transfer!). It may take a while before you even score enough to cash out, unless you are really lucky.

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  1. Hi there are using WordPress for your blog platform? I’m new to the blog world but I’m trying to get started and set up my own. Do you need any coding expertise to make your own blog? Any help would be greatly appreciated!


    1. Yes, I am using WordPress. WordPress has premium paid plans but, you can use it for free like me (with limited services). Even so, no coding expertise is required to make your own blog on WordPress (although it would be nice if you had some). Most of your WordPress blog can be built using the provided building blocks built into WordPress (or plugins if you have premium). There is also a code editor function for those who do have coding expertise (not necessary to use it).


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