Review on Bikini Body Workouts

Steve’s Review on Bikini Body Workouts

Here is Steve’s review on the product, Bikini Body Workouts. As one can infer from the name, Bikini Body Workouts is a product targeted at those who want a bikini body.

First of all, a disclaimer: Steve has not purchased nor used Bikini Body Workouts program, hence all opinions are based off of Steve’s first impression of the Bikini Body Workouts advertisement and the provided info on its affiliate page. Basically, this is Steve’s ad review as an independent affiliate of the product!

So let’s have Steve give a body introspection for this product. This is a workout program targeted at those who wants a bikini body. Although there wasn’t any specific mention of gender, most testimonials on the advertisement are from women in addition to most of the images on the advertisement being of women. Of course, Steve is not saying that males can’t purchase this program for female partners. The program mainly consists of a multitude of instructional and informative books with content for you to teach yourself the workout. Unfortunately, Steve has not purchased the product, hence Steve cannot give you a review on the content of the books. Honestly, Steve is not looking for a bikini body, hence Steve did not purchase the product; however, it may be a good program for Steve’s future partner, but that’s another story. For now, let Steve provide you the workout of reading Steve’s review on the product.

Before stepping into the ad, Steve wants to clear up the reason why there is no images on this page for Steve’s review. It seems that the owners of Bikini Body Workouts did not provide any resources for affiliate marketers to use. This was a disappointment to Steve, especially since Steve can’t simply get a random image online then use it to promote this product. It definitely lowered Steve’s impression of the product because it seems that the product owners don’t want to put any effort into marketing the product; however, Steve will have to decide after looking through the ad.

With Steve’s first glance of the ad, Steve notices everyone’s best friend, the long and tiny scroll bar. Steve grabs Steve’s pillow as Steve plops down to take a seat as Steve knows this will be a lot of reading once more. With a casual glance, Steve’s attention were drawn to the images. It’s clear that it’s targeted at women who want to get a bikini body. Although it technically didn’t state anywhere about losing weight, it is fairly clear this program is some sort of weight loss program in a sense; however, Steve can’t guarantee this as Steve doesn’t know what the program entails. However, what Steve does know is that this ad portrays lots of female in bikini in order to attract the audience. Steve really wonders what type of audience the ad is attracting with all these fair looking models.

As Steve scrolls down the ad, Steve notices many, many bold claims, most of which claim that the program works for specific reasons; however, with a closer look, Steve realizes most of the supporting details of why the program works are very vague, with no actual facts backing them. It’s simply like Steve stating that Steve is the most credible person in the world when in truth, Steve is simply another normal blogger while there are many more people who are more credible than Steve out in the world. Steve believes that it doesn’t make you different from everyone else if you just simply stating that you are different from everyone else without providing any supporting facts.

Then, Steve also notices other vague claims like a matter of weeks. The ad already states that it would take around 60 days for the workout to show effects, yet in the midst of the ad, it claims you can become a bikini body women within a matter of weeks. Then, there are a lot of before and after testimonials. Although most of the testimonials may look genuine, Steve notices that most of the testimonials did not mention anything regarding the time required for the workout program. The few testimonials that mentioned anything about the time required only vaguely mentioned how they felt better after starting the program, which may actually just be a placebo effect. Of course, Steve also believes that exercising will make most feel better or more healthier , especially if they hadn’t exercised in a while (except at the very start where you end up sore). On the other hand, there was one testimonial that seemed to include a valid time; however, that time period was 3 months, which is one month over the 60 day claim by the ad. Although Steve saw this many contradictory points in the ad, Steve can’t claim the product is bad because Steve hasn’t tried it. Steve can only claim that the ad was not organized well enough.

Then there are the answers to questions that the product owners want to answer. It seems the product intends to target a large audience of women from all social circumstances. From what Steve can understand from a glance, it seems the owners of Bikini Body Workouts claim that program can be done by any women with any fitness level, with a limited amount of time each week, with kids to take care of, and with only home as their workout grounds. Honestly, with so many factors such as time, job, and children in play, Steve has a hard time believing one could find sufficient time to work out, or at least enough time as specified by the program itself. Well, at least the ad claims you can get a full refund within 60 days if you see no results.

That is all Steve has to comment on for the ad for Bikini Body Workouts. As for Steve’s current verdict for this product, it is still being determined with the help of everyone one of you out there. Like always, Steve shall update this post if Steve finds more aspects to criticize, or maybe when Steve buys the product for Steve’s future partner to try, which can be far into the future. Now go here and pick faults with this product now or try it out~

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