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Midas Touch Part 1

Steve’s Parody of Midas Touch Part 1

Xiao Wáng Touch Part 1

Note: All characters, events, and spoken words in this story are fictional, and is not meant to target any specific audience. Feel free to stop reading at anytime and read at your own risk.

There once was a rich man named Xiao Wáng. Like many other rich men, Xiao Wáng believed he did not have enough money and always desired for more. Although Xiao Wáng was successful early on, recently Xiao Wáng seemed to have hit a plateau in his money earning as a lot of the businesses that Xiao Wáng had invested in coincidentally shut down due to their owners going bankrupt for one reason or another. Xiao Wáng was frustrated and couldn’t help but make a wish.

Xiao Wáng believes that everyone should have a net worth, or a money value over their lifetime. Xiao Wáng wished that he could see the future net worth of a person with a glance, and be able to increase the net worth of a person by touching them. Xiao Wáng believed that this would allow him to invest in individuals with potential and never have to worry about suffering a loss. Xiao Wáng didn’t care what the cost of such a power was as he only cared that it would increase a person’s money value over their life span.

Of course, Xiao Wáng knew that this wish was a fantasy as it was pretty much wishing for a superpower. What Xiao Wáng didn’t know is that one of the many business owners he had cooperated with was jealous of Xiao Wáng because Xiao Wáng still managed to live a rich life even though the businesses went bankrupt. Hence, although this business owner went bankrupt, this business owner paid a heavy price to a hidden witch to curse Xiao Wáng. Nobody knew who, when, why, or how this happened, but the curse seemed to have succeeded as Xiao Wáng had trouble sleeping that night. Or did it?

The next day, Xiao Wáng woke up as usual and got prepped to head to his company like usual. At first, Xiao Wáng did not notice it but midway on the road to work, Xiao Wáng noticed that there were tiny numbers floating above everyone else’s head! Xiao Wáng took a closer look at the numbers floating on top of his driver’s head and noticed there was a dollar sign as if signifying that the number was the worth of the driver. Xiao Wáng thought he was hallucinating at first due to not getting enough sleep the day before.

However, after many days has passed, Xiao Wáng noticed the numbers didn’t go away. Not only that, he also noticed that the numbers of certain famous individuals or business owners he met were much higher than the many people he saw on the street. It was not until after concluding a business with a partner company’s representative and shaking his hand did Xiao Wáng realize what these numbers he was seeing meant. Xiao Wáng noticed the number jumping up as he shook the hand of the representative, and it reminded hom of his wish. Xiao Wáng was shocked at that moment before recovering his composure and sending the representative off. Then, Xiao Wáng sat down and thought long and hard about his new ability.

Over the next couple of months, Xiao Wáng decided to test out his ability to see if it actually increases the net worth of someone. Instead of choosing rich business men that would have made it difficult to tell if there was actually any difference, Xiao Wáng chose to test it on some beggars that had future net worth of a very low value. Xiao Wáng would go greet them, shake their hand or give them a pat on their head, then Xiao Wáng silently watch the value go up by a whole lot before hiding somewhere. Then, Xiao Wáng would watch the beggar magically find money on the ground or receive the pity of some passerby, hence hitting and nearing the predetermined net worth easily!

Although there was also a factor called luck that was in play, Xiao Wáng believed that it was his ability that affected that luck. Hence, Xiao Wáng began to use his new powers to invest, choosing those companies who are owned by individuals that showed a high future net worth. Not even a year later, Xiao Wáng had made big bucks from his investments, enough for Xiao Wáng to retire and live a decent, albeit not tycoon life.

However, like many other man, Xiao Wáng was greedy for more; however, Xiao Wáng found it difficult to find any more companies with decent future net worth to invest in as he had already invested in most of them. It’s not like Xiao Wáng could simply spend all his time stalking every company’s owner just to see their future net worth. Hence, Xiao Wáng decided to use the other part of his ability, the ability to increase one’s net worth, or their money value over their lifetime.

Hence, Xiao Wáng decided to pick out some poor folks and beggars. Then, under the guise of mentoring, Xiao Wáng would shake their hands or pat their head with praise. Within 6 months, Xiao Wáng had turned the poor folks and beggars into business owners of decent sized companies. Then, Xiao Wáng left them alone as he watched them grow on their own as their future net worth had already grown to an all time high due to Xiao Wáng’s love and care. Of course, Xiao Wáng managed to reap loads of profits as he was the one that was the major investor in all their companies when the companies had just started up.

Not even a year later, Xiao Wáng had already became a tycoon who could retire while living a luxurious life. Although Xiao Wáng was greedy for more, Xiao Wáng believed it was enough because Xiao Wáng knew he probably couldn’t’ spend all the money before he climbs on his deathbed, assuming he doesn’t just toss out money like an idiot. So, Xiao Wáng decided to step back from business and went on a leisure life of vacation.

However, fate doesn’t want to let Xiao Wáng go as a fresh, large gift was delivered right to Xiao Wáng while he was on traveling. On one of his travels, Xiao Wáng’s travel route was leaked and Xiao Wáng was then targeted by terrorists that were after his money. Fortunately, with his money, Xiao Wáng did managed to hire decent body guards who guarded him well. Unfortunately, Xiao Wáng’s travel location happened to be near a river, and while the assailants were fighting the bodyguards, Xiao Wáng was accidentally knocked into the rushing river due to having insufficient skilled body guards to guard by his side.

Xiao Wáng knocked into a rock in the river before passing out, allowing the river to wash him away. Normally, Xiao Wáng would have died in this situation, but as fate would have it, Xiao Wáng was saved by a poor lady from a nearby village who was doing her laundry by the river. When Xiao Wáng woke up and saw this lady, it was not love at first sight. Instead, Xiao Wáng was attracted to the extremely high number value, one that was close to Xiao Wáng’s own estimated net worth, floating over her head as an irresistible greed crawled into Xiao Wáng’s heart. Xiao Wáng thought that since fate had delivered her to him, he would put her to use so that a similar situation where his life is threatened would not happen once more. But was this what fate intended?

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