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Waiting for the Rabbit

Steve’s Parody of To Wait By The Tree Stump for a Rabbit

Xiao Lièrén Waiting for a Cure

Note: All characters, events, and spoken words in this story are fictional, and is not meant to target any specific audience. Feel free to stop reading at anytime and read at your own risk.

There once was a man named Xiao Lièrén. Xiao Lièrén was your typical salary man, and there was nothing special about him except for being a little bit overweight from eating junk food frequently. However, Xiao Lièrén was very conscious of the extra flab of fat on his belly, so he would tone down his junk food eating and hope for the fat to go away. Although Xiao Lièrén had the time to go to a gym, Xiao Lièrén wanted an easy, instant solution that never came, until one day when Xiao Lièrén met the man that changed his life.

.Like usual, Xiao Lièrén came out of a pharmaceutical store, failing to find the optimal solution to his minor overweight problem. Xiao Lièrén truly desires to indulge himself in more junk food; however, Xiao Lièrén decided to hold himself back until he finds that easy solution he could use.

When Xiao Lièrén was walking down the street towards where he parked his car, he was constantly muttering out complaints about how he couldn’t find an easy solution to lose weight. It was then that Xiao Lièrén was stopped by a young man dressed in a casual t-shirt and jeans. The young man was holding a plastic bottle filled with a pink smoothie in one hand while he held a small printed paper book, that seemed to have been through book binding recently, in his other hand.

“Mister, are you looking for a solution to lose weight?” the young man questioned as he looked at Xiao Lièrén up and down with a perplexed face.

Xiao Lièrén was shocked and confused how this young man knew what he was looking for! Although Xiao Lièrén was not religious, Xiao Lièrén couldn’t help but have the thought that maybe this man was sent by god to help him. So, Xiao Lièrén perked up as he responded back, “Yes I am young man! Perhaps, do you have a solution I could use? I desperately need one!”

The young man looked back at Xiao Lièrén with an even more perplexed face as if not understanding why Xiao Lièrén was desperate, but in the end, the young man replied, “Yes, I actually do. I found this Smoothie diet online that seems to be a fairly quick working, and was about to bring it to my girlfriend. It’s fairly decent tasting, here you can try it, I’ll just go make another one.”

The young man then handed his smoothie to Xiao Lièrén. Although Xiao Lièrén was a bit skeptical by the looks of the product, Xiao Lièrén decided to take a sip because it was free. With one sip, Xiao Lièrén realized that this smoothie tasted so good, just like some of the junk food smoothies that he loved to drink!

Xiao Lièrén was ecstatic that the young man was speaking the truth about the taste which means that the young man actually had the solution, and it’s a quick one at that! Xiao Lièrén couldn’t help but blurt out, “Give me the solution! I’ll pay for it no matter the cost!”

The young man stared back at Xiao Lièrén with shock. The young man then said, “Although it was cheap at only 37 bucks, I had to pay for book binding just for my girlfriend who likes a physical copy of e-books. I don’t think I am going to sell-“

Before the young man could finish, Xiao Lièrén had already pulled a one-hundred dollar bill from his wallet and stuffed it into the young man’s hand. Then, Xiao Lièrén took the book out of the young man’s other hand while the young man was still in shock. Xiao Lièrén then hurriedly walked off to his car to drive home to start his indulgence.

As for the young man, he looked back and forth between the one-hundred dollar bill and the car that was driving off while muttering, “I can make money this way can’t I?”

Once Xiao Lièrén got home, he instantly opened the book and began reading it. Then, Xiao Lièrén immediately went off to buy the ingredients needed to make the smoothies. In less than one hour, Xiao Lièrén had made his first smoothie and chugged it down. Satisfied with the taste, Xiao Lièrén believed that the smoothie will help him if he drinks it everyday in place of his junk food. Not even one week later, Xiao Lièrén noticed that his small piece of flab is gone! Xiao Lièrén was ecstatic that the solution works!

Hence, Xiao Lièrén believed that the smoothie would solve all his problems, and he began to indulge in junk food again. Alternating between eating junk food and the Smoothie Diet, Xiao Lièrén was ecstatic that his flab didn’t grow back. So, Xiao Lièrén continued his indulgence of junk food and without Xiao Lièrén realizing it, his junk food intake portion kept increasing over the years. It got to the point where the smoothie diet no longer helped. Xiao Lièrén realized the problem, and tried to cut back on his indulgence; however, it was much more difficult to cut back on indulgence than starting it. Hence, Xiao Lièrén was in a dilemma once more!

In need of a new solution, Xiao Lièrén thought, “Maybe if I go back to the spot from before, I may be able to meet that young man again, and that would young man would provide me with the solution!”

Hence, Xiao Lièrén went back to the street that he met the young man and waited there for the young man to appear. Unfortunately, the young man did not appear on that day, and Xiao Lièrén had to go to work. So, Xiao Lièrén decided he would come back the next day to wait. This cycle then repeated over and over again as Xiao Lièrén waited everyday for a solution while continuing to indulge in his junk food. Although Xiao Lièrén had gotten advice from his colleagues to go exercise or go find his own solution by searching online, Xiao Lièrén ignored them believing that the solution would come to him sooner or later.

Without realizing it, Xiao Lièrén has grown more than just a small simple flab as now Xiao Lièrén was truly overweight. Being so overweight, even going to work was difficult for Xiao Lièrén so Xiao Lièrén decided to quit his job so that he could wait full time for the young man. Xiao Lièrén believed that once he got the solution, he can easily find a job once more.

Time passed and Xiao Lièrén began to lose hope. However, just when Xiao Lièrén thought the young man would never show up, he noticed a familiar looking man one day. The man was dressed in a tuxedo and sunglasses while holding a glass cup with smoothie in one hand while in the other hand he held the newest model of iPhone. Even though his looks had changed, Xiao Lièrén recognized him after staring at him for a bit longer. It was the young man he was waiting for!

Xiao Lièrén then hurriedly bumbled up to the man while calling out, “Y-Young man, wait up!”

The man paused his steps as he turned around to see an obese man bumbling up to him. The man stared in shock as his sunglasses nearly slipped off his face. Fearing that he would be crushed by the obese man running towards him, the man hurried backed up while yelling, “O-Old man, s-stop where you are!”

Xiao Lièrén bumbled to a stop and almost fell over, but Xiao Lièrén stabilized himself as he said to the man, “Young man, do you not remember me? I’m the one that bought that Smoothie Diet book off you years ago.”

The man stared back in a daze as if trying to recall the past. Then as if recalling the event, the man then nodded, “Oh right, it was you that gave me the idea that affiliate marketing would make big money, leading me to starting my business! It’s been such a long time, I see you’ve grown old and retired now probably.”

Xiao Lièrén had no idea what the man was talking about but he was ecstatic that the young man remembered him. Hence, Xiao Lièrén quickly asked, “D-Do you have a solution from my problem? I need to lose weight again but that smoothie diet no longer works!”

The man stared back at Xiao Lièrén in shock before freezing in place as if his brain had short circuited. Then, the man awkwardly scratched his head while saying, “I don’t really have a solution for you, after all I’m an affiliate marketer not a doctor. However, I think you can find the solutions online easily. Old man, take this new iPhone I just bought as a thank you gift. I can just buy another one.”

The man then handed Xiao Lièrén his iPhone before turning about and strolling off. Xiao Lièrén stood there in a daze for a bit before snapping out of his daze, ready to call out to the man to give him a real instant solution! However, when Xiao Lièrén looked up once more, the man had already gotten into a Lamborghini and driven off.

Xiao Lièrén was in despair that he had to wait so long just for the solution to still escape him, ending up with him having to rely on himself to find a solution. Xiao Lièrén then sighed as reality had finally hit him. Xiao Lièrén then decided to use the phone to find a solution. However, when Xiao Lièrén tried to type on the phone, he realized he couldn’t because his fingers were too fat! Xiao Lièrén felt fear for the first time as he bumbled on home. Xiao Lièrén tried to use his computer to find a solution but encountered the same problem as his fingers were too fat. Xiao Lièrén then wanted to go find his colleagues for help, but when he went to the company, he realized that even the company was gone as it has been too long. It was then that Xiao Lièrén realized, it was too late for him because he had given up too many opportunities, and life moved on without waiting for him.

If all you do is wait, the missed opportunities will not come back, and the opportunity that you are waiting for may have a chance of never coming. One should be persistent in their search for a cure, but one should not simply wait for the cure while neglecting the rest of their lives. Go out and enjoy your life while your life is still waiting for you.

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