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Top 5 Worst Drinkable Water

Steve’s Top 5 Worst Drinkable Water List

It being able to flow down your throat doesn’t mean you have to go with the flow.

— Steve

Ohoh, you thirsty for some water? Are you debating whether to drink a certain water that looks drinkable? Or are you one who came to mock this page and laugh at the fact that there are actually people who would consider these drinkable? Well, Steve can tell you there are people who would drink these water, and you would probably too if your only other option was death. Well, there are some that would choose death over drinking these; however, Steve must tell you, drinking these water is less costly a price to live then the daily consumption of all those unhealthy food in society. Of course, this is under the condition that you survive from drinking the water in the first place.

Although some may think that some waters may not be drinkable, in truth, they might be drinkable. On the other hand, some water that looks appetizing may actually be poisonous. Of course, Steve will not be talking about those poisonous water or those clearly drinkable ones on this list. If you’re one of those that watches a lot of survival shows, then you probably already know more than enough about those drinkable and maybe undrinkable water. What Steve’s list would include are water you may believe to be drinkable, but it may actually be poison!

As for those who don’t watch survival shows nor have come into contact with any related content, well, this list might be an eye opener to you. Of course, it doesn’t matter if you’re new to the topic or an old timer, Steve has some warnings for you.

Note that the list of drinkable water may contain disturbing, disgusting, and dangerous content that may cause you to suffer from health conditions ranging from minor shock to permanent trauma to vomiting. Some may also have extreme anger from disagreeing with the list or may form inclinations to try these at home. So, do proceed on your own risk because you have been warned. Steve repeats, you have been warned!

Before Steve begins, let Steve drop a disclaimer. Steve is not a medical professional in any way. Steve is just like every normal person out there, and Steve’s list was made using Steve’s common sense along with simple online searching. The most important part of this message is: don’t try these at home (or anywhere as a matter of fact) to prove them right or wrong. Also, do note the fact that even though these water are drinkable, it doesn’t mean that they are completely risk free to drink due to underlying health concerns! If anything, all water on these list should be deemed undrinkable!

Hence, without further suspense, let Steve’s top 5 list of the worst drinkable waters shall flow out onto the page.

1. Pee or Urine

Taking a quick leak and wondering if it would be a waste to not drink the water flowing out? Steve won’t wonder that at all, but Steve will have to ponder on it for the sake of this list. This is probably one of the more common ones that you have seen in survival shows or have read about. It’s true, it’s possible to drink your own urine or others’ urine. Don’t believe Steve? A simple Google search will tell you it’s true! You can also head over to this article on Slate to read all about how urine can keep some alive! However, drinking urine is actually much more risky then you thought! Don’t be fooled by those testimonials that said so and so survived in the desert by drinking their own pee. Those case are rare and probably had an extremely important factor called luck in play. The same article on Slate also speaks of the dangers of drinking your own urine. Okay, so drinking your own may be seriously dangerous over time, then you may wonder how about drinking someone else’s? Well, before you wonder that, you should consider if that someone else has any diseases that can be transferred through bodily fluids. Don’t let a moment of thirst gift you a lifetime of pain and suffering.

2. Blood

Want to learn how to be a bloodsucking vampire? Does the blood of others look appetizing for you because you believe you are already a vampire? Well, blood is actually another drinkable source of water, in small amounts that is. Unless you are truly a vampire, you would probably be having serious health effects from drinking blood. According to this article on LiveScience, the iron from blood may cause iron overdose which can be toxic. Is that not enough to convince you because you believe that drinking your own blood should be of no issue? Just know that your blood doesn’t just consist of iron. Your blood contains a mixture of everything in your body which may include diseases and salt. Steve must also tell you your digestive system is not as strong as you believe. You probably won’t even be able to digest a sip of your own blood before you have to take another sip of it due to thirst. Let’s not even go into the possible complications from drinking someone else’s blood as those would add on the risk of getting extra diseases and foreign particles in your body.

3. Sea Water

You probably went swimming in the sea and drank a couple mouthful of sea water while being perfectly fine afterwards. Now you believe that sea water is drinkable? Alright, this one would be pretty common knowledge to be known as undrinkable; however, many would still argue that it is drinkable. Well, if you manage to get rid everything from the sea water through a process called desalination, then maybe it’s drinkable. You can learn more about how to make sea water drinkable at Apec Water. However, as you probably noticed, to make it drinkable, you must get rid of the minerals inside first! Sea water by itself is not drinkable. The water part of sea water is good, but the minerals such as salt in it is no good if you take in large amounts of it! Just to get rid of the salt that you take in from drinking sea water, you might have to urinate more water then you actually drank! Although your body does need salt for some of its biological processes, if you flood it with too much salt, that’s like clogging the drain to your own life.

4. Toilet Water

Steve believes this one screams a no no, but many pets may try to teach you otherwise as some of those pets love drinking toilet water. Unfortunately, Steve must tell you, besides being nasty, toilet water is not drinkable. As for why Steve included it in this top 5 worst drinkable water list? Well, that’s because toilet water is just like sea water, where it would be drinkable but only after you recycle it. You can read more about recycling toilet water over at BBC. So, yes, it can be considered drinkable, but technically what you’re drinking there is not toilet water as it has none of the nasty friends that toilet water has in it. These nasty friends may include diseases, parasites, minerals, undigested rotten food, harmful bacteria, and much more. Through a simple search online, there are already plenty of articles informing you how bad toilet water is for pets. Of course one may argue that it would be fine to drink from a new toilet, but you do have to consider what is actually in the water that gets pumped into your toilet as well. After all, that’s not filtered water. If you still want to copy your pet in drinking toilet water instead of stopping your pet from doing so, Steve hopes Steve can stop you by telling you this: Drinking toilet water is like drinking your own along with others’ feces.

5. Water from Your Hose

You’re in your garden water the plants, and you felt a bit of thirst. You feel a bit too lazy to walk in to grab a drink so you thought of taking a sip from your hose instead. After all, the water looks clean and safe as the plants are fine soaking them in. Maybe you would have second thoughts after reading this article from The Berkey. Besides the fact that the water coming through the hose is not being monitored for safety, the hose itself might be a contaminant as well. In this case, a double negative doesn’t make it a positive, but instead it makes it double the chance of the water being dangerous for your health. Well, at least hose water is cleaner then most other options on here right? After all, the water comes from the same source of tap water you drink from. Well, if you read the article from Backyard Boss, you would know that same source doesn’t mean the same safe transportation. You don’t want to know how many dirty, contaminated pips your water has passed through in order to reach your house. Consider the fact that the contaminant may be one that can constantly contaminate the water even if you had flush the hose by letting the water run for a while. After all, flushing the hose doesn’t magically make the water cleaner. Honestly, how hard is it to simply go grab some water from your house?

That is all for Steve’s top 5 worst drinkable water. As always, if Steve thinks up of more to add to this list, Steve will update it! If you have any questions, suggestions, or disagreements, feel free to comment below or you can contact Steve through the contacts page; however, there is no guarantee for a good answer because Steve is not professional after all. Now, go out there and find someone or somewhere with a deeper depth in their knowledge of water and drink up their flow of knowledge!

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