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Review on Hip Flexors

Here is Steve’s review on the product Unlock Your Hip Flexors. Unlock Your Hip Flexors is a book about how to keep the muscle, known as the hip flexor, healthy.

First of all, a disclaimer: Steve has not purchased nor read Unlock Your Hip Flexors, hence all opinions are based off of Steve’s first impression of the Unlock Your Hip Flexors advertisement and the provided info on its affiliate page. Basically, this is not Steve’s book review, but Steve’s ad review as an independent affiliate of the product!

Let’s start off with a little general info about the product itself. Unlock Your Hip Flexors can be bought as a book or DVD. When purchasing, there are also other bonuses that you can choose from such as the book The Ultimate 7-Day Anti-Inflammatory Diet or Unlock Your Tight Hamstrings. The product ad claims that Unlock Your Hip Flexors‘s content would help you unlock the ways to build a stronger or healthier hip flexor, allowing you to do better in a lot of aspects. Of course, Steve will be going through a lot of these aspects below, so Steve would not list them here. Well, you know what that means, so let’s skip the rest of the general info and move on to what Steve’s loves to do the most.

Starting with an easy first glance, Steve notices that very thin scroll bar on the side. Uh oh, its an ad with lots of scrolling, and lots of text. Steve is already feeling dizzy and wants to click the close button; however, Steve will read through this just for this review.

The ad begins with the claim that tightened hip flexor is the source of all your problems ranging from trouble sleeping to sexual performance. With a simple Google search, you may notice that there were many claims that tight hip flexors does cause trouble in sleeping. Of course, if you were to pay much closer attention to the search results, you would notice some of them are actually ads for Unlock Your Hip Flexors itself. So, you can’t really claim them to be credible if the true source is one and the same; however, Steve does believe it to be true that tight hip flexors lead to sleeping problems. Steve has sleeping problems and that is probably one factor to blame as Steve always notices that Steve’s waist or hip area always felt like it was in an uncomfortable position while sleeping. Of course, hip flexors is not the only factor as there are always other factors that would affect your sleep ranging from stress to possible health conditions such as pain. Of course, if you’re a heavy sleeper, then your sleeping position doesn’t really matter for you, until when you wake up and feel sore probably. As for the claim for sexual performance, that’s an entirely different stores. Don’t look towards your hip flexors on how to pleasure your partner, go and search online instead.

Then, the ad goes on with lots of details, aka blocks of texts, on what tightened hip flexors can do to you, what health conditions they could cause, and more. Honestly, Steve does believe it is possible for tightened hip flexors to cause these health conditions, but Steve also believe that tightened hip flexors would not be the only cause of these health problems as health problems usually aren’t caused by one singular factor in your life.

Then, the ad claims that it is difficult to diagnose the hip flexors. Alright, you may think the ad is claiming that the doctors can’t help you on this issue, but you are wrong. It’s simply claiming it’s difficult to find out the problem; however, there probably are doctors that can diagnose your hip flexors, not only that, there are plenty of them. Honestly, with new emerging medical technologies, its difficult to even actually fail in diagnosing some problems; however, Steve can’t claim its easy. Steve can only claim that if it was possible for a product, that pretty much requires you to diagnose your own hip flexor, to be able to help you, then the medical field definitely won’t be too far behind. Might as well go see a trustworthy doctor that speaks to you rather then reading blocks of text right?

Then, the ad introduces the one professional that they found as a credible source for their product. Honestly, Steve has never heard of him, but with a simple Google search, it reveals the professional’s background. In Steve’s opinion, a mere Bachelor’s degree in any field is not nearly enough, but work experience may fill that gap. As for whether he is credible or not, Steve would let you decide.

The next section gives a bunch of promotional info to persuade you, including the bonuses you would get and the long list of all the content the book would include. Steve usually would jump in for free bonuses, but in this case, Steve would not because the bonuses are simply two other books that may or may not be just as credible as the product Unlock Your Hip Flexors. Then, if you were to pay close attention to the list of content the book consists of, you would notice that besides a small section of instructions for you on how to unlock your hip flexors, the rest are mostly just bulky filler info, providing the answers to lots of the why, how, and what questions that Steve believes that most probably wouldn’t bother wanting to know. Even if you are one of those that wants to know, Steve believes you can also find answers to those questions online for free, albeit it might be different. Then, there was Steve’s favorite “plus much more” that basically tells Steve there’s even more unnecessary content.

Well, at least the product claims to provide refunds. There are also many testimonials, but as Steve doesn’t know any of those people in the testimonials personally, Steve can’t claim they are credible nor can Steve claim they are not. Then, there’s the FAQ section. Although Steve would simply skip over most of those questions, the question of “why the product was so cheap” really made Steve want to facepalm because honestly, Steve doesn’t believe the product to be cheap at all. Well, at least the ad knows how to use obscure suggestions to its fullest.

That is all Steve has to comment on for the ad for Unlock Your Hip Flexors. As for Steve’s current verdict for this product, it is still being determined with the help of everyone one of you out there. Like always, Steve shall update this post if Steve finds more aspects to criticize. Now go here and pick faults with this product now or try it out … by scrolling all the way down of course~

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