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Tortoise and the Hare Pt 4

Steve’s Parody of The Tortoise and the Hare

Xiao Màn and Xiao Kuài Part 4

It was just like any other day as Xiao Màn got up for work. Dressing in a saggy shirt and an elastic sports pant that was a bit loose, Xiao Màn prepared to jog to work like usual, but Xiao Màn was not prepared for what was to happen next.

After Xiao Màn quickly cooked and enjoyed a delicious breakfast consisting of a fried egg over a bowl of iceberg lettuce salad, Xiao Màn grabbed her keys and headed off to work. Walking out of her house, Xiao Màn locked her doors and prepared to jog off to work; however, she was interrupted by someone calling her name.

“Xiao Màn,” a gentle male voice resounded.

Xiao Màn was confused on who would even know where she lives, let alone a male. Xiao Màn glanced over to see a tall, short-haired male dressed in a casual checkered shirt and slim tight fitting jeans. The man was leaning against a clean white BMW as he gently glanced over at Xiao Màn. Xiao Màn took a glance at his face and saw a very handsome face with a gentle smile; however, Xiao Màn was very confused at the moment. How the heck does this stranger know Xiao Màn?

The man’s eyes seem to sparkle as he began to approach Xiao Màn. When he was a few steps away from Xiao Màn, Xiao Màn snapped out of her daze and asked, “Uh, sir, may I ask who you are?”

The man stopped in his tracks for a bit before realization seem to dawn upon him. He then gave a small chuckle before stating, “Xiao Màn, do you not remember your good friend with the bangs over his face anymore? It’s me, Xiao Zhēnxīn.”

Xiao Màn stared back in shock and realization. No wonder this man knew Xiao Màn. It was because he was Xiao Zhēnxīn, but he changed so much that he was unrecognizable! In her moment of shock over Xiao Zhēnxīn’s change, Xiao Màn didn’t really know how to respond.

“Xiao Màn, I can tell you my story later. But first, come with me, I have something to show you,” Xiao Zhēnxīn calmly said with a gentle smile as he grabbed Xiao Màn’s hand to pull her to his car.

Xiao Màn broke out of her daze at that moment, and remembered that she had to go to work! So, Xiao Màn told Xiao Zhēnxīn, “Xiao Zhēnxīn, we can catch up later. Right now, I need to go to work. Otherwise, my boss would be mad at me.”

Xiao Zhēnxīn chuckled before pulling out a cellphone. While dialing on the cellphone, Xiao Zhēnxīn calmly stating, “Don’t worry about it.”

Xiao Màn was confused as she retorted, “What do you mean don’t worry about it? This job is very important to Xiao Màn-“

“It’s me,” Xiao Zhēnxīn interrupted Xiao Màn by speaking on the phone, “You can tell Xiao Màn yourself.”

Then, Xiao Zhēnxīn handed the phone to Xiao Màn. Xiao Màn took the phone with curiosity and answered it. Xiao Màn realized the one on the other side is her boss, and her boss told her not worry about work. Her boss told her she doesn’t have to come to work anymore if she wants, but she would still get paid her salary. Then, her boss congratulated her before hanging up.

Xiao Màn was utterly confused at this point. Xiao Zhēnxīn took this chance to seat her in his car as he stated, “Come, I will tell you everything afterwards.”

Then Xiao Zhēnxīn drove off into the distance as he told Xiao Màn about his successes from affiliate marketing. After a lot of hard work while studying in school, and even more time investment after graduating, Xiao Zhēnxīn became a successful affiliate marketer, making thousands of dollars per day. As the story went on, before they knew it, the car hhad reached a large gate. The gates opened for Xiao Zhēnxīn’s car as he drove onto a beautiful path filled with flowers. Not long afterwards, Xiao Zhēnxīn parked his car in front of a small mansion before inviting Xiao Màn off the car.

Holding onto Xiao Zhēnxīn’s hand, Xiao Màn was led into the mansion where there were a two ladies waiting right next to a large, shiny box.

“Welcome home Sir Zhen. I presume this lady is the one this dress is for?” one of the ladies said.

After Xiao Zhēnxīn nodded, the two ladies brought the box and led the confused Xiao Màn off to change. Not long afterwards, Xiao Màn came back out dressed in a beautiful, white silky dress. Two small words Xiao Màn was sewed right at the center of the chest of the dress. Xiao Màn was still a bit confused, but couldn’t help but admire the dress. Xiao Màn then glanced over at Xiao Zhēnxīn who was now dressed in a tuxedo while looking at her with a gentle smile.

“Xiao Màn, this is to fulfill my previous promise to you of dressing you in the most beautiful dress. I believe that old promises must be fulfilled before new ones are made,” Xiao Zhēnxīn stated with a smile.

Xiao Màn was shocked, happy, yet at the same time she had some self doubt. Xiao Màn couldn’t help but question, “A-Am I really worthy of this dress? After all, putting it on an ugly, fat girl like me … is it not a waste?”

Xiao Zhēnxīn declared, “Of course you are worthy. Take a look yourself.”

The two females salesman that brought the dress now pushed out a large mirror. Xiao Màn looked into the mirror and noticed a slim, beautiful girl staring back at her. After years of hard work, Xiao Màn had lost most of her fat and the chubbiness that was left was unnoticeable. If anything, it made Xiao Màn look even more cuddly and cute.

“Never doubt yourself again, Xiao Màn. You have always been the most beautiful women in the world to me, and you still are,” Xiao Zhēnxīn drew Xiao Màn’s attention with his speech as he approached Xiao Màn.

Then, Xiao Zhēnxīn reached into his pockets while kneeling down on one knee. Xiao Zhēnxīn then pulled out a tiny box before opening it, revealing a diamond ring.

“Xiao Màn, if you are willing, I, Xiao Zhēnxīn, promise to take care of you for the rest of my life.”

Years later at a general hospital, Xiao Zhēnxīn brought Xiao Màn for a health checkup for the new life in Xiao Màn’s belly. As Xiao Zhēnxīn and Xiao Màn were waiting for their turn, Xiao Màn noticed a thin, sickly looking women who seemed very familiar sitting near them. Xiao Màn couldn’t help but call out, “Xiao Kuài?”

The sickly, weak women looked over in confusion. Xiao Màn then got up as she strolled over while gently grabbing the sickly women’s hands, “X-Xiao Kuài, it’s me, Xiao Màn. W-What happened to you?”

The sickly, thin women stared at Xiao Màn in confusion for a bit before seemingly recalling who she was. She then gently smiled as she replied, “Ah, Xiao Màn, it’s been a while, high school was it? Don’t worry about me Xiao Màn, it’s just some lasting side effects from the many drugs I consumed back then when I tried to lose weight.”

Xiao Màn looked over at Xiao Kuài pitifully as she felt a pang of sadness inside that her bestie had ended up in this condition. Xiao Màn couldn’t help but think that if she had encouraged her bestie to work hard to lose weight like she did herself, her bestie would not have ended up in this situation.

Noticing Xiao Màn’s sad face, Xiao Kuài chuckled as she waved her hands, “Let’s just let the past be the past. Don’t be sad over my mistake Xiao Màn. Rather than that you should be happy. Xiao Màn congratulations. It seems you are about to start a family.”

Hearing that, a gentle smile surfaced on Xiao Màn’s face as she gently rubbed her bulging belly as she nodded. Xiao Kuài also smiled back as if they were still the besties from before. Not long after, Xiao Zhēnxīn walked up and held Xiao Màn’s hand as he said, “Done catching up with your friend? It’s our turn to go in now.”

Xiao Màn nodded in response as she bid Xiao Kuài farewell. With that, Xiao Màn headed off to live her happy, healthy life with Xiao Zhēnxīn and their soon to be born child. As for Xiao Kuài, she could only stare at their backs in loneliness as she coughed a couple times, wondering if there would ever be a chance to meet Xiao Màn again, to catch up to Xiao Màn again.

Alas, Xiao Màn and Xiao Kuài’s story had reached its finish line long ago, but Xiao Kuài simply couldn’t keep up in the end. There may be medicine for losing weight, but there was no medicine for regret.

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