Tortoise and the Hare Pt 1

Steve’s Parody of The Tortoise and the Hare

Xiao Màn and Xiao Kuài Part 1

Note: All characters, events, and spoken words in this story are fictional, and is not meant to target any specific audience. Feel free to stop reading at anytime and read at your own risk.

There once were two besties named Xiao Kuài and Xiao Màn. It is a surprising fact that these two were besties because they came from very different walks of life.

Xiao Kuài was born in a rich family, and she had everything she could wish for ever since she was young. Her parents were owners of a multitude of companies and usually don’t have time to accompany her; however, they would spoil her by giving her all the money she needs while telling her that they would accompany her when they have time. Her motto is “Time is not an issue as long as it can be solved by money.”

Xiao Kuài’s parents worried that Xiao Kuài would be kidnapped and used as a blackmail material towards them. Hence, they usually did not let Xiao Kuài go out to eat anywhere. Xiao Kuài’s parents were also afraid of poison from outside food sources, so they did not allow Xiao Kuài to order food either. Instead, Xiao Kuài’s parents provided Xiao Kuài with a personal cook, and Xiao Kuài put that cook to use in order to fulfill her sweet tooth. Ever since she was young, Xiao Kuài has been eating sweets ranging from pastries to candies to ice cream. Although the chef wanted her to eat healthier, alas after Xiao Kuài made a complaint to her parents, the chef never commented again in fear of losing her job.

On the other hand, Xiao Màn was born in a middle class family. Although her parents were not debt ridden, they still have to save every penny they could get in order to pay bills. Her father works at a construction company while her mother works as a cashier at a grocery market. Usually they are not home to take care of Xiao Màn due to their work; however, they did their best to stock up on all sorts of snacks, ramen, and microwaveable dinners for Xiao Màn ever since Xiao Màn was young. Although Xiao Màn could have learned to cook, but there was no one to teach her nor did she have an affordable device that she could use to connect to the internet to learn while at home.

Hence, Xiao Màn could at most learn to cook by dabbling here or there. Xiao Màn’s parents were worried that Xiao Màn would set the house on fire, hence they placed restrictions on what she could do while telling her, “It’s fine to learn slowly, the slow and steady way is the right way to go.” Xiao Màn believed they were right, and stalled her cooking endeavors as she practiced by enhancing the flavor of her snacks, ramen, and microwaveable dinners. Eventually, Xiao Màn was even praised by her parents for making delicious junk food while lessening the restrictions on her cooking endeavors, hence Xiao Màn happily believed that “The slow and steady way is the right way to go.” Of course, as Xiao Màn got used to eating junk food, Xiao Màn decided to continue with her cooking endeavors with junk food.

As fate would have it, or should one say as predicted, both Xiao Kuài and Xiao Màn grew up to be cute and chubby. Maybe a little bit too chubby, enough for the other kids to make fun of them and call them fat once they began to attend school. Although they had thoughts of quitting their bad unhealthy habits, after meeting one another, they realized they had a compatriot. So, the two became friends, and at the same time they began to introduce to each other to each of their own unhealthy side of life.

Hence began to share their interest, with Xiao Kuài sharing her sweets with Xiao Màn, and Xiao Màn sharing her junk food with Xiao Kuài. Although Xiao Kuài’s parents had worries at first, but with Xiao Màn trying the junk food first before sharing them to Xiao Kuài, Xiao Kuài’s parents had no worry about poisoned food. Hence, they went to mind their own businesses and left the two unlikely friends up to their own food choices.

Years and years passed. Both Xiao Kuài and Xiao Màn grew up to be young, unhealthy women. With an average BMI of above 30, the two women were constantly mocked at school; however, with each other’s company, they had no fear. After all, the mocking only ended as mocking and never went to the step of bullying due to the other teens fearing Xiao Kuài’s rich parents. Also, since Xiao Kuài and Xiao Màn were pretty much always together, there were no chances. Of course, any bullies would only feel like they were punching a pillow in the first place if they had ever tried. After all, with the many layers of fat that made them look like a round ball, both Xiao Kuài and Xiao Màn would only feel a tickle at most.

The sweet lives of Xiao Kuài and Xiao Màn continued all the way until they entered high school. It was still the same as usual until they hit their senior year of high school, where spring began to blossom in the air. A new handsome male transfer student, Xiao Shuài, transferred into their class. Most of the girls in the class were in frenzy as they fell in love with Xiao Shuài. Xiao Kuài and Xiao Màn were included in this group of girls. For weeks after, although many girls asked Xiao Shuài out, he politely rejected them. Noticing that he was still single, Xiao Kuài and Xiao Màn couldn’t help but want to go try their luck as well.

In the end, Xiao Kuài and Xiao Màn both made the conviction secretly to confess to Xiao Shuài. Coincidentally, it was on the same day. Alas, Xiao Kuài was one step ahead of Xiao Màn in reaching the boy as Xiao Màn decided to write a confession letter instead of being verbal, leaving Xiao Màn to pitifully watch in a hidden corner.

“P-P-Please go out with me!” Xiao Kuài squeaked.

Xiao Shuài glances around the area, noticing no one besides a chubby shadow, he smirks.

“No. I would never go out with someone as fat as you two, so fat you can’t even hide properly,” Xiao Shuài stated in disdain before walking away with a laugh.

Both Xiao Kuài and Xiao Màn froze in shock as they awoke from their happy-go-lucky life of being however they like. Not long after, Xiao Kuài turned over to see a chubby shadow in a corner. Xiao Kuài’s eyes teared up in embarrassment as she realized her best friend saw her failed confession.

“W-What are you doing here Xiao Màn?” Xiao Kuài growled.

“I-I was-” Xiao Màn stuttered as her hands shook, dropping her confession letter that she wrote.

Seeing the letter with hearts drawn all over it, Xiao Kuài realized that her best friend also had the same target. In a fit of anger, Xiao Kuài couldn’t help but say, “Xiao Shuài will never like someone as fat as you!”

Xiao Màn was hurt, but she eventually found the courage to retort, “Y-You are fat too, a-at least I can cook for Xiao Shuài-“

“So what if I’m fat?! I-I will lose all these weight in no time! Then Xiao Shuài will like me!” Xiao Kuài hollered back.

“I-I can lose weight, too!” Xiao Màn retorted.

“Hah! But I will lose weight faster! Just you watch Xiao Màn!” Xiao Kuài declared.

Then, Xiao Kuài bumbled away while growling, “I-I will succeed in getting what I want! Xiao Màn, you will not take him away from me!”

Xiao Kuài left, leaving Xiao Màn alone. Although tears leaked down their eyes, their goal has been set, their rivalry has begun, and there was no turning back.


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One thought on “Tortoise and the Hare Pt 1

  1. I didn’t have any expectations regarding that name, but then the more I was amazed.
    The author did a great job, he informed me about the writer that wrote this I spent a couple of
    minutes reading and assessing the facts. Everything is very clear and
    understandable. I enjoy posts that fill in your knowledge gaps.

    This one is of that kind. Moreover, I like how the author organized
    his thoughts as well as the visual part.


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