External Stories

Steve’s External Stories

This page is Steve’s compilation of stories outside of this site. Feel free to check out Steve’s stories, novels, and writing that Steve posts elsewhere.

Disclaimer: Please do note that Steve’s stories on this page may not be health related. Some stories may even cause health concerns due to laughing too much or other issues. Please proceed at your own risk.

This is Steve’s first novel. Although it has a fair amount of hate towards it, Steve can’t help but post it here because it was Steve’s cherished first novel. Memories you know, Steve can’t resist. You can read it for free on Webnovel or over at the SPA Page on this blog.

Steve’s Reddit

You can check out Steve’s Reddit here, where you can find a multitude of posts by Steve, including (but not limited to) writing prompts which Steve have made up stories for.

Steve’s Youtube

Looking for videos to watch? Maybe you are looking for the audio book version of the short stories? Well, you can head over to Steve’s Youtube channel to see if you can find what you are looking for! Audio books of Steve’s stories will be gradually released over time once Steve has the time to create them! You can also find short clips on Steve’s blog posts~

That is all the external writing content Steve has to share for now. Stay tuned for more content if you enjoy Steve’s work as Steve will update this page with more links once Steve writes more external works. Feel free to go criticize, trash talk, etc. on Steve’s works. Even if you do your worst, Steve will continue to write, so no worries!

Published by Credible Steve

Just another Steve reviewing products, but is this Steve credible? That's for you to find out~

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