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Top 5 Worst Ways To Gain Weight

Steve’s Top 5 Worst Ways to Gain Weight

The “do not do” side of the scale keeps gaining weight.

— Steve

Ohoh, are you one of those who seek to gain weight instead of losing it? Or are you one who came to mock this page and laugh at the fact that there are actually people who want to gain weight? Well, Steve can tell you there are people who need to gain weight. Obesity or being overweight was an issue that had drawn major attention through many medias for causing health issues; however, Steve must tell you, being underweight may have causes for health concerns as well.

Although some may think that being underweight is no issue, it usually holds true, at least for what people commonly label as “underweight” or simply a couple pounds under their “normal” weight. However, you can’t simply ignore all the people who are truly underweight due to various reasons, and they actually do need help. Think about all those malnourished children who are most definitely underweight, or those living with incurable disease.

With a simple Google search from Steve, Steve found the NHS page that spoke about the health concerns of being underweight, which include nutritional deficiencies, weakened immune system, and fertility problems. Although Steve wants to drone on about the concerns of being underweight, that is not what Steve is here to do. You can simply find out about those concerns with a simple search online, or by going to this NHS page.

Although there are probably many ways to gain weight, what Steve is here to do is to tell you about Steve’s worst ways of gaining weight. Yes, that’s right, the worst ways Steve can think of or basically the ways you probably don’t want to try excessively. These are the ones that are simply common sense to not try or the ones that would lead to health concerns. Of course, even though Steve will list many, the list still would only consist of Steve’s top 5 and not all the worst ways.

Before Steve begins, let Steve drop a disclaimer. Steve is not a medical professional in any way. Steve is just like every normal person out there, and Steve’s list was made using Steve’s common sense. The most important part of this message is: don’t try these at home (or anywhere as a matter of fact) to prove them right or wrong.

Hence, without further suspense, let Steve’s top 5 list of the worst ways to gain weight commence.

1. Using External Objects

So, you feel light so you decide to wear that heavy jacket or maybe those weighted boots? Or did you go into your garden to find some rocks to stuff in your pockets? Well, no matter what external object you decided to use to increase your weight, Steve just wants to ask, what are you doing? If it’s for fashion or training purposes, Steve shall have no comment; however, it you are doing it because you are mocked for being underweight, this “fake weight” gaining strategy is a no go. Besides maybe boosting your confidence in being closer to normal weight, this is basically just sweeping the true problem under the rug. You didn’t gain any true weight, you are only carrying heavy objects that make it much harder to walk around in. Of course if you only wanted that sense of security with extra weight because you’re afraid you will get blown away by the heavy winds, then Steve has nothing to say.

2. Eating Fast Food

You heard that eating fast food is unhealthy and would cause you to gain weight? Well, Steve is not sure which part of that sentence you paid attention to, but Steve definitely paid attention to the unhealthy part. You still want to ignore the unhealthy part and believe this is a good way to gain weight? Well, have you every searched online about what happens if you eat fast food over a long period of time? Even better yet, have you watched Super Size Me? You will definitely see weight gain by eating fast food constantly, but that weight would be very unhealthy fats that would not only be hard to lose (if you ever decide to), it would most likely harm your health in the long term. You can read more about the some of the effects of fast food over at healthline. Steve does love fast food and can’t stop eating it, but Steve would never use it to fulfill Steve’s goal of gaining weight.

3. Eating Snacks Irregularly

For many, snacks are delicious. Not only that, they are usually easy to access at irregular times such as late at night, or maybe between meals. Even Steve can’t help but munch on snacks. Of course, when snacking, everyone has his or her own particular snack list. Some may choose those delicious, unhealthy snacks, like a bag of hot,spicy chips, while others may choose the healthier options like yogurt. Better yet, you may have heard that adding too much calories by snacking may actually lead to weight gain! Bullseyes! It seems you do have a knack for finding weight gain options! Snacking is an awesome way to gain weight by putting on those extra calories; however, it is also an awesome way of picking up the bad habit of irregular snacking or snacking whenever you are hungry. Is this bad? Steve doesn’t really believe so when you are still eating that delicious snack; however, once you decide to quit your snacking endeavors, you may realize that you now have that constant hunger that simply keeps constantly coming back and bothering you. If you could resist this hungry sensation, then good for you; however, if you can’t, then you have just ended up in the cycle of snacking till you get fat. It would be even worst when you want to get rid of it, and nothing seems to work causing you to have to find paid solutions like Leptitox. Honestly, Steve believes you would have been better off not snacking in the first place, as at least you would save more money that way.

4. Overeating

Need weight that doesn’t come from external objects? Well, why not put those external objects inside your body and let them now become internal objects! Ingenious! So, does that mean that if you want more weight, all you need to do is put more food into your stomach? It’s true! It works; however with a lot of strings called side effects attached. You can read about some common side effects here at TimberLine Knolls. Although eating more could increase your weight, eating too much is bad for your digestive system and your mentality. What happens if it became a habit to eat more and you can’t stop? Haven’t you heard of the stories of malnourished individuals dying from overeating in their first meal after a long time? Steve believes a gradual, yet relatively small increase in consumption of healthy food during meal times is fine, but there should be a limit as your body can only hold so much. Of course, eating more when you are famished from burning calories after exercising is another story; however, in that case, Steve believes that drinking water would help more in quenching your hunger then eating more.

5. Consuming Products You Are Allergic To

Did you read about those products that can help you safely gain weight? Adding milk to your daily diet, eat more protein, nut butters, etc. are some options listed on healthline. However, before you actually try this out, please be clear of what you are allergic to. Consuming products that you are allergic to in order to gain some weight is definitely not the smartest choice you could make, especially if you have a severe reaction to the product. Don’t put your life at risk just for some extra pounds. Well, Steve is pretty sure some won’t mind putting their life at risk if those extra pounds were British pounds. Maybe a whole stack of it can move Steve as well. Steve has no control on how you use your life, but please do go consult a doctor first if you ever consider eating products you are allergic to. Steve just hopes you don’t end up having to see a psychiatrist or psychologist.

That is all for Steve’s top 5 worst ways to gain weight. As always, if Steve thinks up of more to add to this list, Steve will update it! If you have any questions, suggestions, or disagreements, feel free to comment below or you can contact Steve through the contacts page; however, there is no guarantee for a good answer because Steve is not professional after all. Now, go out there and find someone or somewhere with more weight to their credibility to gain your weight gain opinions!

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