Midas Touch Part 2

Xiao Wáng Touch Part 2 Xiao Wáng then made the decision to not let this gold mine run away. Hence, Xiao Wáng began to court the village lady. Honestly, the village lady was a fairly decent beauty, and she was only one year younger than Xiao Wáng. With her simple mindset that still hasn’t metContinue reading “Midas Touch Part 2”

Midas Touch Part 1

Xiao Wáng Touch Part 1 Note: All characters, events, and spoken words in this story are fictional, and is not meant to target any specific audience. Feel free to stop reading at anytime and read at your own risk. There once was a rich man named Xiao Wáng. Like many other rich men, Xiao WángContinue reading “Midas Touch Part 1”

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