SPA Chapter 113

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 113

Chapter 113: Arrival

My conciousness gradually recovered as I spat out mouthfuls of water. As I thought, Mr. Aura will not let me die so easily. I opened my eyes to be greeted by Ling’er doing a dance as stream of water floated around her. Eh … water bending?!

With a swoosh, Ling’er directed the water and sent it flying out of the ship. I could only stare in shock as I could not help but wonder if I had transmigrated to a certain element bending world. As if noticing my curiousity, Ling’er calmly stated, “It’s a basic water controlling technique that serves as the foundation for the Hua Family’s plant control. After all, plants can’t thrive without water.”

I nodded in understanding. Earth plus water makes plants, just like a certain ability called Mokuton.

“Brat, aren’t you a fortunate one. Humph,” the old grandpa said with sarcasm, “Be glad that I finally fixed the array. Now that we are in the air again, those pesky fish will no longer be able to bother us. Our journey should be smooth sailing until-“


A thunderous clap of lightning struck the barrier of the ship accompanied by a blinding flash of light. The sky quickly darkened as storm clouds swiftly gathered above us. Heavy rain began to pelt the barrier as strong wind began to blow the flying ship off course as it swayed all over. Oi, this old grandpa’s words can’t be a jinx right?

Fortunately, the barrier managed to withstand the lightning, but it was just the beginning as more lightning fell upon the barrier as time passed. The old grandpa humped in dissatisfaction as he stated, “It seems like I will have to manually steer the ship out of this storm. Don’t worry, with my expertise and the ship’s speed, we will get out of this storm soon.”

Even though I wanted to rebuke, a dizziness hit me as a familiar notification popped up in my face to taunt me instead.

[Host has acquired {Seasickness} condition.]
[Host has gained progress in {Seasickness Resistance} ability.]

My face paled as I really hoped that this grandpa will get us out soon. Hence, the storm followed us for most of the journey as the level for my {Seasickness Resistance} skill rose to level 5. My {Basic Qing Gong} skill also miraculously rose by a level even though I didn’t practice it. It seems being in a swaying environment helps with the progress of the {Basic Qing Gong} skill.

Eventually the storm faded away after about a week of sailing and I gradually felt better. Ling’er helped the queasy me onto the deck of the ship fora breathe of fresh air. As I glanced outside the barrier, I noticed an enormous landmass in the near distance. It was so enormous that my eyes couldn’t see the ends of it, yet just the scene in front of me had me shocked. The large landmass was decorated with a variety of enormous, colorful plant life that could be seen from a distance. There were beautiful waterfalls that cascaded off the side of the landmass as colorful glows of aura acted as a shade to the landmass in the air. However, what was truly shocking was that the entire landmass was floating in the air.

“Welcome to the Shen Ren Continent, the heavenly continent in the sky,” the old grandpa’s voice came from the side as he strolled up next to us.

We have finally arrived at the continent where my time to shine will come. Face-slapping arrogant young masters, taking the treasures from others in secret realms, cultivating to the pinnacle and crushing all my enemies … all of these are waiting for yours truly, the Pro not antagonist!

But before we can have any of that … we have to face the most fearsome enemy to all, our own patience. Why? Well, that’s because we are currently stuck sitting on our butts on our ship that is now sitting in the water between many other ships. Due to the delay caused by the storm, there’s currently a long line of ships in front of us all waiting to enter the continent. Even though the old grandpa was from the Shen Ren continent, he will still need to wait in the inspection line as he is trying to get us registered, just like the many other ships that have arrived earlier than us.

As for the I have status and I simply need to show a plaque to bring them in b*llsh*t? Yea, none of that here. Although there may be corruption, cliche, and typical drama inside the continent, the border inspection is extremely strict even to ones who are residents of the continent. If you are guessing that it is because they want to restrict the ones entering the continent to be geniuses or whatnot, then you are wrong. The old grandpas stated that the true reason is that they enforce strict inspection because they don’t want anyone from the continent itself to smuggle themselves out. Apparently, this was due to the past event where a certain family of a prophecy child managed to escape complete destruction which ended up with the prophecy child being born. Uh huh, I wonder who that could be.

Although there were many docking points scattered across the continent, they were all still packed with ships. Unlike our ship, most of the ships were required to be hauled up manually to the docking area of the floating continent. Then, there’s the fact that there were many ships of different clans which hold crowds of migrating people unlike us, and the number of members in each clan was outrageous. Due to these clan heads popping out kids left and right indiscriminately, the consequence was long wait lines. It took almost one god d*mn week of waiting before it was finally our turn to get inspected.

After we disembarked from the ship, the old grandpa put away the ship before a soldier wearing a helmet pointed us over to the inspection area. I stared queerly at the combat helmet that the soldier wore as the old grandpa told us that it was a treasure manufactured from an artifact blueprint found in a secret realm. No matter how I looked at it, that helmet looked like a modern warfare combat helmet and that uniform is a typical Desert Camouflage uniform. Did I just go back to modern time?!

However, after we reached the inspection area, my doubts were shoved away. The workers there were dressed in the typical Xianxia cultivation robes. Uh huh, it must be a coincidence that the artifacts looked like modern warfare combat uniforms. One of the workers directed us over to one of the many tables with a man sitting behind it. The man penned down our names with brush and ink onto a bamboo scroll, handed us a wooden plaque that served as a lame excuse for an identity card, took some payment from the old grandpa, and then shooed us away.

Honestly, it was rather underwhelming. There wasn’t even a hitch in the process. No arrogant young masters popping out to impede our progress. No elder stepping out to stop us because the ones entering here were the same age as the prophecy child. It didn’t even take 10 minutes. I’m surprised Mr. Aura didn’t have anything arranged, but it may be due to the fact that Mr. Aura’s energy was expended making a storm follow us the entire journey.

On the other hand, the inspections that clogged up the time of the workers were the ones where people wanted to leave the continent. There was a long arduous process for them to go through, and even their ships must be checked thoroughly before having some sort of tracker attached to it. Oh man … did I just get caught in some otherworldly, high level multi-level marketing scheme? Welcome to the Shen Ren continent, where getting in is easy, but getting out is hard.

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