SPA Chapter 112

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 112

Chapter 112: Blast Off

More and more cracks formed on the barrier. If this continues for a bit longer, the barrier would break which allow for these two monsters to smash the ship into the sea. Afterwards, they will pull Ling’er off to cultivate! No! I must not let that happen!

Distraction no J*tsu! I spawned an army of clones around. Most of these clones didn’t have much Qi and would probably die from a hit, but they were mostly for distraction. I also spawned a couple that had a fair amount of Qi so that they can be more annoying by using skills. Their job? To draw aggro of course! The clone army began to leave the barrier a couple at a time, using their minor amount of Qi to take a leap of fate towards the two slimy monsters. In the midst of their flight, they did their best in drawing aggro.

“You slimy octopus with eight tentacles! I bet you are so bad at using them that you can’t even satisfy your partner because you don’t have ten tentacles!”

“You have eight arms yet you can’t even beat this young master in pleasing women!”

“You slimy snake, you may have a thick body, but your hemip*n*s is so small and weak!”

“I’m the real pro when it comes to procreating! You’re simply a snake, or charlatan!”

The heavenly music named vulgarities was sung by my clones loud and clear as they latched onto the slimy monsters. At first, there was no reaction as if they two monsters didn’t understand what the clones were saying; however, not long after the second batch took flight, the two monsters became enraged as they began to smash the clones to smoking bits. Of course, there are still more clones waiting in line for their turn to show off their singing. Hence, the monsters forgot to smash the barrier for a while as they dealt with my army of clones.

Once in a while, one clone with more Qi then the rest would constantly hop back and forth between the two monsters, causing them to attack each other. I am so glad that these two monsters have fish brains when enraged. As for how their fish brain could understand my heavenly singing, it might be due to my {Beast Controller} skill conveying the song’s intent; however, it didn’t matter how they actually did as long as they were mad enough to ignore us. They didn’t even notice Ling’er switching out the barrier’s energy stone for a new one. Monster kings of the sea? More like monsters for our chuckling.

Meanwhile, Ling’er stood on the ship as she dealt with the incoming waves made from the two enraged mob as they frantically played smash the mole. On the other hand, I had stood in place for a while, charging up my {Invincible Fist}. Honestly, I can’t think of any other ways to beat these two monsters up because my cultivation is simply too weak. Although my Qi alone was probably not enough to truly create an invincible fist, I had already planned with Ling’er earlier. Hence, once in a while, Ling’er would walk up to me and feed me a pill for recovering Qi. Then, with the extra Qi, I would charge my fist further. I was surprised that the clones last for a long time; however, the heavenly singing eventually came to an end. The two monsters were still alive and fine, albeit a bit bruised from smashing each other. Of course, they are still as enraged as before as they turned their gazes towards our ship.

“SSssss, those annoying pesky b*ssssssst*rdsssss look a lot like that ssssssh*t ssstanding right there!”

“Ke ke ke, they aren’t just alike, but look the exact same! Ke Ke Ke! I don’t mind trying my Hen Taichi on a male candidate! After all, if there’s a hole a hen’s egg can fit through, then Hen Taichi can be used on the target.”

“SSsss, you are correct. The sssame goes for Hen Taikwondo~ Let’ssss get this b*sssst*rd~”

A certain lower hole of mine couldn’t help but shiver and contract in fear as I listened to their conversation; however, I have no fear now as it’s too late for them now! My fist has charged up long enough, so I began to charge some Qi into my legs as I yelled, “You two slimy b*st*rds, eat my fist!”

As if the two monsters could understand my words, they glare at me while their slimy body parts waved in the air, preparing to strike. Suddenly, they heard some voices behind them.

“Over here you blind b*st*rds!”

Out of the void, a couple of my clones that had more Qi stepped out from {Ghost Emperor’s Voyage} as they landed on the backs of the two monsters. Then, they gave each of the monsters a weak twack from their limited charged up Qi.

“Even this fist is stronger than the piercing power of your thrusts at night!”

The heavenly singing began anew as the clones put their hands on their waste as they laughed loudly with no restraints. Then, they hopped off towards the water in an attempt to run away from the ship.

Of course, the two monsters were enraged. The instantly rose all their arms and body parts to smash those clones to a pulp. Of course, they succeeded; however, in order to do so, they had turned away from their main target, me.

While the two monsters turned away to smash my clones, with a light tap, I blasted off from the ship. Like a missile, I zoomed towards my selected target, the one with the big easily target-able body. I raised my fist in front of me as I yelled, “Go practice your Hen Taichi in hell! One Punnnnn!”

Before the giant octopus could turn around to smash me in, my fist had already landed. I felt a slimy, bouncy sensation as my fist sunk in before a large rebound force arose, sending me blasting off into the sky.
I glanced down as I flew upward to see circular waves spread out from where I punched the octopus. The octopus’s flesh were oscillating from one focal point like an earthquake. Not long after, a loud scream of pain resounded.


Then, black ink rapidly turned a large part of the water black as if the octopus had accidentally peed itself from the pain. Then, a large gurgle sound resounded as the octopus contracted on itself as if being sucked into a black hole. Then, with a sploosh, the octopus exploded in chunks of flesh which blasted off in many directions.

The snake stared in shock for a while as if it had never expected that to happen. Then, as if it realized the danger, it quickly dived into the water and zipped off into the distance. Wow, I just beat the bush and scared away the snake! As expected as a Pro like me! Pros don’t need to hold back in fear of scaring away their prey!


I seemed to notice myself tilting downwards all of a sudden as the scenery below seems to zoom closer to me. Oh yea, I was in the air huh? At least, I’ll land in the water right …?
Not. As if Mr. Aura would let me have it that easy! I could clearly see that my current trajectory’s final destination is the ship!

I blasted off pretty far up from the rebound of the punch, and I was surprised I didn’t die from a lack of oxygen or something; however, crashing into the ship might cause a problem as I could already feel the heat flaring up around my body due to the speed I was traveling downwards.

Am I worried about the ship you ask? It has a sturdy barrier, why the hell would I worry about it?! On the other hand, if I smash right into that sturdy barrier, I might turn into meat paste just like that octopus!

As I neared the barrier, I fortunately was able to activate {Ghost Emperor’s Voyage}’s void form right on time, allowing me zoom right through the entire ship with no problem. In the end, I safely zoomed into a fairly deep depth of the water with my void form. Not long after, void form expired as I prepared to swim back up.

As void form gradually faded away, I could feel a cool sensation spreading within my body. It was then that I froze up as my brain short circuited. Then a strong sense of discomfort welled up within my heart and lungs as they seemed to be clogged with fluid.
I realized then that I couldn’t breathe. I tried to breathe instinctively with my mouth, only to feel water coming out of my mouth to mix with the ocean water outside. I could feel my vision beginning to fade away as I lost my strength gradually. I reached out towards the surface with one of my hands in hopes of blasting off from my current spot and reaching it, but I simply no longer had the strength to …sh*t … {Ghost Emperor’s Voyage} might have just turn me into a water ghost emperor …

Then, the pro continued his gradual descent into the lonely depths of the ocean.

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