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Dragon Raja Night Memory Guide

Steve’s Dragon Night Memory Guide

Memory of sleepless nights with this anecdote.

— Steve

Looking for a hidden tale guide? One of the 12 hidden world anecdotes? Well, you are at the right place! Steve chanced upon a gold medal hidden anecdote called the Night Memory!

Although Steve is unsure if you must have a certain amount of points in certain personalities to trigger this quest, Steve has most of Steve’s point in healing. Do note that this quest’s times may be bugged as it uses server time instead of in-game map times (perhaps it will be fixed in future). To trigger this quest, head to Takamagahara and interact with the drink sitting on the bar counter near the waiter (bartender) NPC.

Afterwards, a Takamagahara bartender NPC (not the waiter, this one has quest mark) will spawn nearby. Keep talking to the bartender NPC until you get dialogue options for drinks (choice shouldn’t matter).

Afterwards, go through the dialogues and Officer Watanabe NPC (with quest mark) will spawn nearby. Talk to him and go through the dialogues after which the group will leave.

Now interact with the book on the ground nearby and a mini-game (where you will have to guess the 3 objects and their locations) will pop up. Beat the mini-game to interact with the object to see its content asking for help.

Now go to Tokyo Tower terrace area by heading out the glass doors and going left (near the coordinates 30,115) in the morning (9-12 am) to find Akihiko Nakamura (with a quest mark). Talk to Nakamura and go through the dialogue. Make sure to choose the second choice of “Investigate Hide Nakamura” (as the first choice’s quest is bugged apparently).

Now go to Chizuru and head to the house area facing where the cafe NPC stands (near the coordinates 160,145). There should be some sparks on the ground by the corner of the center house. Interact with it and Nakamura Hidehito NPC will spawn nearby.

Follow the NPC till the end to trigger the next part of the quest. You can use the quest in the quest log to auto-path the next parts of the quest where you will tail Hideo Nakamura. You will eventually get a call from Ake (Akihiko) Nakamura in your quest log. Tap on the quest to start the communication.

You will then have to go to Chizuru house area (near the coordinates 145,135) to investigate at night (past 7 pm). This time the spark is at the corner of the other side of the same house. Nakarmura Hidehito will spawn nearby with a Rampager NPC.

After they run off, Officer Watanabe (with a quest mark) will spawn nearby. Talk to him and you will be brought into a level 1 (beginner) shop look-alike with Jimmy the police officer NPC (with quest mark) nearby. Talk to Jimmy and go through the dialogue.

Afterwards, defeat the mob that spawns (if you don’t see it, you can try killing it with auto). You will then need to collect 3 clues (counter in quest log). Interact with the book on the small round, white table. Then, interact with the book on the ground nearby (by the mirror) and beat the (matching by connecting two tiles) mini-game. Then interact with the magazine stand next to the bench by the door and beat the (draw line) mini-game.

Then, leave through the door and you will be taken back to Chizuru. Go through the dialogue with Akihiko who pops up in the communication interface (if he doesn’t, tap the quest in the quest log). Afterwards, interact with the gate of the nearby house (the house where you found sparks at corner of) to enter Nakamura’s house (detective office look-alike).

Here you will need to collect four clues (counter in quest log). Interact with the computer and beat the (guess the 3 objects) mini-game. Then, interact with book on the table. Then, interact with the book on the ground on top of the rug next to the computer desk. Then, interact with the book on top of the phone booth by the doorway.

Head out the house with the door and you will find Officer Watanabe (with a quest mark) nearby. Talk to him and go through the dialogue. He will the transform into Ichiro Kukubu (with a quest mark). Talk to him and go through the dialogue. You will then be given a choice between stopping and helping him.

Choosing to help him will bring you to a Funfair look-alike (skipping a fight). Talk to Ichiro nearby and follow him until the next dialogue. Then, interact with the ground nearby to set up the scene.

Choosing to stop Ichiro will turn him hostile and you will have to defeat him or wait 3 minutes. Then, you can tap on the quest in the quest log to auto-path to the Funfair look-alike (skipping follow and setting up scene).

Then, talk to Akihiko Nakamura (with quest mark) who spawns nearby and go through the dialogue. Then, talk to Ichiro (with quest mark) and go through the dialogue. Then watch Ichiro kill Akihiko before talking to him again.

Now go back to Nakamura’s house and head over to the building to the left of the house. There will be an interaction symbol by the door. Interact with the door to be brought into basement (a kitchen look-alike) where you will find the real Officer Watanabe on the ground.

Poor bloke is dead as a door nail, but you can pick up the book on the ground nearby to view his will (everything written in books apparently). You will then learn the truth of the case and will have the chance to choose to tell Ichiro the truth or hide the cruel truth (if Eva doesn’t pop up, tap the quest in the quest log).

Choosing to hide the cruel truth will then require you to call the police to arrest Ichiro. Head out the door and use a phone (that allows for free dial like phone booths in Cassell) to call 911 until you get through to the Cassell Emergency Aid Center (Eva popping up). This option may be bugged as sometimes the quest does not complete even if you make the call (you may need to relog to complete the quest).

Choosing to tell the truth will require you to go to Tokyo Tower to find Ichiro (with quest mark) near where you found Akihiko earlier (near the coordinates 30,115). Talk to Ichiro and go through the dialogue.

Either way, head back to Nakamura’s house in Chizuru to complete the anecdote (it should pop up automatically with Eveningdew news unless it’s bugged; if the quest doesn’t auto complete, tap the quest in quest log).

This anecdote was fairly long (annoyingly buggy) and you deserve your gold medal if you arduously completed it. Completing this anecdote will grant you rewards that include but are not limited to 10 anecdote points, a gold anecdote medal, and the title An Insight into Truth.

That is all for Steve’s Dragon Raja Night Memory hidden anecdote guide! As always, if Steve find any ways to enhance the guide, Steve will update it! Also, subscribe and look out for more guides from Steve or head over to the Dragon Raja Corner! If you have any questions, suggestions, or disagreements, feel free to comment below or you can contact Steve through the contacts page; however, there is no guarantee for a good answer because Steve does not know everything about the quest after all. Now, go out there and find that memory!

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