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Perfect World Mobile Archosaur City Hidden Quests

Steve’s Perfect World Mobile Archosaur Hidden Quests Guide

Find the quest of the Archosaurus before others do!

— Steve

Looking for a PWM hidden quest guide? Looking for a list of hidden quests in the Archosaur City map? Well, you are at the right place! Steve has compiled a list of Perfect World Mobile hidden quests that Steve has chanced upon on the Archosaur City map!

Although Steve is unsure if you must meet certain conditions to trigger the quest (besides the fact that you must have the Archosaur City map unlocked after tutorial), Steve has compiled list of where to find the quest starters for the hidden quests. Note that day and night times may vary (depending on server). If you can’t find them, well Steve can only feel sorry for you and wish you luck in the future.

Breaking News

You should be able to find the NPC Drunk Soldier next to a lion soldier in the West Side of the Archosaur City map.

Greet (emote) the Drunk Soldier to trigger the quest. You can pay attention to what General Zephyr says for a later part of the quest or skip through it. Auto-path the quest until you reach the point where you have to find the NPC Trey (the one sending the signal). At this point, you can’t auto-path. You should be able to find Trey the first time standing by a staircase of a building in the area where General Zephyr resides (the building is to the right of General Zephyr if you face him).

After talking to Trey, you will be required to find him again. He is still in the same area, but now he is by a tree on the sides of the same building General Zephyr reside (the side of the building is the left of General Zephyr if you face him).

Talk to Trey again to be brought into a story dungeon. Follow Trey while defeating the mobs that spawn to escape.complete the quest. Auto-path to Trey and talk to Trey again. Then, auto-path to Trey once more and you will be required to answer a question (the answer to this question may be random but you can answer till you get it right).

What was the sentence Zephyr recited before?Only the flowing stream remains and I, all alone.

Afterwards, talk to General Zephyr nearby to complete the quest. Completing the quest will grant you a Steam Herald Shard.

“Detective” First Encounter

You should be able to find the NPC Bolt Celenza by a tree towards in the North Side of the Archosaur City map (towards the middle of the upper part of map, the tree icon).

Greet the NPC Bolt Celenza to trigger the quest. Talk to the archer nearby to get the archer’s confession item. Afterwards, simply interact with all objects of the crime scene nearby (search for clues on dead body, coins on ground). Do note that to search for the next clue, you must turn in the quest for the previous clue (by tapping it on the quest log). Then, answer the 3 questions the detective gives you correctly to complete the quest.

Why is the murder weapon, the Sword, hiltless?The hilt might have been used as an arrow by an Archer to kill the victim.
Why did the coins in the victim’s pocket land at a distance from the body?The coins were already there in the first place. The victim was trying to pick them up.
How are these two factors correlated?The murderer must be an Archer. He took off the hilt of the Sword and fired it like an arrow at the Guard from above while the Guard was bending down to pick up coins.

Then use the crucible to combine the sword and coin items to get the Case Conclusion. Then talk to the NPC to complete the quest. Completing the quest will grant you an Outfit Shard Pack.


You should be able to find Meditator NPCs on top of the wall in the southeast part of the Archosaur City map.

Go between the meditators (where there should be a location marker) and meditate (emote) there to cause the NPC Prophet to spawn with quest mark. Talk to the NPC Prophet (with an quest mark) nearby to trigger the quest.

Now you will need to light up the four warning lights. These four lights can be found on top of the four statues in the nearby area (you should be able to see the four statues on the map). Simply fly to each statue to light it up (there should be a location marker on them and you will only need to fly to get there, you don’t need to interact with it). The path you take should be in the order of bottom right corner, bottom left corner, top left corner, and top right corner. Note that lighting each warning light may grant you an Overhaul Gem.

After lighting the warning lights, go back and talk to the Prophet to complete the quest. Completing the quest will grant you a Gauzy Finch Shard.

Sir Zhuge

You should be able to find the NPC Sir Zhuge on top of the north east corner wall in the West side of Archosaur City map during the night. Talk to Sir Zhuge to trigger the quest.

Keep talking to Sir Zhuge until he gives you the instructions for the formation. Steve is if the order will be randomized, but the order Steve got was the following: Alkaid, Mizar, Alioth, Megrez, Phecda, Merak, and Dubhe. After the formation positions, you will need to connect two stars. Steve is unsure if this part is randomized but Steve got connect the positions of Murak and Dubhe.

Auto-path to the quest area (in the sky) to enter the mini-game dungeon. In this mini-game dungeon, you can auto-path (by tapping on quest in quest log) to each position where you will place the star (or interact with the quest mark). Choose the correct answer for each soul lamp position of the formation as noted above. Do note that the position that you will have to fill in (3 of them) may be randomized, so depending on the positions you get, choose the corresponding answer (if you are unsure what position you are filling in, you can check the stars in the nearby positions). Then, auto-path and activate the Northern Star to complete the dungeon.

Auto-path back to Sir Zhuge and talk to him to complete the quest (note if you don’t see him or can’t auto-path to him, wait till nighttime). Completing the quest will grant you a Forger’s Stone.

Sudden Occurrence

You should be able to find the NPC Anxious Girl near the Southeast corner of Archosaur City (by the Sinless Seeker NPC). Greet (emote) the girl to trigger the quest.

Fly onto the nearby building’s rooftop where the NPC Masked Man is. After talking to the NPC, defeat the NPC in battle. Then, auto-path to the next location (on walls) and defeat the NPC again. Talk to the NPC Carnation afterwards to complete the quest. Completing the quest should grant you a Sacred Book Page.

Underwater Treasure

You should be able to find a Strange Chest underwater in the moat by the upper right statue (upper right corner of the moat area) in the Archosaur City map. “Talk” to the chest (with an exclamation mark) to trigger the quest.

Talk and interact with the chest until the quest tells you to find the two tools needed to open the box. You will need to find the Blacksmith and take the hammer from the furnace (next to NPC Jetson). The Blacksmith can be found by the inner gateway in the West side of Archosaur City near the NPC Jetson.

Next you will need to find the rack of weapons. The rack of weapons can be found on the eastern part of the General’s Mansion by the NPC Loner Ye.

Bring the tools back to open the chest and answer the question.

How would you open this chest?Poke something sharp into the lock and then whack on the rear end of the sharp tool with a hammer.

After opening and interacting with the chest, defeat the Jellyfish (Ditto) mob that spawns. Then, tap the quest on the quest log to complete the quest. Completing the quest will grant you a Gauzy Finch Shard.

Wine Fragrance

You should be able to find the NPC Fragrance of Wine (technically not NPC) by a set of logs outside of the building where the Monster Massacre Envoy NPC Vier resides in the West side of Achosaur City during the day. Talk to the NPC Fragrance of Wine to trigger the quest.

You will then be taken into a mini-game dungeon where you will have to follow the fragrance of the wine. A trail of blue mist should lead you to the next part of the quest (head towards the Monster Massacre Envoy’s building to find start of trail).

Once you reach the end of the trail, you will leave the mini-game dungeon. Talk to NPC Cahar (with a quest mark) nearby to continue with the next part of the quest (walk further inwards if you don’t see the NPC). You will then be required to remember a set of matching pairs (wine and its cup) for a mini-game dungeon (Steve is unsure if this is randomized for each player).

WineNightglow Glass
Pear WineJade Glass
SorghumCopper (Bronze) Goblet
Champion’s WineCeramic Cup

You will then enter a mini-game dungeon where the NPC will call out the name of a cup and you will have to interact with the right wine for it (pay attention to call out below leave dungeon button). Match all the pairs correctly within the time limit to pass the dungeon. If you are having a hard time, Steve is unsure if the order is fixed or randomized, but Steve interacted in this order: Sorghum, Champion’s Wine, Wine, Pear Wine, Champion’s Wine, Pear Wine. Talk to Cahar afterwards to complete the quest. Completing the quest will grant you 2 Mirage Stone.

That is all for Steve’s Perfect World Mobile Archosaur City hidden quest guide! As always, if Steve find any ways to enhance the guide, Steve will update it! Also, subscribe and look out for more guides from Steve’s PWM Corner! If you have any questions, suggestions, or disagreements, feel free to comment below or you can contact Steve through the contacts page; however, there is no guarantee for a good answer because Steve does not know everything about the quest after all. Now, go out there and clear the archosaurus’s quests!

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