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Steve’s Top Search Engine Money Makers

Steve’s Top Search Engine Money Maker List

Do you use search engines a lot? Are you looking for money makers where you can get paid to search? Then you have searched and found the right page! Steve has compiled a list of Steve’s top search engine money makers for you on this page!

There are many available search engines out there and new ones arising from time to time. However, new search engines usually have a hard time squeezing into the competition as bigger and better search engines like Google tend to grab all the traffic. Hence, some search engines decide that they will pay you to use their search engines with points and loyalty programs!

As a disclaimer before Steve starts sharing, none of the money makers shared by Steve are owned by Steve in any way. Some of them Steve serves as an affiliate for, others may not even have a referral program, hence Steve won’t be getting you on Steve’s money making friend list. Also, Steve can not guarantee the quality of the search engines nor the payouts of the search engines if they are dependent on chance.

Additionally, Steve will not be presenting any efficient, good ways of using these money makers, but a general description instead. It’s not that Steve doesn’t want to share how Steve makes money, but it’s a fact that there’s not much you can do besides searching. It’s a search engine after all. Maybe you should search up better ways to make money on the search engine.

Note that this list may contain money makers found elsewhere and still can be updated occasionally as Steve discovers new search engine money makers, so subscribe to stay up to date! Although Steve can not guarantee that these money makers will work for you or that you will like them, Steve hopes that the list will let you be paid to search. Well, without further blabbering, Steve will share Steve’s searching results.

Logo from Swagbucks Site

Here we have Swagbucks. This old timer has been out for a long time and has many options for payouts in addition to many options for earning money. Searching just so happens to be one of them. Swagbucks has its own search engines that you may randomly earn points from just simply by searching on it. Of course, you’ll have to be logged in to earn while searching on their search engine, and installing their search toolbar will earn you more. You can join Swagbucks through Steve’s referral link here.

There are several drawbacks to this search engine. A fairly obvious one is that it requires luck as the rewards are based on chance. Even so, you might only be able to earn a limited amount of Swagbucks off of searching every day. Also, the amount of points earned is very low unless you are extremely lucky on every single search that you “win” on. The search toolbar also doesn’t increase your chances of winning as in the end it is still based on luck. Additionally, it will cost more points to redeem rewards if you redeem for smaller rewards.

Logo from Bing Wikipedia Page Site

Here we have Bing. Bing is a search engine by Microsoft and it has a rewards program that is still ongoing. It has become a popular search engine to use maybe due to its reward program and there are multiple ways to earn in the program as well (read about it here). Besides the browser search engine, there is also the toolbar and app that you can use to earn together. This search engine is also not reliant on luck as you will get paid for every couple of search. There used to be a referral program for Bing, but it no has already ended once the engine became popular enough.

As for the downsides to Bing, it has a low payout rate for searches and it may have dropped even lower after Bing inflated its points. Also, there is a limited amount of points you can earn from searching every day. Although there are other options to earn, they also have a low payout rate in addition to a fairly low amount of options. Also, the payout options are also rather limited to Microsoft products, charity, or a limited selection of gift cards. There is also a loyalty program that requires you search daily on the search engine in order to keep reward redemption points low or at a good ratio.

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