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SPA Chapter 65

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 65

Chapter 65: Cliche Rolling Ball

Eeeek! I sprinted at my fastest pace in the other direction as a constant stinging pain from the arrow wound annoyed me, but I treated it as a whip to go faster. The Fatty was slowly catching up to me while screaming in fear. When he neared me, he tried to persuade me.

“B-Bro! G-go and stop that ball! I’m sure you can do it! I’ve never seen anyone as strong and handsome as you!” the Fatty flattered, but I did not fall for it.

Did he think I was Superman?! F**k! I don’t have the energy to respond though as I had to focus all my energy in running.

“B-bro! Answer me! I-I can’t keep going on! I don’t have enough energy!” the Fatty hollered as he began to slow down.

It was then that I noticed that the Fatty was breaking out in sweat all over. It seemed that his speed came at the great cost of energy, and he had to use a lot of supplements in order to keep at it. Unfortunately, I already “borrowed” all of those supplements, which caused me to feel a bit guilty. Hence, I knew I had to think up something because I knew I couldn’t keep it up either. Then, it hit me. I was so stupid, why am I running from this ball. I have {Ghost Emperor’s Voyage}’s void form. This cliche running from the rolling ball should not happen to me!

“I’ve got it Fatty! Hold on to me and trust me! Don’t let go no matter what!” I hollered while grabbing him.

Although he looked a bit perplexed as he hadn’t seen me using the void form before, he still stopped in place looking at me with hope. I stared at the ball that was closing the distance very quickly. I waited until it was seconds away before I instantly activated {Ghost Emperor’s Voyage} and void form. Both the Fatty and I phased out, letting the ball roll right through us. Not long after, we phased back in. Then, we stared at the ball that was still rolling down the tunnel before we both laughed out loud for surviving the ordeal. I happily deactivated {Ghost Emperor’s Voyage} and chided myself for being such a genius.

“Hahaha! Fatty, did you see that? That is how a real man does it! Traps are nothing to this trap master here!” I bragged to Fatty.

“Hahaha! I knew you could do it Bro! See? This Fatty is a genius for helping you come up with such a great idea!” the Fatty responded.

Oi! When did you help me come up with the idea?! Could you not be so shameless? Urgg, whatever, at least we escaped.

“So what do we do now?” I asked the Fatty.

“Errrr, don’t know Bro. I guess we can just walk and find a way out,” the Fatty responded with a depressed voice.

I nodded in agreement and we began to head down the tunnel away from the side that the ball rolled, for safety because it’s always better to be away from that ball. We slowly walked down the tunnel while I reminded the Fatty to be careful of traps. We didn’t really have any way to detect them, so every time we accidentally activated any, I would have to enter void form with the Fatty. We also chatted more with each, with me asking about the Central Continent.

Apparently, I wasn’t that far from it as the forest was a part of the Central Continent, just that I was lost in the forest and never actually made it to the sides. The Fatty agreed to bring me out when we escape from theses tunnels, for a fee of course. Of course, I also denied to return the stuff I “borrowed” because I saved his life from traps many times over, and the Fatty could only grumble about it. Eventually, we reached a part of the tunnel that started heading downwards. I had bad vibes just because it was the perfect spot for a certain rolling ball, but I wasn’t afraid of it anymore since I knew that I could easily dodge it. Not long after, we noticed in the distance that there was some sort of large doorway.

“That looks like the way out. Finally, we can leave this dark god forsaken tunnel,” I said cheerfully.

“Hahahaha! This righteous young master can finally go home and enjoy my time at Spring’s Night! Xiao Cui, Xiao Jiu! Wait for me!” the Fatty giggled with a villainous grin as his strides quicken.

“Pei, you f**king pervert! How were you even raised to be calling yourself righteous?” I retorted.

“F**k you! You’re the pervert! Your father’s the pervert! This handsome young master is the envy of many. Righteous, honest, lovable…” the Fatty continued to ramble, but we both suddenly froze as a familiar, nasty sound resounded in our years.

We slowly turned around to be met with a black ball in the distance, quickly rolling down the slope.

“Heh, this again?” I smirked as I mocked the rolling ball trap.

“Hahaha, we have nothing to be afraid of. Bro, let’s just wait for it to get here and let it roll pass so that we don’t have to break a sweat to get to the door. It’s still a bit far,” the Fatty suggested.

I nodded in agreement as I held on to the Fatty who had turned around as he trusted my judgement, leaving all the timing to me. I waited until the ball closed the distance before I activated {Ghost Emperor’s Voyage}’s void form once again, letting the ball go right through us. I can hear it rolling away in the background as I deactivated {Ghost Emperor’s Voyage}.

“Heh, lame traps like this won’t work on the Pro trap master me, ever,” I boasted to the Fatty, but as I waited for his retort, all I was met with was silence.

I thought it was queer and looked over at the Fatty. The Fatty’s face was contorted in an ugly expression as he stared in fear at the direction that the ball rolled in. I slowly cranked my head over at that direction with a bad feeling. Then, I saw the ball alright. Except, now it had stopped in place, defying the law that is known as an object in motion. Then, what seemed to be eyes and a mouth formed on the ball as it looked in our direction, sending shivers down my spine. Then, it sprouted a nasty grin before its face faded away. Then, the ball began to roll back uphill, towards our direction.

Oh are you f**king kidding me?! How the f**k is that physically possible? Just the fact it is rolling uphill, albeit a bit slower than downhill was questionable, however, it was also a f**king living ball! Not only could it kill women like the other type of living balls, but it could kill us too!

I could only curse at the Qidian gods as I desperately began to run in the other direction with the Fatty on instinct. Surprisingly, our uphill climbing speed did not outpace the ball as it slowly caught up to us while we could only flee in horror. How the hell do we even fight that? Mr.Aura, can you not f**king throw nonsense, such as this, into the story just to kill me?!

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