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SPA Chapter 64

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 64

Chapter 64: Thing of the Past

I instantly activated {Ghost Emperor’s Voyage} and void form, phasing out to avoid the arrows. I hurriedly backed away from my current location, to where the Fatty was standing with a gaping mouth, before void form ended. Then, I watched the arrows rain down for more than thirty seconds while landing and bouncing around on the ground as they could not pierce through the metallic ground.

When I finally had a chance for a breather, I finally felt pain from the arrow that pierced me. Even though I had {Indestructible Body}, it still pierced through me, yet it didn’t pierce through the floor. Although I was surprised, I had no time to worry about that as I needed to get the arrow out fast. It was a bit difficult to pull it out by myself, unlike how those heroes do it in movies. Especially since I only had one arm that pretty much went numb due to pain from the arrow, I couldn’t really pull it out myself. Hence, I could only look to the Fatty for help.

“Errr … Fatty, do you mind helping a bit over here?” I asked the Fatty while directing my eyesight at the arrow.

“Hahaha! Why should I help you? This is what is known as retribution! You deserve it for daring to take this young master’s treasures! Now return my stuff before this young master truly gets mad. At that point, I’ll … you’ll see what’s coming when it comes!” the Fatty retorted brightly with a cheeky grin that caused his face to jiggle.

The fata**’s ugly face made me want to cave it in. The pain from the arrow didn’t help either as it simply enhanced my anger because my mind can’t help but declare that all of this was this Fatty’s fault. So, I pulled out my sword in my numb hand, but when I stepped forward with a contorted face of anger, the Fatty instantly dashed backwards, all the way into the pile of arrows.

“T-that, d-don’t think I’m afraid of you! Real men don’t resort to violence! W-we can talk it out! I-I saved your life, so you shouldn’t be this ungrateful right?!” the Fatty hollered while glancing at my sword.

My head cleared a bit with his declaration, so I could only put away my sword with a huff. Now, I had to think about how to pull this arrow out. Although arrows are powerful, they are a weapon of the past that shouldn’t stop this modern protagonist from pulling it out; however, before I could even start to think of ideas, the arrow began to glow a whitish color and I could feel a searing hot pain in my flesh. Oi. That doesn’t follow the script of how an arrow works! Then, before I could react-


I was knocked to the ground as the arrow exploded. I felt searing pain as a part of my flesh was burnt thoroughly. Fortunately, the explosion wasn’t big enough to damage my organs as my {Invincible Body} blocked out some damage. Also, my regeneration slowly recovered the injury. Another plus was that I don’t have to think about how to get the arrow out.

I slowly sat up to a sight of a frozen Fatty in the midst of piles of glowing arrow. Although one arrow’s explosion might not be a lot, but I can’t have any guarantees for piles of them. It’s like if you stack enough TNT in Minecraft, the resulting damage would be crazy.

(A/N: I don’t own Minecraft or any related content!)

So, I could only wake up the idiotic Fatty with a yell, “RUN!”

With the Fatty’s speed, there should be no danger of him dying from this. I watched as the Fatty zoomed away as the explosion was set off. Although the explosion didn’t reach far, but a cloud of black soot quickly dashed out, blinding me from seeing for a bit. Then, I heard some vacuum like noise before the soot gradually vanished, leaving a bit of residues on the ground.

When I reopened my eyes, I sighed in relief when I noticed that I was fine, albeit covered in black soot. I looked over to the side where a large lump of black meat stood. Yup, the Fatty’s okay.

“Ahahaha! Trying to assassinate this young master?! In your dreams! This young master’s a trap master, dodging traps is this young master’s forte!” the Fatty boasted cheerfully while dancing in joy as if he’s the main character of this world.

“Oi, Fatty, quit being shameless. Be happy that you even actually got out unscathed because you can’t always rely on your speed to get out unsc-” I retorted in attempt to shut up the Fatty’s annoying voice, but my speech froze when the Fatty showed me his backside when he was dancing.

There, I noticed that there was a yellowish flame slowly burning on his buttocks, and it was actually spreading pretty quickly. I guess he didn’t escape unscathed. Although I wanted to laugh, I knew I had to warn him sooner or later, but before I could, the Fatty suddenly froze in the middle of his dance.

“Hmm? Why does my butt feel so hot? Are there ladies admiring it right now?” the Fatty said as he tried to strain his neck to see his butt, but failed to do so.

Hence, he reached his hands over, and lord n’ behold, his hands got burned.

“AHhhhh! I’m on fire!” the Fatty howled while I broke out into laughter, but I couldn’t laugh for long as I watched the Fatty dashed away down the tunnel.

“Hold on! Don’t reckless run or you’ll set off traps-” I tried to remind the idiotic Fatty, but I was too late.

I heard a large clunk which caused me to freeze in place. I hurriedly looked around, preparing myself to dodge whatever that is to come. I slowly looked around as I heard the Fatty’s howl fade into the distance. However, even after a minute, there was nothing.
I slowly relaxed myself as I believed it to be a false alarm. Maybe some traps are faulty after many years of rusting. After all, traps are a thing of the past aren’t they? I looked back in the direction that the Fatty ran and noticed that he was already long gone, leaving only darkness. I sighed, and decided to just chill while slowly catching up to him.

However, not long after walking in his direction, I could hear the Fatty’s howl once more, this time even more pitiful. I squinted to try to see in the darkness as I saw a bulky silhouette dashing back in my direction. Huh? The Fatty’s back?

Then, I heard clunking noises from the same direction, as if some heavy object was knocking against metal. I had an ominous feeling. The Fatty quickly came into view as he howled in fear, but I had no time to pay attention to him as I was shocked by the object that followed him.

There was an enormous, black, metallic ball rolling behind the Fatty. It took up nearly the entire tunnel size, leaving no space to sneak pass or dodge it. It was rolling at an insane speed, but it seems that its size proved as an obstacle as it kept crashing into the walls, slowing it down. The queer thing was that the tunnel’s ground was flat, so I had no clue how that ball is rolling; however, I did not have to worry about that because there is one thought in my mind, and that was to run!

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