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SPA Chapter 55

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 55

Chapter 55: Finale

“Hahahaha! B*st**ds that dare go against this emperor! Serves you right! My master gave me treasures to protect myself! Let you all go to hell! This emperor shall not accompany you!”

As I strode into the chamber, I see a mess of blood and limbs scattered on the ground.

There were some charred body and any remaining cloth inside the chamber had already become ashes. As for the dog emperor, he’s currently lying on the ground coughing up blood while popping pills, but still alive. It seems his legs have been disabled due to the explosion, but otherwise, he’s still fine besides being a bit ragged. His cursing stopped as he noticed me entering, and his face scrunched up into a ugly, shocked expression.

“Never expected the respected son of heaven that was all so powerful to end up in this state one day,” I pronounced cheekily.

“H-how?! H-how are you alive?! I watched you get killed with the rest! Impossible! This emperor does not believ-” the dog emperor tried denying reality as he crawled towards his throne.

“Heh, did you believe a measly explosion can kill me? Think again. I did survive your palm strikes and gain the title of tenacious from you,” I sneered as I walked closer.

“N-no, please, this emperor .. shall grant you everything you want. Money! Women! Power! Just let this emperor live!” the dog emperor begged as he crawled up his throne.

“Perhaps if Ling’er was alive, I would reconsider, but-” I was about to rush over, but the emperor seemed to press a switch on the throne and out of nowhere, a cage dropped onto me, trapping me in.

I tried to break it, but to no avail. It was made with similar materials as the maze’s walls. I can get out of the maze with {Ghost Emperor’s Voyage} easily, but there was some unknown power preventing me from using skills.

“HAHAHAHA! You have fallen for this emperor’s trap you insolent brat! That trap is made with the material of the maze that this emperor spent decades to collect. Not only that, there is a formation preventing your from using any of your abilities of skills because this emperor knows about your stupid tricks. It is unbreakable for those under Gold Dan! Even if it’s Gold Dan, they would take a while to break through! I have already activated the self destruction mechanism of this capital! Soon, this capital would be completely destroyed by the Heavenly Explosion Formation that was installed. There is no escape! HAHAHA! That’s what you get for going against this emperor!”

I pondered, no escape? Not for me at least.

“If there’s no escape, then that means you’re going to die with me. That’ll complete my goal of getting revenge for Ling’er as well,” I calmly stated.

“Ahhahahaha, die with you? This emperor doesn’t have the time to accompany you for that. With a switch, this throne will carry this emperor through a secret passageway where this emperor can escape this capital before it’s detonation in an hour. So you’re the only one that’s dying for a lost cause! As for why this emperor is still staying for a bit, it’s because this emperor wants to see your face of despair! Oh! Let this emperor tell you what this emperor did to that dirty s**t girl of yours. Oh, I remember her cries for your name. Squishy was it? Oh, before I killed her, how she cried in despair as I continuously r-” the emperor excitedly recounted past events, but I did not let him finish.


With one thrust, my sword completely pierces through the throne and through the dog emperor’s neck from behind. He tried to turn around to look as blood gushed out of his neck, but with a small tug, his head with shocked eyes came flying off as the last scene he saw was that of my clone that was trapped in the cage dissipating into smoke.

[Ding~ Host has slayed a major revenge target. {Protagonist’s Vengeance}’s Luck Boost +1.]

Ling’er, Squishy has done it. Squishy has ended the life of the b*st**d that has defiled you in this life. Ling’er, you may rest in peace now. I hope that in our next lives, Ling’er will not have to suffer thus again. Squishy will do his best to protect you. Wait for me. After I collect my debt of lives, I will come join you. A silent tear drop slid down my face as my heart felt freed from one of my burdens, yet still so painful.

I know I’ve finally done it, but my heart still clenches in pain as I remembered her. I know that I can’t bring her back anymore. We are forever separated for now, but I promise I will find her again, no matter how many lives it takes.

I shoved the headless body of the dead emperor off the throne, and sat on it myself. I clicked the switch on the throne which activated a mechanism with a clunk. The throne sunk into the ground and landed on what seemed like a railway cart which started up once I landed. The cart continued through the dimly lit straight tunnel, bringing me a long distance for an unknown amount of time.

A while after I left on the cart, I heard an explosion behind me as I seemed to see fire lighting up the far away tunnel. That signified the end of the capital, along with an uncountable amount of innocent lives.

Although I know, but there was nothing I could do about it nor did I want to do anything about it. Even if I want to, I did not have the power to stop it. Perhaps death might be better for those that I had caused misery for through my actions. Perhaps I may feel guilt, but for the path that I will walk, I do not have the time for sympathy for others, especially if I don’t have power. Power, if only I had it, I could have protected who I wanted to protect, and put an end to my troubles. I know now, so for my future, I must get stronger.

After the cart stopped at the end of the railway, I got off the throne and pushed open the dusty, ancient door on the earth wall to the side. I stepped out into an calm, unknown forest. The first thing I did was to bury the loyal old man’s body in a sunny area as a sign of respect. By the time I was done putting in the grave-marker with “Here lies Loyal Servant Xu Fa”, I noticed it was already night as the stars were already shining bright, showing me the way to my next destination, the central part of this continent. I gave one last bow to the loyal old man, smiled, and started my new journey.

Wait for me people I have yet to met, for the Pro debt collector is coming.

[Historic Record]
16 years and 10 months after the establishment of the New Fu Empire, the capital city mysteriously blew up, turning the capital city along with surrounding areas into a wasteland.

Survivors in capital: None.

Survivors that escaped: None was found.

End of New Fu Empire Arc.

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