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SPA Chapter 54

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 54

Chapter 54: Farewell

I rushed towards the royal palace at my fastest pace. Unfortunately, I no longer had my Wind Wolf’s equipment because they had been confiscated. I hope I make it in time because I received a message from my clone that the group of men already started the battle without me because they were confident in taking the dog emperor down. However, I know it can’t be that easy because as the saying goes, the good perishes for a good cause, but the evil shall live long lives.

Just based on what I read alone in novels, that dog emperor will probably pull out some bulls**t OP treasure, given to him by his corrupted master, that will save his life at a critical moment. Alas, these fools just won’t listen to my warnings, why can’t they just wait for me to come up with a plan-

Although I am not that far from the palace now, I froze and stopped in place. My clone had popped, and I received the memories he had. When the flower thief was about to slay the dog emperor from behind, the dog emperor pulled out a rainbow colored bead treasure and yelled “Let’s all perish together than!”.

It seems that flower thief recognized the bead and yelled for everyone to run, but alas it was too late. Then, with a boom, my clone popped, and there is probably not much hope for the rest. I sighed, so very unfortunate. Are all my allies fated to perish like fools during this lifetime? But, I must still go to check if any of them are still alive. I got that gut feeling that dog emperor won’t just “perish” along with the others.

I rushed towards the palace as I passed by scenes of destruction, violence, and cries for help, but I ignored them all. I know this was all an indirect consequence of my plan to release the criminals, but it was a must to prevent the soldiers from getting in our way. The unfortunate victims of this incident, I apologize for bringing you pain, but I am a selfish b*st**d. For my revenge, I would do anything, even if it means harming the life of many innocents. Although this may net me bad karma, this is my way because f**k karma, it never did me any good ever since I was born.

As I raced over to the palace, I passed through a very large, nearly flattened area. It seemed that there as a very intense battle here. I noticed that there were two bodies lying in a pool of mixed blood with foot touching. I rushed over and took a look. One of them was an old man who I did not recognize, but his heart was already pulled out, and he’s as dead as could be. As for the other old man, it was my cell mate, the one who said he would take care of the Gold Dan. I could see his nearly crushed heart, but it was still a beating heart. I watched as the old man opened his eyes slowly and stared at me with gentle eyes. My heart couldn’t help by shook as I asked hoarsely, “Why?”

Exactly, why? This old man was a Gold Dan. Even if he can’t escape the prison, once he’s out, he can easily escape this capital city. No one can stop him. Why would he fight to the death with another Gold Dan for someone he just met?

“K-ke-ke, ah … this servant has not introduced himself yet. This servant, Xu Fa, is the personal eunuch of his Majesty, the late Xiong Emperor. I-it is my pleasure to be able to meet you my prince,” the old man said with a cracked voice as I stared in shock.

He served my father?! How did he know I was the prince?!

“K-ke, t-this servant was able to recognize the prince the first time this servant saw the prince, the spitting image of his Majesty and her Majesty,” the old man answered as if he could see my thoughts.

“S-still, why?” I shakily asked.

“B-because it was this servant’s duty. His Majesty c-commanded me to wait and a-assist the prince after I placed his Majesty’s soul into the chamber. This servant will always stay loyal and shall wait even if it’s a lifetime because servant believes prince will come. Prince did not disappoint,” the old man replied with a smile.

So, he waited … for me. I stared at that old man with a gentle smile who had devoted his life to loyalty. My heart could not help but clench as I saw him cough up more blood.
cough K-ke, u-unfortunately, this servant can’t serve the prince any longer. T-this s-servant d-deserves to b-be punished,” the old man depressingly said.

“No. You have done well. My father is proud that he has a loyal servant such as yourself. It is this prince’s fortune to have met you,” I gently kneel down as I grabbed the old man’s hand.

“K-ke-ke, no- prince must not kneel to this servant. T-this servant can-can not afford-” the old man tried to protest, but I glared at him and replied, “This is this prince’s decision to commend you for your loyalty. This is the only thing prince can do for you.”

The old man gently looks at me and smiled while saying, “G-good. Prince is just like his Majesty, kind-hearted, a-and treating servants like u-us all alike. T-this old servant has no regrets, n-no r-regrets-“

Then the loyal man’s hand lost its strength as the loyally went to meet his master. I slowly stood up, took a deep look at the old man, and gave one deep bow. Farewell, it was truly my fortune to have your assistance in this life, you can rest in peace now because you have done your duty well enough. I then stored his body into my inventory.
I took a deep breath, then rushed over to the palace once again.

After entering the palace, I rushed towards the scene where my clone died, the banquet chamber where I had visited before as a slime. As I neared the chamber that now has its doors in splinters, I heard curses flowing out, signifying that someone was still alive, but the voice did not belong to one of my new “friends”.

Now … I must clean up the last man standing in the fight. Although it’s already too late, but Ling’er, Squishy will deal with the big baddy for you. It’s about time that I finished this. I headed towards the chamber.

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