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SPA Chapter 32

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 32

Chapter 32: The Strongest Shield?

Hai~ It’s me, Clone Pro #1 again. So how’s life? Why am I talking to the audience you ask? Well, that’s because I’ve got nothing better to do. Right now, I’m completely wrapped up in a blanket staring into darkness.

Why? Of course it’s for the the royal banquet- no I’m not becoming food again, and although I said royal banquet, it’s just basically a visit by the Miao Clan to the royal family where there will be a “small” feast before their “trade” using this Rainbow grade “treasure”, me.

So why am I not escaping by popping yet? Well I do agree popping now would be pretty interesting because it’ll probably piss the old master off and probably create many, many problems for him, but at the same time, it’ll create many, many problems for my main body. My main body’s probably still stuck under kids, and usually, the slum’s the first place that would be searched if any for “criminals”. Plus, I’ve got to play along, I mean, I can’t deny the royal family Cleaning Services 101 just because our status don’t match, with my status higher of course.

Right now, our entourage is currently heading to the palace, with me trapped in the middle, under a blanket, inside a box. Is all of this really necessary? But still glad they didn’t put me on a plate or platter. I can’t see what’s going on outside nor do I want to waste my mental power to divine sense and risk getting discovered because unlike the “great” clans, the royal family have the true experts. I’m pretty sure the place’s heavily guarded with cultivating soldiers, but that’s not enough. There’s probably some hidden ancient boss “evil” cultivator guarding the so called dog emperor. Then, it’s also nearly impossible to infiltrate the royal family’s treasury, unless you’re brought in by them.


After what it seems to be hours, it felt like the entourage finally sat down in the banquet hall? I can hear them conversing lightly, about how this and that, along with the servants emphasizing how “supreme” the “treasure” was, probably intending for eavesdroppers to hear. Then, most likely what I would believe to be a eunuch announced that the emperor has arrived. I wonder if they truly have no d**k down there, don’t you? cough Let’s handle my “important” cleaning job first.

“May your Majesty’s country prosper and rule for eternity,” the entourage sang like a chorus would, how the hell did they synchronize like that? Not sure if they are kneeling, pretty sure real life is not as “dramatic” as dramas right?

“You may rise,” a deep, booming voice sounded. Yup, definitely sounds like that b dog s**t emperor that will be stepped under my foot one day.

Shuffling sounds as the entourage got up. Dang, they knelt down didn’t they?

“Your Majesty, although this subject wishes to accompany yours truly to dine, but this subject’s son really could not hold on much longer. This subject pleads that your Majesty would bestow this subject with the Soul Gathering Pill so this subject’s son can sooner assist your Majesty in defending your Majesty’s empire,” old master’s voice sounded impatient, but those words, d**m, slick like a politician.

“Ehem. It’s not like this Emperor want to deny you the pill, but you know such a pill is hard to come by, with only this one pill acquired through many years of searching. Since my master was searching for this pill, this Emperor was planning to save it and offer it to my master as a gift, to invigorate his body so he could live longer. It is much too difficult for this Emperor to just decide to bestow it upon you, this Emperor would not know how to answer to his master’s inquiry…” the dog emperor replied slyly, but pretty sure these Miaos came prepared, with me.

“Your Majesty, yours truly do not have to worry about such. This subject knew that it is of vital importance that your Majesty be able to appease your master, so this subject has prepared a Rainbow grade treasure as a gift in hopes for your Majesty’s benevolence of bestowing the pill to this subject’s son,” the old master replied with a light, “respectful” tone.

“Oh? Rainbow grade? Then this Emperor must really take a took at this treasure of yours,” the dog emperor replied with an interested tone.

“Your subject heeds your Majesty’s command. Take out the treasure,” the old master commanded after replying to the dog emperor.

Then, I hear the box clicking open and then, the blanket on me was pulled off gently. Ohhh~ light~ okay. That blanket is actually much smaller than I thought. It could be considered a red square-shaped cloth at best, but seems like a blanket with this small body. Then, the box has actually opened up like one of those fold-able boxes, interesting.

Then, I glanced around, and sitting on that dirty throne is a mid-age male, around 40s maybe, with a black goatee and hair bundled up like how those emperors have it done in those Chinese dramas. He’s got the high nose with the smirk on his face, but those eyes are much too tiny and dull for an emperor. Verdict: Dog emperor who deserves to be killed as soon as possible.

“Your Majesty, may this subject present you with the strongest shield that have ever existed. This Lower grade Rainbow grade treasure is completely immune to physical damage. Not only that, it is a treasure that can be upgraded, and might actually reach upper grade. This subject has personally seen it upgrade by itself when it changed from a red to an orange color,” the old master presents much false advertisement to the dog emperor who will be fooled.

As for what that lower, upper grade terms. Well, each “color” grade of treasure is split into three sub-grades, lower grade, mid grade, and upper grade. There’s also a subcategory called peak grade for those treasure that are the peak of the upper grade, seemingly ready to upgrade to the next “color” grade of treasure.

“Oh? Although it’s not possible to see it upgrade, but immune to physical damage? Then this Emperor must really broaden his horizons. Guards, seek for me the Captain Shi.”

Not long after, a tall, buff man with bulging muscles, probably Captain Shi, walked in with a board sword similar to the one from the Return of the Condor Hero, but much more dull. He knelt on one knee and payed his respects to the dog emperor. Then the dog emperor commanded him to use his strongest physical attack to destroy the treasure, aka me. I know I can withstand physical cuts and such, but I’m not too sure about the smash damage that the broad sword does. Man, I really hope I can withstand this, or else my plan would go up in smoke, with me included literally.

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