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SPA Chapter 31

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 31

Chapter 31: Caught Red-Handed!

I looked towards the center at the end of the room. There lied a pedestal upon which silently floated a pitch black mask. The black mask looks just like one of those normal Mardi Gras Masquerade masks, but black. It didn’t look out of the ordinary at all, but the occasionally glints of different color every couple of seconds was a telltale sign that it was a true treasure.

Based on all the different glows of color, I have reason to believe that it may be a Rainbow grade treasure! That’s the same grade as my cultivation technique! They both are really good because Rainbow grade is on the higher end of the spectrum for grades of treasures.

The grades of treasures are Colorless as the lowest or basically commoner items, then in increasing order: White (Common), Green (Uncommon), Blue (Rare), Orange (Super Rare), Red (Ancient), Purple (Mythical), and Rainbow (Legendary). There is also a rumored Transparent (Godly) grade above Rainbow, but both me and the main body doesn’t have any info on that, hence rumored. This tells you how much extremely valuable Rainbow grade treasures are. So, I definitely must help the Miao Clan “clean” this legendary “mess”.

I hopped up the pedestal, and then I hopped up into the air. As soon as my body touched the mask. I stored it.

[Host has stored a {Ghost Emperor’s Mask} into the {Spacial Storage}.]

Well, that name doesn’t sound ominous at all. As I was drifting back down to the pedestal, the double doors suddenly starts creaking open. As I landed on the pedestal with a plop, the double doors fully opened and in walks three silhouettes. F***ing son of a b*t*h Mr.Aura.

The three silhouettes froze as they stared at my hard work on my “cleaning” job like they couldn’t believe how well I did. The old man that brought he in pulled his white beard that he was stroking off. The “young” master of the clan has his jaws dropped in shock. Then the probably around 50 year old man who seems to be the clan head due to his position in the middle had a frozen smile on his face.

Then he shook in anger, and with a grab he strangled the “young” master, then interrogated in an angry voice, “WHAT DID YOU DO THIS TIME YOU UNFILIAL SON?!”

Oh wow, blame the poor guy at first notice, but that’s fine, I’ll let that “young” master take the gift of blame this time for my effort. I watch how with one throw, the “young” master was thrown against the wall of the room, which caused it to have deep cracks running all over it while the “young” master coughed out a couple mouthful of blood with fear on his face.

As the “young” master slid down from the wall, the cracks in the wall repaired itself. The “young” master quickly crawled over the master to beg for mercy for “his” wrongdoing.

“F-f-father, i-it wasn’t me! I-I-I don’t know what happened. A-all I did was bring- YES! It’s that red blob’s fault! The treasures disappeared after it was brought in! So it must be that!”

Oi! Don’t play the blame game here! It’s obviously you that-cough. Now, now, one must take the admit it if he or she did wrong. You were the one that gave the order to bring me in, so it is obviously your fault isn’t it?

“Ohoh? And how do you expect your so called “treasure” blob managed to steal all these treasures?! It’s still here! Tell me where it hid all the treasures!” the master pointed to me and hollered in a booming voice at the “young” master.

That’s right, there’s no way it’s me. As you can see clearly, I have nothing on my body, nothing to be guilty about.

“P-p-perhaps it ate them all? Yes that must be it!” the “young” master tried to reason.
Oi, even if you need a reason, that reason’s a bit too lame isn’t it? Even I can’t “eat” all of that. After all, I did store some instead. Heh.

*slap* The master slaps the “young” master hard on the face. I can see the sparkly, bloody teeth fly out from the poor guy’s face. Pitiful, but enjoyable. You deserve it b*st**d for courting such a young lady. cough I am not jealous, I promise.

“Do you think I don’t know your little schemes?! Do you take this old man as blind from old age?! Do you think I don’t know about what you did to hinder your elder brother from recovering?! Now, we finally managed to come to an agreement with the Fu Jia to trade our Ghost King’s Mask for a Soul Gathering Pill, yet now that treasure have disappeared along with all the other treasures that we can trade with!? The only ones that can enter here are me, you, and Old Tian! Old Tian has fought many life-and-death battles with me since before you were even born, and he supports your elder brother, so he has no reason to do this! As for you! HUMPH! Old Tian, pass down my orders to have this b*st**d locked up until he spits out where he hid the treasures!” the master rants furiously.

Soul Gathering Pill?! It’s basically like a marble ball that pretty much can give anyone an extra life when crushed! That’s what I was planning on stealing from the prison because it might be able to save me if I fail my assassination!!! Sis Mei said that was probably what was kept in the prison, but it seems that may be kept by the royal family instead.

“No! No! Father! It’s not me! I didn’t do it! I swear! I swear I am telling the truth! That red blob I brought in was definitely a treasure that is immune to physical damage! Trust me-” the “young” master begged, but was knocked out by Old Tian.

“Master, what do we do now? Without the mask, we won’t be able to trade-” Old Tian starts with a worried tone.

“No worries. All I said during the exchange was that I was exchanging a Rainbow grade treasure for the pill, I didn’t say what it was,” the master replied solemnly.

“But Master, where do we find a Rainbow grade treasure now? We have to trade tomorrow!” Old Tian exasperatedly says.

“Heh. Nobody can really say what a Rainbow grade treasure would be like. If it’s possible to fool them, then anything can be a Rainbow grade treasure,” the master slyly replies.

“But Master, what would we use to fool them. Although that dog emperor can only sit stably on the throne by relying on his master, but even he won’t be that easy to fool,” Old Tian remarked with a sigh.

“Well, don’t we have a special “treasure” right here? It was red at first now orange, plus it’s immune to physical damage. It can pass as Rainbow grade if we argue it,” the master smiled and replied.

Both the master and Old Tian looked towards the same direction. That just so happens to be the direction where I am sitting on the pedestal. Well s***.

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