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SPA Chapter 24

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Slime Against Fish

*hop* *hop* *hop*

Yup. That’s me-Clone Pro, hopping like a Pro through the secret path I found out of this forest.

*hop* *hop* *hop*

Those hops will get annoying I know, but that’s the fastest I can go. I’m not like the slime from a certain slime evolution novel that can do just about freaking everything. But just for you dear readers out there, I’m going to remove those hop effects. See how nice I am?

hop hop hop Just kidding. I seriously won’t do it anymore. After all, if I keep hopping like this, it’ll attract unnecessary attention. If I crawl it’ll look like moving red water which is already weird enough, but if I hop, I’ll probably be hunted down by the cultivators, both good and evil, as a new species or simply to exterminate monsters.

*crawl* *crawl* – oh wait that’s not even a sound effect is it? Well, I’m out of the hellrest anyways. Hallelujah! I just crawled out of hell in the literal sense!

Now I just have to slowly crawl over to that city in the distance. It looks far, but it can’t be that far right?

1 hour later

Ok, so maybe it’s a bit far. I haven’t thought about this through enough have I. I’m a slime, that can barely crawl, moving inches forward every step. That city in the distance is what? Probably kilometers away?! It’ll probably take me the entire night time just to get there! I have 8 hours total where I spent 1 to sneak out of the forest without being discovered. I only have 7 hours left before I’ll need my clone for experiments again, and I need to get there before that in addition to putting my plan into motion!

At my current pace, I’ll probably take like 6 hours or more to get there? F***. If only Mr.Aura would help me in these situations … oh s**t, I don’t want that, that’s like the worst wish I’ve ever made. Mr.Aura will never give me time to rest if he’s on duty. Eh? Running water sound? Oh! There’s a river leading to a lake near the city! Is this Mr.Aura giving me the chance to ride the river down the stream all the way to the city? Awww~ he can’t be that nice, but I’ve got no choice. *sigh* *hop*

Weee~ pretty fun ride if I do say so myself. It’s like riding a roller-coaster without seat belts or the safety bars. Lovely, I’m flipping upside down in all directions. If I could throw up, I would, but I’m a slime. At least Mr.Aura made me so that I can float on water because I have enough buoyancy to prevent me from sinking. Welp, almost there already, this river runs pretty fast after all. Average speed of rivers back on Earth is three and a half to seven miles per hour, but this river seems just that much faster, as for how much, I’m not too sure. However, I know it’s probably due to the Qi in the river. How do I know there’s Qi in the water?

[Host has absorbed Qi-infused water. {Colorless Emperor’s Rainbow Mountain} +1 cultivation.]

Been getting that constantly on my ride about every other second. If I had all the time in the world, I would most likely just chill in this river to quickly bring my cultivation up. I’m actually really tempted, but I’ve only got like 6 hours and something left now. Although the trip was fast, it still took around 20 minutes, enough for my cultivation to finally rise by a level.

[{Colorless Emperor’s Rainbow Mountain}’s cultivation level have increased by 1. Main host’s cultivation is now Red Dan Level : 2. Max Usable Qi is raised by 10 on main host.]
So, my main body’s cultivation has risen in level. Apparently, some magical link transfers my cultivation over. Probably somewhat related to the fact that we can access the same spatial storage as well. I thought it would happen when I pop, but this works for the best.

As for my cultivation, since my strength is half of the main host’s my cultivation is still 1. Before the lowest level was 1, so my cultivation couldn’t get any lower unless Mr.Aura make me have no cultivation, but now the halving is actually taking effect. I’m surprised Mr.Aura didn’t do that actually.

And now I’m at the lake, and let’s just “swim” my way back to land. There shouldn’t be any problem at all … except that growing shadow looming below me. S**t. Out pops what seems to be a giant goldfish with an unicorn horn and gulp, there goes lil’ me. Now it’s pitch black. It doesn’t got teeth to chew me, but I’m about to be digested by what seems to be very corrosive stomach acid.

[Host has absorbed unknown corrosive acid. Host has gained skill {Corrosion Armor}.]

[Host has taken heavy corrosive damage. Host has been killed.]


Back at main body…

F***ing ARRGGG! Freaking acid burn feels like “friendly” ants living in your skin and then decided to revolt one day where they all collaterally went into frenzy mode to eat away as much of your body as they can. Not a nice feeling. Please don’t try this at home. And also, F*** that fish. How the hell did it even notice me that quickly? sigh At least I got a raise in cultivation level and a new skill.

[Corrosive Armor]
Level : 1
This skill’s progress to the next level can be increased by usage of the skill while taking corrosive damage or absorbing corrosive products. Every level of this skill reduces corrosive damage by 10% when skill is active. It costs 1 Qi per second to activate the skill and spawn a barrier that wraps around the host’s body.
Progress to next level : 0/1000

It’s nice and all, pretty OP especially since it’s a 10% per level, although I doubt Mr.Aura will let me be immune to acid just because I hit 100%. Still, this is just another skill that requires death seeking to level. Perfect.

At least I have 10 Usable Qi left from the level up. Let’s send my clone out again to cultivate at least for the remaining 5 hours or so. Won’t go get myself killed by fish or I won’t have anymore chances for today. Just gotta be at edge of way and sip, might be slower, but it’ll be fine.

5 hours later…

After 5 hours of slowly sipping Qi-Infused water from the river where I gained 1 Qi every 5 seconds or so, now my main body stats are like this:

[Name] Xiong Zhi Ye (Pro)

[Cultivation Level] Red Dan Level : 3

[Usable Qi] 10/30 (-5)

[Mental Power] 20/20

Strength : 12 -> 13
Endurance : 12 -> 13
Agility : 9 -> 10
Intellect : 22
Comprehension : 11
Luck : 1

Slime Body

[Innate Ability]
Strongest Protagonist’s Aura
Protagonist’s Vengeance
Protagonist’s Rebirth

Rise From the Dead : Lvl 3
Escape Death : Lvl 2
Winter’s Child : Lvl 4
Indestructible Body : lvl 5
Beast Controller : Lvl 3
Divine Mental Fortress : Lvl 3

Present Xian Xiafan Language {100%} – No function to speak on body
Colorless Emperor’s Rainbow Mountain {3%} 1797/3000
Location Marker : Lvl 1
Clone : 0
Spacial Storage : Lvl 1 | 0/5
Corrosive Armor : Lvl 1 | 0/1000

Pretty decent. Best thing is that my clone is still cultivating! Now I just need to send a second clone out there and-

“Lil’ Squishy! Time for your favorite~ experiment time!” The cheesy death call coming from the madman reminded me that I don’t have the leisure to constantly cultivate like those geniuses. (-_-)

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