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SPA Chapter 20

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Beauty and the Beast

Hai~ It’s me, Pro, again. Yea. I’m not dead. Quit wishing for that like Mr.Aura. So, you’re wondering why I’m not dead even after meeting a cultivator? Of course you are- Nani?!

You already guessed who that cultivator was? You say it was the naive lil’ girl that saved me? Naw, you’re wrong. See, this is what’s happening.

In the midst of the silent night, a breeze shook the sleeping leaves of the damp trees in the forest. Although it’s dark, one may notice the enormous trees with branches reaching out to one another as if they were parents finally meeting their long, lost child.

One can hear the soft shuffle of footsteps beating slowly like a slow tempo drummer. A dark silhouette patiently trudges along what seems to be a predetermined path even though there are no true path in this dark forest. As the silhouette moves forward, it just so happens to gently glide into a spot of moonlight which reveals a beauty who could be deemed a true goddess.

With a small, dainty nose on a well-rounded face, one would not be able to ignore the fact that she was cute. The bright, lively, azure eyes sharply contrasts the dark forest like it’s the holy water eliminating the darkness from this world, yet there’s a tint of naive innocence in those eyes that would cause others to be mesmerized into becoming a faithful guardian. Her tiny, pink, plump lip constantly entices the beasts in the forest to come and perform the deed that could not be said to her, yet that innocent smile that the lips hold is the only thing that is keeping those beasts at bay. Her long, lustrous black hair flows like silk so smooth, that it blends into the dark cloak with a hood which wraps and protects her.

Although her smooth, white, crystal skin was perfect like jade, most men could only deny that the part in which they were attract to was not that. In fact, it was to the red, deformed “pillow”-like blob in which she’s pressing against her chest, outlining the perfect-sized curves of many men’s dreams. Oh, how those men wish they were that “pillow” and could wrap their beastly hands onto that which although was not overflowing, but was the perfect size to fit into a men’s hand.

You’re asking WTF does all of this have to do with what’s happening and the one who saved me? Well of course it doesn’t, this is just to make you jealous if you’re a male and angry if you’re a female. Because, it’s pretty obvious isn’t it? I’m that “pillow”, that goddess is the one who saved me, and I’m also that beast. Ohhh~ if only slimes could smell, I would probably enjoy describing her enticing, aphrodisiac scent as well.

Unfortunately, I’m a slime and a true beast/monster, but yet I’m no male who could push down the beauty and fulfill his dreams. Reality: The beast doesn’t get the beauty.

( ༎ຶ ۝ ༎ຶ )

(A/N: Sorry for destroying some’s dreams…)

So, what is a beauty and a beast doing in the forest at this hour? We’re asking for trouble of course, at least Mr.Aura won’t let us down right? Not. Nothing’s been happening since we got here hours ago. More like, we’ve been walking around in circles because we are back once again at this moonlit spot. Who are we to blame for walking in this circle? Well, currently the goddess already had someone to blame.

“Eiiii~ Squishy~ Whyyy are we not there yet? We’ve been walking for hours! Xiao Ling’er is very tired~ Are you sure you’re pointing in the right directions?”

So first, Squishy, that’s my new name. Don’t bother, I’m not going to go there. Second, why am I the one to blame? Well, that’s because this goddess just so happens to be that naive, airhead girl that I met earlier in the series. Her name, is as you can see, Ling’er, probably was Ling Ling or something. Why am I trying to blame this Ling’er here? Well, that’s because hours ago after Ling’er picked me up when I was finished reconstructing my body, this airhead actually decided to hold both me and the compass in the same space. Like literally, she held me with one hand, then held the compass with the other hand right over her other hand, which happens to be where I reside. Then, compass acquired, absorbed by yours truly and I can’t even doing anything about it. Then I gained a skill, {Location Marker}.

[Location Marker]
Level : 1
This ability scales with cultivation grade. When visiting any location, host can create a marker with 5 Qi to mark down the location. Then, host can create a pointer that points in the desired location’s direction with a thought anytime. Costs 1 Qi per use and pointer lasts 5 seconds. Host can only create pointers to visited, marked locations and can name marker anything host desires. Host can mark a max of 3 locations per ability level and can remove any marker anytime to free up slots.
Remaining Markers: 2/3
Marked Locations: {Rebirth Spot}

Yup, tested it out and it definitely works because I marked my rebirth spot. And as you see, it’s also the reason why we are stuck going around in circles in this forest because I can only point towards known location, yet this silly girl is trying to get me to go to her Uncle’s place. Alright, maybe I’m a bit at fault for absorbing that Compass, but really, it’s not intention because I wasn’t trying to test if I could really absorb treasures. It was a natural instinct.

“Moh~ Squishy! Xiao Ling’er is done! Xiao Ling’er is not moving anymore! Xiao Ling’er will sleep here and wait for Uncle. Humph!” Ling’er pouted and plopped down onto the moonlit spot.

Well sleeping … that’s definitely going to solve things. If your Uncle really wanted to come find us, he would already have. Why do I say that? Well, it’s because this entire forest belongs to her Uncle. It’s one of those territorial, formation gibberish where her Uncle lived in this forest and in order to keep others out, he created one of those so called OP formations that drives idiots like us in circles.

How do those other MCs find the formation flag so easily and break it down because I can’t see s***. If you say the most commonly seen thing is most likely the clue, well that’s the moonlight. Don’t tell me the formation’s core is the moon?! Yea no, can’t be…

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