Dragon Raja Voice Bond Tale Guide

Steve’s Dragon Raja Voice Bond Tale Guide

Exorcise those memories before others do!

— Steve

Looking for a hidden tale guide? Not a small one, but one of the six unknown ones on the tales page in-game? Well, you are at the right place! Steve chanced upon an gold medal hidden anecdote called Voice Bond!

Although Steve is unsure if you must have a certain amount of points in certain personalities to trigger this quest or a level requirement, Steve has most of Steve’s point in healing. Do note that this quest may take hours to do depending on how fast you complete each part and if you miss the specific times where you can gain entry to certain parts of the quest. If Steve calculated right, it takes around 4 hours for a full day cycle (using an increment of 10 minutes real time to 1 hour in-game time ratio). Steve is unsure if this is accurate, but it was certainly helped Steve with the timing for the quest.

To trigger this quest, you must go and sit on the platform in Hydra during the time period of 11PM to 12PM. This platform is located near the coordinates 106,220 on the far left of the Hydra maps. There should be an interaction symbol for you to sit on. Be patient and the quest should trigger once you receive a call from Finger after you hear a bell-like chime.

Now you must go find Finger in Cassel College. Usually Finger can be found in the Library, but this time you must find him in Cassell College, not the library. He can be found near the college cafe fishing spot. He is very near to the level 60 world boss entrance point, and he will be standing it the corner of that area. Talk to him and select an option. Steve only had the first option because Steve lost all Steve’s cutie point due to the story quest giving hotblooded points to Steve.

Afterwards, go back to Hydra and look for an NPC with a quest mark. That NPC will be named guardian and can be found by heading towards the platform where you sat to trigger the quest in the first place (but not at the platform, more like midway). The guardian is near the leftmost camera symbol on the mini-map, around the coordinates 152,224. After talking the guardian, the guardian will walk off, and you should follow the guardian. There shouldn’t be any problems as the guardian doesn’t disappear nor does she walk extremely fast.

You will eventually reach and area where there will be two NPCs that you can interact with, Mio and Hotaru. The screen will fade into a gray color at this point so you shouldn’t miss it. Interact with Hotaru and watch the dialogue. Afterwards, talk to the guardian who is nearby, and the guardian will walk off and vanish. No need to follow her for now as she already told you to wait under the cherry blossom tree.

Now you must go find Amaterasu in Hydra and talk to her. She should have an exclamation mark when you talk to her, and Steve believe she shows up around 4PM to 6PM (these were the times listed in the quest itself by Eva), but Steve didn’t see her until 5PM (in-game time). You can find Amaterasu under the cherry blossom tree and near a rock with a glowing symbol on it after you walk out of the spawn area of Hydra.This is near the coordinates of 351,212.

Now Eva will tell you to go to Frost Harbor where your most precious memory is. Well, Frost Harbor is Siberia Harbor where the tutorial took place, and if you remembered the tutorial well, the so called best memory would be the one where you enjoy the Christmas tree with the rest of the orphans (as that was a happy memory with a cutscene), before watching them get slaughtered. Of course if this deduction was not enough, if you check the item description for the Exorcist Bell, it tells you to go to the Christmas tree as well. Hence, your next destination is the Christmas tree. Since the memory in the tutorial happened at night, you should go to the Christmas tree at night (in-game time) and wait till you can interact with the Christmas tree (Steve had to wait till 10PM before Steve could interact). The Christmas tree is near the coordinates 251,19 if you can’t spot it.

Once again, the scene will gray out signifying the start of the story. You will see an NPC run off on your screen, and you should chase her. The options afterwards only affect your traits, and you will still chase her in the end because Eva will tell you to even if you don’t want to. Head into the nearby forest and you will see Hotaru being attacked by monsters. Talk to Hotaru to start the fight with the monsters. Of course, you have to defeat the monsters which should be fairly simple (They are only level 50).

A short dialogue scene will occur afterwards. Then, you will interact with Hotaru on the ground. After doing so, a small dialogue scene will occur after which you would be teleported to your room in the orphanage (from the tutorial). There will be an NPC Mio with an exclamation mark in the room. It’s clear you have to talk to her. There will be a lot of dialogue options, and Steve simply tapped through them until you get to the point where Mio asks you are you ready to go. You can tap okay to continue the quest.

You will then be teleported to Tsukuyomi Prison look-alike where you have to follow Mio as she moves towards the NPC you have to talk to next. If you still happen to get lost, the NPC you are looking for is Amaterasu and she will be on the left side of Eri’s house (not sure if this scene is Eri’s house or generic houses for everyone) on the outside. Talk to her and go through the dialogue.

Afterwards, she will run into the house and you will have to go search for her. It should not be a hard search as she is just around the corner, inside the house. Talk to Amaterasu again and again until the dialogue runs out. The scene will gray out for a bit as you wait for Amaterasu to go save the peeps and watch a small scene.

Now don’t be an idiot and sit there and wait as nothing will be happening. Eva will tell you to go back to your memory spot once more so go back to the Christmas tree again. Interact with the Christmas tree again (if you can’t in the morning, then wait for night). Now you will be teleported to the Outskirts of Paradisio (look-alike) where you simply walk up and talk to Hotaru again.

After going through the dialogue, simply head in the direction Hotaru is heading and follow the path downwards until you reach the part where the path branches off, which is near the coordinates of 96,84. You should find an interaction symbol. Interact with the things on the ground to pick up a notebook. If you had picked up the item, then you are at the right area. Now search around the area for other interactions and pick up the other notebook in the area. The second notebook should be off to the side by the yellow cat statue.

After picking up the second notebook, the scene should gray out once more. Now follow the path downwards once more to find Mio and Hotaru. They can be found if you head straight forwards after going down the stairs. Watch their dialogue after which another Hotaru will appear after the scene fades back in. When you walk near her, there should be an interaction symbol for your to pick up another item. Then watch the dialogue and be teleported back to your home in the orphanage once more.

Interact with Vera (her ghost! eeek!) who appears in front of you. Then walk outside to find Vera (because we want to follow the ghost obviously). She should be in the playgrounds area, and when you walk up you will be immobilized for a short scene before Vera vanishes. The ghost has been exorcised, or has it?

Now go back to Hydra and talk to Amaterasu and basically hand her the items through the dialogue. Afterwards you will be teleported back to Tsukuyomi prison look-alike. Head inside the house where you left Mio and Hotaru sleeping while you went to see memories at the Christmas tree. Watch the small dialogue between Hotaru and Mio. Then, make a final visit to the Christmas tree.

Ignore the creepy voice. I repeat, ignore the creepy voice! Or simply turn sound off. Vera ghost was already exorcised! Simply interact with the Christmas tree once more to be taken to a beach area (in Chizuru) where Hotaru will be sitting. Talk to Hotaru and she will walk off.

Now Eva will tell you to search near the shrine. Go to the Ema boards next to the shrine and you can interact with it for another notebook. There will also be a group of reddish pedals on the ground if you walk through the shrine arch. You can interact with those too for another notebook. With no surprise, the scene grays out once more.

Ema Boards

Then, head back to the Ema boards and you will see another scene with the Aibas. The father Ichira Aiba will then turn hostile and you will need to beat this level 60 boss. This boss was a bit more difficult, especially when it rampages due to you taking too long to kill it (where it does more damage). Do make sure to lead the boss over to the light barrier that Hotaru or Mio drops or the boss will take reduced damage.

After the boss fight, you will be immobilized for a scene. Now Eva tells you to go find what the red girl dropped in the mirage. Head back to the front of the shrine arch and you will find a spark on the ground that you can interact with. Interact with it to pick up a mannequin after which you will be teleported back to the orphanage.

Now go to Hydras and turn in the objects to Amaterasu. After a dialogue, if you seek Eva, Eva will tell you to enter the mirage once more, so head back to the tree and enter once more. Now you will be at the mirage Ehime Prefecture where there will be a short dialogue between Hotaru and Mio after which you must choose to either save Hotaru or Mio. Steve chose Hotaru so this guide will follow that. Choosing Hotaru will require you to follow the path upwards to find Hotaru. Simply keep going upwards on the path and go up the stairs. There you will find a mountain rock which you can interact with.

Interacting with the rock will bring you to another scene where you will have a boss fight after a small scene. Simply drop the Red Magatama on Hotaru by interacting with her and it will start the fight. It will be easy fight as Hotaru doesn’t do much damage, but midway through when Hotaru has half health, a nightmare will spawn. You must kill the nightmare, Ichiro Aiba, that spawns in order to protect Hotaru. It kills Hotaru fairly quickly and you will die when you fail, but you get to repeat it until you succeed by tapping the Continue on your quest in your quest log. You will need a fair amount of DPS in order to take out the nightmare who only focuses on killing Hotaru. Do note you can knock the nightmare Ichiro Aiba away. Steve’s assassin melee managed to keep knocking him back on every basic attack until he was way out of the circle.

After that, there will be another small scene where Mio gets killed to save Hotaru by some random priest. Hotaru will then regain full HP and become a second phase stronger boss. You can now completely defeat her, but do note she does much more damage now. Afterwards, you will be teleported to Siberia Harbor near the tree. You will notice Vera nearby who you could interact with (if you don’t, talk to Eva first). A dialogue will occur which you may make some choices after which you will be teleported by Ichiro Aiba to another scene.

Talk to Ichiro Aiba in this Mirage Heart for a dialogue. Then walk in front of Hotaru and a interaction symbol will appear, allowing you to give her the mannequin. Another short scene will occur between Mio and Hotaru where they will walk off together. Then, a choice dialogue will appear regarding Vera.

Then head towards the area between the piano and the glowing door to find a spark on the ground to interact with. Pick up the ice flower for Vera to appear, and talk to her. A sad parting now occurs and you will need to go talk to Amaterasu in Hydras once more to to be sent back into the Tsukuyomi look-alike.

Go into the house and walk up to Hotaru who is sleeping and give her the Red Magatama by interacting with her. Then, head over to the outside rim of the house where you will find Amaterasu. Talk with her for the final time to complete the quest after a small dialogue choice (if Amaterasu doesn’t have a quest complete, try interacting with the table in the room).

This tale was a fairly long one and deserves its medal of gold along with its spot in the 6 unknown tales. The final rewards include anecdote points in addition to the title False Dream. You also get to keep the Exorcist Bell as a souvenir.

That is all for Steve’s Dragon Raja Voice Bond hidden anecdote guide! As always, if Steve find any ways to enhance the guide, Steve will update it! Also, subscribe and look out for more guides from Steve! If you have any questions, suggestions, or disagreements, feel free to comment below or you can contact Steve through the contacts page; however, there is no guarantee for a good answer because Steve does not know everything about the quest after all. Now, go out there and find your memories!

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4 thoughts on “Dragon Raja Voice Bond Tale Guide

  1. Can you help me with voice bond. I’m closed to finish but I’m having a problem with the red mannequin. I have it already and was able to reach mirage heart then talk to ichiro and hotaru, the give red mannequin icon activated but it didn’t go through as the item is missing. I know I have it but when I reached mirage heart it wasn’t there. How can a I retrieve the red mannequin so I can give it to hotaru?


    1. Well, if it’s a missing quest item issue, usually you do have to report to devs (as a bug) to get item back to continue quest; however, before you do, you might want to try these options and see if you can get the mannequin back:
      Go back to the Christmas tree (at the right time) and use the exorcist bell (the interaction symbol should pop up when you are near the tree). This should take you back into the scene where you should be able to get the mannequin again if you had lost it (mannequin by the sparks at the Chizuru shrine arch after you defeat boss; use ctrl-f to search for mannequin in this guide for this part of the quest). If you can’t get in or don’t get another mannequin, try talking to Eva through your anecdote quest log. She may have a hint on which part of the quest you are now on (as you may actually have completed that part without knowing).


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