Dragon Raja Hard Working Anecdotes Guide

Steve’s Dragon Raja Hard Working Anecdotes Guide

Although they are less hidden, they are still just as hard to do.

— Steve

Looking for hidden quests that don’t rely on waiting or luck, but instead relies on your skills or hard work? Then you have come to the right place! Steve has compiled a list of anecdotes that you can simply complete through spending time or through practice!

Steve understands that doing the story hidden anecdotes may be hard even with a guide due to the requirement to wait for specific triggers or the blind search for an item because the guide was not specific enough. Steve also understands that many Dragon Raja players want to collect those anecdote points for the special rewards that comes along once you have accumulated a certain amount! Although Steve is unsure if you must have a certain amount of points in certain personalities to trigger these anecdotes, Steve was pretty sure that most of them are available no matter your personality. The only catch is that these hidden, yet no so hidden anecdotes might be much more difficult to do than the hidden ones. Although you don’t have to wait for a special event trigger, these anecdotes that you must work hard to finish require both time and patience. They might even be frustrating at times, but work hard and don’t give up as you will eventually complete it!

Taking Photos

Many may overlook this extremely simple way of gathering anecdote points, but Steve can tell you that you shouldn’t! Although you can’t simply randomly take any random photo to gain anecdote points, this is still a very easy way to gather anecdote points because finding the places where you have to take the photos is extremely easy! If you have ever opened the mini-map and noticed the purple camera symbols on each map, then you have found the photo taking spots. All you have to do is to go to that spot and snap a photo for 1 anecdote point per piece (happens only once per photo spot obviously). Although this may seem very little, you must know that some maps have more than one photo point and then there is the fact that there are many maps. That is a lot of anecdote points to gather! It simply takes a bit of time to visit them all and snap the photo! Do note that you do not have to save or share the photo you take in order to gain the anecdote points! Also, it’s best to use the camera interaction symbol that pops up when you visit each spot as using the camera manually through tapping the top right camera symbol may not count as a successful completion if you don’t aim at right angle (the camera interaction aims for you automatically!).

Basketball Team

Have you noticed the basketball team hidden quest yet? Truthfully, it’s not even hidden as you may even get an item near the beginning of the game that tells you to join the basketball team. Simply head over to the basketball courts in Cassell College on a sunny day to start your shooting endeavors! Do note that the quest giving guy only shows up if the weather is sunny, it is daytime, and you haven’t completely the quest for the day (resets every real day, not in-game day). The court can be found near 264,442.

Well, the only difficult part of this quest is that you will have to score a sufficient amount of goals into the hoop out of 10 shots. Although some may think this should be easy, do note that the in-game physics matches closely with real life physics! The ball will bounce out and miss a lot if you don’t aim it correctly! This makes it so easy to miss a shot, and you may need to score all 10 shots in order to join the team for the first time (accumulated 10 shots)! Of course, once you get the hang of shooting, this won’t be hard at all. With the daily limit of only being able to try the basketball test once, it may be a bit difficult to make it onto the team.

However, don’t worry, Steve is here to give some tips. First, there is no restriction from where you shoot the ball from. You only have to make the shot for it to count. This means that you can stand anywhere in the court, so all you have to do is to find the perfect spot. Now how do you go about to find that perfect spot? Do note that you do not have to enter the basketball test in order to practice! There is always two basketballs lying on the ground in the courts that you can pick up anytime in order to practice shooting. Of course, if there are many players at the court, you might want to switch to another line or channel.

Although Steve personally recommend standing closer and towards the middle for an easier shot, everyone has their own preferences for easy. Although you can aim at the inner rim like Steve does in the picture, do note that there may still be a chance that the ball bounces out depending on where you stand. It’s much safer to aim a bit above the rim where the ball can rebound off the board and into the hoop. Of course, how far above the rim you will have to aim the ball may be determined with practice. Simply practice enough and your shots should make it in consistently. Do note that there are two camera angles you can use while shooting, and it’s good to make use of both of them if you miss a lot. You can switch back and forth between the camera angles while aiming the ball, but don’t release the ball on accident until you are ready. Of course, once you get the hang of it, you won’t need two cameras.

Also do note that even after you complete the quest once and “join” the team, you can still do the quest daily as it resets everyday. Besides getting the loot box reward, your accumulated shots over time (only the shots out of the 10 shots you made during the trial) can earn you titles. You will get the title Cassell Cager for scoring 10 times in a row, Elite Pitcher for scoring a total of 50 baskets, and Ace Pitcher for scoring a total of 100 baskets! You will also get a free basketball jersey costume on your first completion of 10 shots along with the anecdote points, and after that if you were to make exactly 7 shots out of 10, you will also get a special logo for your shirt. There is much shots to be made and missing shots can make you furious, so you can call the shots on whether you want to invest time in this balls of fury.

Finding Rubber Duckies

It’s cute rubber duckies and you can’t resist finding them! Oh wait, you have to do parkour in order to get to them you say? Now you might want to think twice before trying to make the rubber duckies go squeak squeak. Unless you love parkour, this hidden quest may prove frustrating to you. Or maybe you are there to enjoy the beautiful scenery when you jump from building to building on Tokyo skyscrapers with the risk of falling to death. Well, whatever the case is, this parkour quest will be a fun, but arduous one. Simply head over to Eddie on top of the neon building in Tokyo to start the quest. The building can be found near 434,469. Of course, as Tokyo is a no-fly zone, you have to use dash to get up the building, and by the top, Steve means the topmost platform.

Eddie will ask you to find the rubber ducks that he had placed around the building. This may seem simple, but the rubber duckies are fairly hard to spot as they are small just like rubber duckies are supposed to be. Not only that, they can be hiding on all sorts of places including on top of lampposts or on the edges of buildings, and you must be able to find your way to them in order to collect them through interaction. Of course, with the dash ability this quest would be too easy, hence dash will be disabled throughout the quest, leaving you to truly waddle around with your puny jumping ability. This means that you won’t be able to fly or jump super far at once, and you may also risk falling to death if you jump off the wrong edges of high buildings.

Of course, if you do fall off, you simply have to tap on the quest in your quest log (not the one that counts the rubber duckies you have found but the other one) and it should return you to where Eddie is so you can begin jumping once more. Although the duckies don’t change places, Steve is too lazy to find them all again with a new account, hence Steve will leave that up to you and other guides. Finding the duckies will make it more fun as you will feel a sense of goal if you find one but can’t reach it. Oh, is Steve trying to goad you on?

A final note is that there might a bug where the quest doesn’t complete when you turn it in. Do not worry because you will have received your anecdote points for completing the quest and you will not be able to do the quest again, but the quest icon will simply stay above Eddie to bother him forever. It’s probably from the players cursing Eddie because of the difficulty of the quest.

Finding Adams

You like quests where you search for objects? How about a quest where you search for multiple objects in a large map? Oh? Is that still not easy enough for you? Then how about a quest where you have to search for multiple objects that automatically switches places in a large map every 15 minutes?! Well, then this is the quest for you! This quest require either a lot of patience and time, or simply lots of luck. If you believe you want to start this quest, Eva will hand the quest to you after you open the box found in the Principal’s Office. The box is located on the left side of the room, behind the arches, when you walk into the room with the principal’s desk.

As for what you have to do, you must collect Tokyo Archives items, a total of 10 of them to complete the quest. These archives can be found by interacting with one of the 32 Adams found in the Tokyo map. As for where these Adams are hiding, they can be almost anywhere ranging from right on the streets to the roofs of buildings to sitting on top of lampposts. They are not constantly on the move, but they do move on to the next spot every 15 minutes. What this means is that you can technically sit at one spot where you found an Adam and hope that another Adam will show up in the next 15 minutes, but this may be very time consuming. You can also simply bump into a random Adam while moving about in Tokyo so good luck can play a major role in this quest. Do pay attention to exclamation marks as each Adam will have a yellow exclamation (quest) mark on top of them which makes them easier to notice.

After collecting 10 Tokyo Archives, you can turn in the quest to Eva and gain the Tokyo at 4 AM title along with the anecdote points. After this, the archives will be sitting in your inventory still. Do not toss or sell them as there are probably more quests afterwards! You can even collect more archives if you happen to bump into more Adams! As for what that future quest is, let’s see if Steve is fortunate enough to chance upon it.

That is all for Steve’s Dragon Raja hard working hidden anecdote guide! As always, if Steve find any more to add to this guide, Steve will update it! Also, subscribe and look out for more guides from Steve! If you have any questions, suggestions, or disagreements, feel free to comment below or you can contact Steve through the contacts page; however, there is no guarantee for a good answer because Steve does not know everything about the quest after all. Now remember to game moderately, go out there, and work hard to gather anecdote points!

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