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Review on “Heartburn No More”

Here is Steve’s review on the product, Heartburn No More. Heartburn No More is an e-book, with fairly decent sales, about stopping natural acid reflux.

First of all, a disclaimer: Steve has not purchased nor read Heartburn No More, hence all opinions are based off of Steve’s first impression of the Heartburn No More advertisement and the provided info on its affiliate page. Basically, this is not Steve’s book review, but Steve’s ad review as an independent affiliate of the product!

So, some further explanation on the product by Steve will commence. First, although the book does claim to help stop natural acid reflux, please note that it also claims that it is not an instant solution, but a solution that must be implemented over a period of time. As for what the ad claims, Steve shall get to that later. The affiliate page also claims that the book has fairly credible authors with a writing style that is clear and concise. As for if this is true or not, Steve doesn’t know. After all, Steve doesn’t have the book.

Moving on to first impressions, Steve did get a good impression of the product when the affiliate page told Steve to put both pros and cons in the book review for a more objective review. Hence, Steve will be objective by listing the cons of the products as the affiliate page had suggested! Uh huh, Steve believes Steve didn’t leave out any important words right there.

Beginning with the video ad, Steve can hear a person providing so much important, attention grabbing, yet boring facts. Although Steve wants to know good facts, Steve probably wants to hear it more from a credible source like a certified medical practitioner, not an unknown name. Not only that, the video seems to last much longer then what the speaker in the video claims. Well, some may not have any problem watching this, but Steve just wanted to say, “Get me out! Just give Steve the transcript!”

Steve also noticed that there is a phrase printed right at the top of the video ad asking “Do you want to stop acid reflux in just 2 days”. Although it is pretty ingenious how they phrased the sentence as a question to mislead views to see it as a claim, in the end, Steve saw the truth. It’s not possible to do it in just 2 days as the book already claimed that it’s a long term solution, not a quick fix.

The part that Steve found extremely comedic was the fact that the ad claims in one part of the video that one will gain relief within the next day, while in another part of the video it claims that you will get the solution within 28 days. Steve is shocked by how consistent this ad is.

Steve also found it questionable when the ad claims that the product provides the “only clinically proven solution” because Steve believes that there probably is other clinically proven solution as a simple Google search revealed a long list of ads of such solutions; however, Steve may be wrong as not all those solutions may not be clinically proven.

Of course, Steve was also distracted and annoyed by the occasional coupon pop-up that blocks out the video, but at least it’s not continuously popping up. However, Steve was more irritated by the so obvious, yet so common marketing strategy of stating that the product price is slashed for today only. Steve is pretty sure it’s not for today only.

The ad also claims that the program will always stop any severity of heartburn or acid reflux. Although Steve didn’t use the product, Steve will always doubt the words “always” and “any” because Steve believes there will always be exceptions to all cases, especially with the many variations of health conditions in the modern world.

That is all Steve has to comment on for the ad for Heartburn No More. As for Steve’s current verdict for this product, it is still being determined with the help of everyone one of you out there. Like always, Steve shall update this post if Steve finds more aspects to criticize, or maybe when Steve tries the product as Steve does have acid reflux on rare occasions as well. Now go here and pick faults with this product now or try it out~

Published by Credible Steve

Just another Steve reviewing products, but is this Steve credible? That's for you to find out~

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