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Steve’s Top Money Makers

Steve’s Short & Long Term Top Money Maker List

Steve understands that not everyone has the money to invest in health or other matters. Although Stevie doesn’t have any solutions for jumping from a poor bloke to a money hacker, Steve does have a couple of money makers in Steve’s bag. After all, Steve needs money to live just like everyone else. Steve will now share Steve’s list of both short and long term money makers.

Steve defines short term money makers as those that can help anyone make quick bucks on the go. Although these don’t pay as much long term and mostly require manual effort, they are perfect for those seeking for some pocket cash.

On the other hand, Steve defines long term money makers as those that allows for the generations of wads of cash both in the short term and over time. These money makers are more of the passive income type, and will bring a larger profit in general if done right.

As a disclaimer before Steve starts sharing, none of the money makers shared by Steve are owned by Steve in any way. Some of them Steve serves as an affiliate for, others don’t even have a referral program, hence Steve won’t be getting you on Steve’s money making friend list.

Additionally, Steve will not be presenting any efficient, good ways of using these money makers, but a general description instead. It’s not that Steve doesn’t want to share how Steve makes money, but it’s a fact that Steve doesn’t know how to make money either (Or Steve would be starting a money making blog, not a health one).

Note that this list may contain money makers found elsewhere and still can be updated occasionally as Steve discovers new money makers, so subscribe to stay up to date! Although Steve can not guarantee that these money makers will work for you as it does for Steve, Steve wishes everyone good luck in getting that extra buck. Well, without further blabbering, Steve will now post away.

Short Term Money Makers

Logo from SurveyJunkie Site

Here we have Survey Junkie. As the name denotes, its a site that pays for doing surveys. Please do not confuse this site with its very closely named SurveyJunkies with an extra ‘s’. Although doing boring surveys may not be many’s ideal situation, Survey Junkie is worth trying because it is an instant payout site! This site is probably the one with the fastest payout that Steve has seen. You literally get your points right after completing the survey. Even if you fail to complete the survey, you will still get a couple of cents for getting disqualified each time. With a minimum threshold of $5 USD, cashing out can be done through bank deposit or Paypal.

The only annoying thing about Survey Junkie is that it requires you to verify your account through a phone call, which can be very tedious as there is no set schedule for such a phone call. Also, it is unfortunate, but there is no referral program for Survey Junkie at the moment. So, poor Steve won’t get extra bucks. Oh, well.

Logo From WorkAtStartUp

Here we have Prolific. Although the name doesn’t tell you much, Steve can tell you it’s another survey site. Hold your horses if you are about to skip over this one because it’s not your typical survey site. Steve believes that Prolific may be one of the higher end survey sites, boasting fairly good pay per survey versus its time requirement. It also has a professional spot reservation system so you won’t end up with a “Sorry we filled up message” after completing a survey. Most surveys are high paying and it is actually very, very difficult to get disqualified from them if you answer them with the credentials you have inputted for your profile. Steve has seen rates going up to $20 USD/hour for a survey. Of course, the time is restricted. You can cash out to Paypal once you have around $5 USD.

There’s the upsides, now time for the downsides. Although Prolific is high paying, when you just started, you may have to wait from days to a week for cash out. Of course, you may get instant cash out once you have worked enough later on. A point of annoyance would be the long profile of questionnaires you must complete in order to get surveys; however, it will be worth your time if you do it correctly. Prolific used to have a referral system, but it was removed recently. So unfortunately, Steve will not get any new money making friends again. Sad Steve.

Logo From IQSurveys

Here we have Swagbucks. Yes, for those that know of it, it does still exist. Swagbucks is probably one of the older money making sites with an overwhelming amount of different offers ranging from surveys to video ads to game downloads. Even after so long, it still pays out a lot with lots of categories to choose from. For those that haven’t heard of it, it’s never too late to get started as this is one of the sites that provide loads of cash out options ranging from gift cards to Paypal to charity. Fortunately, Swagbucks does have a referral system, so if you haven’t signed up yet, you can sign up through Steve’s link by clicking any of the Swagbucks links. Steve will be a happy Steve when Steve gets money making friends.

Of course, there is still downsides to this old system. Swagbucks tend to set a higher price for it’s lower end cash out options, hence your points won’t be cashed out at a 1:1 ratio. Of course, this is usually negated when you cash out $25 USD or above. Another factor is it may take a while to receive your gift cards, sometimes even up to 14 days.

Long Term Money Makers

Logo from Clickbank Affiliate Marketplace page

Here we have ClickBank. ClickBank is an extremely large affiliate marketing site where people promote other people’s products for commissions. The amount of commission differs per product, and there are numerous ways to promote the products (with some ways you must be careful with as stated in the rules of ClickBank). If you manage to set up a good system, ClickBank can allow you to have a very bulky, long-term passive income. As for how that is done, there are plenty of videos on Youtube and lots of instructions through a simple search online. Steve can only wish you good luck~

ClickBank is not like the other money making sites because it actually requires some sensitive information, the ones you would use to apply for a real job. This is required because ClickBank will actually mail you checks just like a real job would. Of course, direct deposit is also possible at later stages.

Unfortunately, Steve can not serve as a referrer for ClickBank itself. Steve can only tell you about it and it’s up to you to figure it out. Note that Steve is an independent affiliate of ClickBank and ClickBank holds no responsibilities over this advertisement or site.

Instead, if you want to learn about ClickBank and do Steve a favor at the same time, you can join or check out ClickBank University through Steve’s affiliate link here. Note, this link leads to the ClickBank University site which is not the same thing as the ClickBank official site.

Idle Empire

Logo from Home Page of Idle Empire

Here we have Idle Empire. Idle Empire is a site that is like the mesh of survey sites along with offers sites. The side has an enormous amount of tasks which you can earn points from. These include completing surveys, watching videos, doing external offers like downloads or signups, and even promotion of the site itself through referrals (the links to Idle Empire are my referral links) or other methods! Additionally, there are tasks for both computers and mobile platforms! After you earn enough points, you can redeem your points for gift cards, Paypal, and more.

Of course, this may seem like a short-term money making method, but the reason it was included in the long-term section is due to the fact that Idle Empire allows you to purchase Cryptocurrency, a type of investment, with the points you earn. There are a variety of cryptocurrencies, ranging from Bitcoin to Litecoin, that you can redeem at a variety of amounts (as low as 10 cents USD). If you don’t know what cryptocurrency is and you are still trying to make money, then you should start searching up what exactly it is. Cryptocurrency has been kicking off for years, and it may (or may not) continue to spike in price in the future.

Although Idle Empire may seem large and strong, as with all empires, there are weaknesses that one will notice as time passes. For example, there may be an annoying bot that will freeze your account for fraud when you browse through surveys or tasks too fast, and you will be required to submit a ticket to remove the restriction. Also, even though there are lots of offers and tasks, these tasks are not filtered and they may include infinite redirect content or suspicious tasks. Although they were deemed to be “safe”, you do still need to look out for yourself here as some tasks may require downloads which brings an entire new level of risk. Then, there’s the fact that cryptocurrencies are volatile, so what you actually redeem and earn may not be the actual value that you will get within the cryptocurrency exchange as the rate is not transparent to the users.

Logo from Facebook Page of MinePiNetwork

Here we have PiNetwork. PiNetwork is a new cryptocurrency startup by a group of individuals working at Stanford and its community is rapidly growing. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, PiNetwork has its humble beginnings as an app! This means that you can mine cryptocurrency right on your mobile device, anywhere and anytime. PiNetwork even claims that there will be a low battery usage and no network connection required. There is also a referral system in order to increase your mining rate.

The downsides of PiNetwork is that is is a startup. Hence, the value of each Pi is essentially zero at the moment, meaning you can’t really earn anything from it at the moment; however, this doesn’t mean you won’t be earning in the future which is why PiNetwork is in the long term list.

The other tedious part about PiNetwork is that you will have to come back daily to activate your Pi mining. This is probably used to kick inactive users from the community. After all, this community is not for everyone. You do need an invitation code to get in. This can be easily found online or you can use Steve’s code: steviepie. As for why this is steviepie and not crediblesteve, well it’s a PiNetwork so why not Pi and an “e” for e-currency.

Logo from Sweatcoin Wiki page

Here we have Sweatcoin. Sweatcoin is a new semi-cryptocurrency app, with a higher inclination towards being a reward program. This app allows you to gain points known as sweatcoins for simply walking or taking steps. You can then exchange these sweatcoins for a multitude of items ranging from coupons to free trials for programs to Paypal cash. There is also the option to donate to charity if you desire to help others. The amount of coins you earn per day depend on the number of steps you take, so it’s technically a good exercise program, not for the lazy though. There is also a referral system in Sweatcoin so feel free to sign up through Steve’s referral link here.

Of course there are still limits to this app. One limiter is that there is an actual limit to the amount of sweatcoins you can earn per day depending on the plan you have. If you are a free member, this threshold is very low, making it hard to earn substantial amounts of money unless you use this app for a long, long time. Of course, you can pay for a better plan to have a higher threshold. This app also requires you to allow the app to track your location in order to check if your steps are real. Hence, if you don’t like others knowing where you go, then you probably don’t want to have this app on full-time. Finally, there aren’t really any small denominations for the reward exchanges, hence it may take months or even longer before you can gather enough coins for an exchange. If you’re not the persistent type in daily exercising, then Sweatcoin isn’t the right one for you.

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