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Nikke Stage 6 Lost Relics Locations

Steve’s Nikke Goddess of Victory Lost Relics Stage 6 Locations

Got lost trying to find relics? Well, at least you found a guide!

ā€” Steve

Are you frustrated from carpet searching the map for Nikke Stage 6 relics? Maybe you just want an easy way out? Or maybe you discovered a location you want to mention? If so, then you found the right place to get you lost … relics. Steve has gathered the locations of the lost relics of different stages that can grant you many hidden rewards!

You’re here and I assume you do know about lost relics in the Nikke: Goddess of Victory game. So, I won’t go into my long exposition about lost relics that you can find in the Stage 2 Lost Relics Post. Go there and read it if you got lost on this page without knowing what lost relics is …

So let’s get ready to get lost with this basic guide of finding the lost relics in Nikke: Goddess of Victory. Steve is manually collecting the locations as he progresses through the stages himself in the NA server. Therefore, Steve is unsure of all the locations of each relic and whether Steve actually found it all, but here are as much as Steve can find while progressing through the game.

Hopefully, this guide will help you somewhat. Please feel free to contribute to the guide by commenting because Steve may also lacking some locations even after carpet searching the map multiple times. Now, let’s stop getting lost on chit chat and actually get lost trying to find lost relics!

Call Log 071515 3:42 PM

A call log can be found a bit outside of the starting area of stage 6. Follow the left terrain edge and you will find the call log by a pile of three cars (devs back to cars again).

Cafe Blueprint

This blueprint can be found a little way further down the road (continuing on same terrain edge as above). It’s on the mountain side above the group of dead trees.

Frost Pillar White Snow Music Disc

Continuing up the road, a music disc can be found in the roundabout. It’s at the top right corner of the central snow hill.

1000 Credits

Continuing up the road and past the boom gate (red and white striped bars), you will find a consolation prize of 1000 credits by the bin on the right side.

Survival Guide 01 #5

Continuing up the road, a survival guide can be found by the pair of dead trees in the upper left corner of the area. You may have to stand to the right of the rightmost tree (of the pair) to get the magnifying glass popup. Note that the some of the survival guide can be found in Stage 5 (if you haven’t already).

Theater Blueprint

Walking a bit to the right (from above survival guide), you can find the theater blueprint in front of the vine-like plant (it’s not the bush in the back on snow, but the one in front).

Seedy Club Blueprint

After going through the portal (to the other section of map), you can find the seedy club blueprint next to the first bush (past the first pine tree when you first head to right and up the road). This location is below the gate switch and on the opposite side of the pair of cars.

Survival Guide 01 #1

This survival guide can be found in the final area where you fight the boss. It’s on the left side, partially hidden by the mountain and to the right of the pine tree.

Call Log 017515 6:08 PM

Assuming you have opened the energy gate (by touching the switch above), you can go through the gate to find a call log partially hidden behind the edge of the building roof (the upper left corner of roof). You may have to defeat subquest mobs here. Note that the rest of these call logs can be found in Stage 5 (if you haven’t found them already).

Showcase After World Jukebox Disc

If you head on the path downwards from the junction, you can find a music disc right by the fences on the left side of the road right outside of the energy gate.

That is all for Steve’s Nikke Goddess of War Stage 6 Lost Relics locations guide! As always, if Steve find any ways to enhance the guide, Steve will update it! Also, subscribe and look out for more guides from Steve! If you find an additional location, feel free to contribute by commenting. If you have any questions, suggestions, or disagreements, feel free to comment below or you can contact Steve through the contacts page; however, there is no guarantee for a good answer because Steve does not know everything about the game after all. Now, get lost and go find those relics!

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