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Nikke Stage 3 Lost Relics Locations

Steve’s Nikke Goddess of Victory Lost Relics Stage 3 Locations

Got lost trying to find relics? Well, at least you found a guide!

ā€” Steve

Are you frustrated from carpet searching the map for Nikke Stage 3 relics? Maybe you just want an easy way out? Or maybe you discovered a location you want to mention? If so, then you found the right place to get you lost … relics. Steve has gathered the locations of the lost relics of different stages that can grant you many hidden rewards!

You’re here and I assume you do know about lost relics in the Nikke: Goddess of Victory game. So, I won’t go into my long exposition about lost relics that you can find in the Stage 2 Lost Relics Post.

So let’s get ready to get lost with this basic guide of finding the lost relics in Nikke: Goddess of Victory. Unfortunately, Steve wasn’t able to find the locations online as of yet, so he can only manually collect the locations as he progresses through the stages himself in the NA server. Therefore, Steve is unsure of all the locations of each relic and whether Steve actually found it all, but here are as much as Steve can find while progressing through the game.

Hopefully, this guide will help you somewhat. Please feel free to contribute to the guide by commenting because Steve is also lacking some locations even after carpet searching the map multiple times. Now, let’s stop getting lost on chit chat and actually get lost trying to find lost relics!

Observatory Blueprint

This one is located near the start of the stage. It is at the corner right across from the tree roots. It’s next to the red mailbox (or whatever that is).

Police Station Blueprint

This blueprint can be found by the pile of cars to the left of the coliseum. It’s the pile with a blue car (which I suppose is the police car?).

The Godness Fall Jukebox Disc

Heading down the road from above (police station BP location), a music disc can be found at the corner between the two similar looking building right before the energy gate, the one that the white switch opens and leads to the coliseum parking lot.

200 Credits

Now head back up the road and continue down the other path until you find the white switch (if it’s off, it’s just a circle). Near here is another small consolation price in credits for those who did the sweeping work. Well, you can have it, too. Just look in the corner directly across from the white, circular gate switch/button.

Hotel Blueprint

Now continue down the road (around central western side of map) and you will see a pile of cars in a corner around the bend. Walk around to the other side of the cars and you should find the Hotel blueprint slipped in a tight spot. It might take some adjustments to your location to see this one (it is easy to bypass because it has a smaller available hitbox).

Maid Cafe Blueprint

This blueprint is located at the eastern side of the map (continue down the road from above all the way to the other side). It is by the rubble next to the multi-story apartment building located at the corner of the map, behind the coliseum. Although this building may look like a hotel, the hotel blueprint is actually in the middle of nowhere (makes sense?) instead of here.

400 Credits

A small consolation price for the treasure hunters. For those interested, it is located by the rubble at the end of the road of the eastern side of the map. It’s just past the building where you get the Maid Cafe Blueprint.

The Risk Wandering Soul Jukebox Disc

After going through the wooden shrine gate (torii gate after heading upwards from the Maid Cafe BP location), to the left is a pile of cars (with a red car?). Search around there and you will find a music disk.

Toy Store Blueprint

Continue up to the building at the corner of the map. A blueprint can be found at the left corner of the hospital-like building that you see after crossing through the wooden shrine gate at the northern end of the map.

Train Station Blueprint

This blueprint can be found at the very end of the map by following the road all the way to the northern side of the map.

That is all for Steve’s Nikke Goddess of War Stage 3 Lost Relics locations guide! As always, if Steve find any ways to enhance the guide, Steve will update it! Also, subscribe and look out for more guides from Steve! If you find an additional location, feel free to contribute by commenting. If you have any questions, suggestions, or disagreements, feel free to comment below or you can contact Steve through the contacts page; however, there is no guarantee for a good answer because Steve does not know everything about the game after all. Now, get lost and go find those relics!

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