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SPA Chapter 139

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 139

Chapter 139: Plot End

I could feel my weak body that could hardly stand. I weakly stared at that impending doom, that I would probably not live through. Ah, is it really impossible for me?

But I knew, I can’t give up, even if my body is destroyed, I must gather the transcendent power for her. I willed my broken body to stand firm while popping pills into my mouth. I began to regather strength, but before I could gather any further, the spear of light descended upon me.

I could not even feel anything anymore as my mind seems to blank out. Is this it? I’m unwilling, how could I perish like this? Ling’er is still waiting for me, and I must live in order to save her.

However, even though I knew what I needed to do, it seemed that neither my body nor soul wanted to comply as I could feel my grasp on my consciousness fade away.

Suddenly, I felt warmth as I fell into a warm embrace. Although my senses were lost, I could still smell a familiar scent that my mind can’t seem to recall at the moment. It was soft, and comforting, lulling me to sleep, but I knew I must hold on.

Surprisingly, I could feel myself being energized as I stayed in the comfort zone. It seems that there was no longer the searing lightning hampering my recovery. There seemed to be a mountain, helping me block all the fury from the heavens.

My strength slowly came back along with my senses.I could hear the lightning subsiding outside as it seemed that the tribulation was over. A wave of power gushed into me, desiring to recover my injuries, but I denied it from embracing me as I activated the technique to condense the Ascendant Pill.

The warm, addicting energy was sucked away from me towards a core where it revolved, slowy condensing into a transparent pill.

I was excited, I knew I had succeeded. Ling’er can be saved now!

My body regenerated not long afterwards, enough for me to crack open my eyes in joy. Ah! It’s good to be alive! Mmm, this scent, it’s so familiar. Wait, this scent belongs to-

I looked up instantly to see my savior and that beautiful face registered into my mind once more. Ling’er with a gentle smile locked eyes with me just like we had always did, but she no longer had her sickly appearance. Ah? Is this a dream?

“Ling’er you’re okay …” I called out gently with a smile as I reached for her hands.

Ling’er gently smiled back at me as she nodded.

“Eh .. Ling’er, what are you doing here-” I wanted to ask, but I froze as my hands coldly phased through her hands, grabbing nothing but air.

As I stared at Ling’er in shock, she sadly glanced at my hands as a silent tear drop rolled down her face, but still with the gentle smile on her face.

“L-Ling’er, what’s going on? W-why can’t I-” my heart could not help but palpate as I questioned urgently.

All I received in return was a shake of her head, as Ling’er smiled once more; however, this time, I noticed that she looked a bit more transparent.

I did not want to fathom the thought of what was going to happen as I desperately tried to grab her hands once more, only to phase right through her, crumbling to the ground.
I stared straight ahead as I did not want to turn around to look at the events that were transpiring. However, like a haunting ghost that did not want to let go, I could feel her embrace upon my back as she wrapped her arms around my neck, resting her head on my shoulder.

I felt suffocated, but I believed that this was not reality. Hence, I slowly jerked my head to take a look at her because I was sure it was not her, but all I saw was empty air as the warm embrace was already gone.

Ah! I could hear my loud heartbeat once more as my mind rebooted. I knew it was all a hallucination. How could Ling’er be here at the moment, she’s still resting back at home, waiting for me. I quickly scrambled up as I realized that I need to make haste as Ling’er is waiting to be saved.

I summoned the created pill and grasped it in my hands. I will apply this as soon as I make it back. I immediately sprinted off at my quickest speed while popping pills, overdrafting my limit because I knew I could not delay.

My injuries tried to slow me down, my mind tried to slow me down, but I keep telling myself that I will make it in time, pushing myself to run faster and faster.

Then, I finally made it back to that familiar home. I paused as clones came out to help me with fixing up my image quickly and putting on a new set of clothes as my other set was in rags. I combed my hair and put on a smile as I didn’t want Ling’er to see my injuries once she awakens from consuming the pill.

Then, I calmly strolled into the familiar home. I saw Fatty sitting on a chair with his head facing down like he was asleep, jolting as it seems that he realized that I’m back. Geez, I told this guy to look after Ling’er and here he is lazing off.

“Fatty, the hell you doing lazing off here. I told you to look after Ling’er, what are you doing out here-“

I was cut off as Fatty lifted his head. His eyes were bloodshot as his mouth opened, trying to say something, but it seemed like something was stuck in his throat.

My heart sunk as I felt a chill down my back. I repeatedly comforted myself, telling myself everything is alright before forcing myself to ask, “W-what happened?”

Fatty struggled for a bit more before croaking out, “N-not long after you left …” before choking and going silent once more.

I didn’t listen, I vanished as I swiftly rushed to her room. I paused in front of the door as I slowly shoved it open with my trembling hands …

The wind gently blows and a Lover’s Heart softly lands on the ground next to a evenly dug hole. A hand reaches down the hole and gently lays a beautiful, cracked amulet into its resting place.

“Here will do … right, Ling’er?”

The one who spoke no longer hoped for any answers as a bitter smile arose on his face. He gently stroke the amulet as he tried his best to smile. After a long time of gently stroking the amulet, the man finally braced himself and stood up. With a sweep of his hands, all the Lover’s Heart from the garden broke off and glided into the hole, gradually filling it up. A familiar slab of stone then shifted into place to seal the entrance to his lover’s tomb. The man then smiled gently as he brushed his hands across the slab of stone, causing the remaining traces of blood on it to fade away as new words carved themselves onto the stone, “Here lies the couple separated by plot.”

The man gently stroke the stone with a melancholic smile, “Don’t worry Ling’er, I will accompany you so you won’t be lonely.”

Then, he sat down and leaned against the slab of stone while staring at the beautiful sky.

A sigh resounded, “A thought for eternity, a will firmer than stone, but I am none of these …”

As if the heavens of plot finally acceded to his request, the color of life on the man began to freeze in time as a gray, stone color gradually crept up the man’s body. The man did not panic. Instead, a gentle, happy smile arose on his face as he leaned his head against the slab of stone.

“I am only a man who wants to accompany her for all of eternity.”

Then, the man’s eye slowly closes as the final traces of life in him were frozen in time, leaving a stone statue of a hero guarding his beauty … for all of eternity.

End of Arc 3

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