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Dragon Raja Midnight Pumpkin Guide

Steve’s Dragon Midnight Pumpkin Guide

Find the right pumpkin without having to wait until midnight.

— Steve

Looking for a Midnight Pumpkin guide? Having trouble find the pumpkin that is different? Well, you are at the right place! Steve has compiled a simple guide with brief knowledge on the Midnight Pumpkin event!

The Midnight Pumpkin event is a 3 to 5 team event. You will be brought into a Hydra look-alike where you will have to first talk to the NPC nearby (otherwise pumpkins won’t trigger). Then, you will have to head to different sets of location (with pumpkins) and identify the correct (different) pumpkin (with an exclamation mark) by talking to it. Steve knows that it may be unnecessary to find all the correct pumpkins as it is more tedious than simply choosing a random one; however, do note that if you do find all the correct pumpkins (which may only take a moment for each one), the final big pumpkin boss will not spawn (this does not affect rewards) and your Midnight Pumpkin run will be much faster (due to not having to fight the last boss). Although the leader is usually in charge of finding the right pumpkin, note that your team can help (or sabotage) the leader.

Steve understands that it may be difficult to find the correct pumpkin as sometimes the pumpkin just look all the same! Do not fear for Steve is here! Steve has compiled this guide based on the pumpkins that Steve has identified. Steve can’t say Steve has identified them all as there are variations that Steve may not have encountered! Steve is also unsure if each variation is specific to each location (even though Steve classified it by locations). So, do look out for variations that may appear at other locations! Now let Steve divulge the hidden facts to you so you can complete Midnight Pumpkin before midnight!

The Variations

Steve will first delve into a brief description of each variation that Steve has encountered. So far, there are five variations that Steve has encountered.

One variation will require you to find the pumpkin that is smaller than the rest.

Another variation will require you to find a pumpkin that has its lights out.

Another variation will require you to find the pumpkin that is wobbling back and forth. The wobbling animation for this occurs every second or two so it will be hard to miss.

Another variation will require you to find the pumpkin that is crying. The crying animation occurs every second or two as well.

Another variation will be one where there will be different text above the pumpkin heads (screaming vs grinning pumpkins). The pumpkins will look the same, so do note the text.

A final variation will be to find the pumpkin with a different stem color.

The First Location

At the first location, you may be required to find the wobbling pumpkin or the small pumpkin. There is no picture for the wobbling pumpkin because it is difficult to capture the animation for the pumpkin with a picture (as the pumpkin looks the same as normal), but do note that the wobbling pumpkin is usually the one to the far left. As for the small pumpkin, note the smaller pumpkin in the back.

Second Location

At the second location, you may be required to find a crying pumpkin or the wobbling pumpkin. It is difficult to capture the animation for both of these so Steve does not have any pictures for this. Do note that the pumpkin for these variations are usually on far left (Steve is unsure if there are different variation of these variations).

Third Location

At the third location, you may be required to find a pumpkin with a different stem color or the pumpkin with lights out. Note the pumpkin with a brown stem (pumpkin Steve is facing which is pumpkin towards the inside) instead of green stem.

You may also encounter the screaming vs grinning pumpkins here. Note the text above the pumpkin head with the screaming pumpkin being the correct answer (3rd pumpkin counting from left).

After finding the pumpkin for the third location, you can jump onto the pathway near the bridge (for a quicker run) instead of auto-pathing all the way around.

Final Location

The final location is where you complete the event by killing the tiny pumpkin monsters that spawn and opening the dimension duck. Of course, if you guessed wrong on any pumpkins during the event, the big pumpkin boss will spawn and you will have to defeat it before the small pumpkins will spawn.

That is all for Steve’s Dragon Raja Midnight Pumpkin guide! As always, if Steve find any ways to enhance the guide, Steve will update it! Also, subscribe and look out for more guides from Steve or head over to the Dragon Raja Corner! If you have any questions, suggestions, or disagreements, feel free to comment below or you can contact Steve through the contacts page; however, there is no guarantee for a good answer because Steve does not know everything about the club after all. Now, go out there and pick on the different pumpkin (don’t be a bully though)!

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