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Perfect World Mobile Dismantling Guide

Steve’s Perfect World Mobile Dismantling Guide

This mantel of dismantling shall be passed on.

— Steve

Looking for a equipment dismantling guide? Can’t decide between donation or dismantling? Wondering what loot there are for dismantling? Then, you are at the right place! Steve has compiled Steve’s experience and knowledge of dismantling gear on this page for you!

Steve will be providing Steve’s best opinions and tips on Perfect World Mobile gear dismantling on this page. There will also be a bit of tip on donations to promote your reputation rank. Do note that the content on this page may include Steve’s biased opinions, results that rely on chance, tactics that may be costly to be implemented, and content that are already well known or are easy to find. Of course, that is all in the eye of the beholder. Without further delay, let Steve begin dismantling the box that holds the secrets to gear dismantling!

Dismantling Gear

Are you wondering what you can get from dismantling gear? Maybe you have already dismantled some gear but it seems that all you get is a negligible amount of silver coins. Well, do not fear, for Steve is here! Although Steve did have many situations where all Steve ended up with was silver coins, Steve knows for sure that there are other loot you can get from dismantling!

Besides silver coins, the most common loot you can get from dismantling gear is Psychic Gem. Psychic Gem is used for recasting gears and normally they can not be bought unless with gold ingots or with silver ingots from mysterious merchant. No matter which option, the cost will add up as it may require lots of Psychic Gem for one recast (at level 79 ascended, that’s 6 gems!). For folks like Steve who is both unlucky on recast and doesn’t have enough money to top up like crazy, saving up enough Psychic Gems for that decent recast may be a nightmare. That’s where gear dismantling will come into play! Dismantling gear will have a chance of dropping a Psychic Gem, and it has a fairly decent rate of dropping them, too.

Although there are rumors that all gear have a chance at dropping Psychic Gems, do note that some low level gears (level 79 and under) may not drop this gem but the lower quality version called the Vision Gem instead. Although some may see Vision Gem as useless, they are not because you can still recast purple grade gear with them instead of wasting precious Psychic Gems which can be used on yellow grade gear or above.

Also do note that the lower level the gear, the lower the chance of getting a Psychic Gem as a drop. Psychic Gem also seem to drop only from dismantling purple grade gear or above. Steve has a fairly decent drop rate of 4 out of 10 dismantles for ascended level 59 to ascended level 79 purple gear dismantling.

Do note that the Psychic Gem dropped from dismantling gear (bound or unbound) will be unbound and untradeable. You can simply merge it with your bound gems though to save inventory space.

Besides Psychic Gem, there is another type of loot you can get from dismantling gear; however, this new loot requires you to dismantle yellow grade gear or above. Dismantling yellow grade ascended gear (of any level) has a chance of dropping Lv.2 Reincarnate Book (purple grade), Lv.3 Reincarnate Book (yellow grade), and Lv.4 Reincarnate Book (orange grade). Of course, this is very reliant on luck and it may be costly to gamble as the gears may be expensive to purchase. However, the profits will be immense if you are lucky because you can actually sell the Reincarnate Books you get through this method on the stall!

There are rumors that you can also get the Reincarnate book drops from dismantling gear below ascended level; however, Steve has not confirmed this as Steve was not lucky enough to get any. Maybe the drop rate is simply just lower with lower level gears.

Reputation Donation Alternatives

Alright, maybe you are one of those who is having trouble deciding between donating for reputation to get that glorious rank 8 or dismantling the gear. Maybe you are worrying that you won’t be able to find alternatives that are cheap enough for donation. Well, don’t worry, there are actually a bunch of alternatives.

The commonly known ones include Dark Sigils that you may get from guild events or from opening scrolls such as the the Demonslayer’s Scrolls. This option is fairly cheap but the reputation provided by the Dark Sigils are not much.

Hence, some may turn to the Dark Sigil: Legendary; however, that item may not be so affordable to most players due to its cost. Although you may also get it from opening Treasure Maps, the chances are rare and the treasure map that actually has a chance of dropping it is rather expensive as well.

Hence, most people would turn to donating gear. Besides dropping from events or dungeons, gear can easily be purchased in the stall for gold coins and the reputation gained to gold coins spent ratio is usually a pretty decent ratio. However, you must also look at the other side of the coin. Although it’s easy to buy the gear for donating with gold coins, do note that you are essentially throwing gold coins down the drain if you do not have sufficient gold coins to reach the next reputation rank. Also, this method does not earn you any gold coins so it will just be a money pit. If you think about it deeper, perhaps you would realize that if you were to dismantle the gear you would donate, you may actually get lucky and get a Reincarnation scroll that you could sell for gold coins that could easily provide you with enough profit to buy some more gears for donation!

Of course, with everyone buying gear for donation the price may rise. Now you may wonder if there are any other alternatives to all of the above. The answer is yes! Although it was not available before, due to the useless existence of low level orange materials (level 79 non-ascended or lower), the game developers had decided to implement the function of orange material donation for reputation! You can simply purchase any low level orange material that are usually sold for around 10,000 gold coins (prices may fluctuate depending on supplies and number of bots grinding) and dismantle it for an orange item that you can donate for reputation! It’s like donating gear, but the cost is usually cheaper than gear and the materials are definitely useless if you already own a high level orange equipment. Although this is also a money pit, but note that if you use this option, you may save the gear you get from drops or stall for dismantling in hopes for a loot that can be sold for profit instead!

There is also the free (of gold coins but not time) way where you can grind prestige in order to trade for the chests that gives your purple grade gear loot. You can then choose to donate these gear for free reputation or dismantle them (albeit lower chance to get Psychic Gem because the gear is low level). However, this is a rather slow option and usually requires your device to be on for long periods of time. There is also the option of getting PKed (killed) in the midst of grinding which may ruin the entire grinding session (as you won’t be on to start grinding again). Also note that it requires an immense amount of reputations to reach the next rank of reputation (especially in the higher ranks), hence this may not be an time efficient method compared to the rest.

That is all for Steve’s Perfect World Mobile gear dismantling guide! As always, if Steve find any ways to enhance the guide, Steve will update it! Also, subscribe and look out for more guides from Steve or check out Steve’s PWM Corner! If you have any questions, suggestions, or disagreements, feel free to comment below or you can contact Steve through the contacts page; however, there is no guarantee for a good answer because Steve does not know everything about gear dismantling. Now, go out there and dismantle the intricacies of gear dismantling!

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