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SPA Chapter 82

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 82

Chapter 82: Stealing

Uncle Pan slowly laid the body on the ground as he shook his head gently. Ma Yun collapsed on the ground at the response as tears dripped on the ground constantly.

“H-how could this be? Why am I this cruel? I caused the death of the one who saved me. I-I-” Ma Yun despaired as his thoughts spiraled him into the pits of despair.

The old master frowned before he sighed and stated while turning around, “Pan, bring him to the guest room.”

Uncle Pan looked up in shock, before he hurriedly replied, “Old master! You can’t be thinking- you must not! It will cause-“

“Do not let me repeat it twice. This a wrongdoing by me, and I must resolve this karma,” the old master said as he glanced at his grandson who looked at him with sparkling eyes filled with hope.

Uncle Pan could only agree in silence before he carried the body to follow his master as he told Ma Yun to wait patiently for him to come back as Ma Yun didn’t have the strength to follow.

After entering the a guest room down the corridor, Uncle Pan could not help but question once more, “Old master, must you really? You know it will cause great harm to your cultivation. You’ve been saving up all that medicinal content inside your body all these years! The crucial point is coming soon, you and Elder Hua-“

“Enough, it is not like I will die. You saw Xiao Yun. A bit of cultivation is a small price to pay if I can let him continue to walk on the right path,” the old master said in a solemn tone.

Uncle Pan could only silently agree as he remembered the demon that was about to grow inside Ma Yun’s heart. He sighed before he said, “I will take the the young master back to his room.”

The old master nodded as he commanded, “Make preparations to head back early before the others catches wind that I’ve came here. I don’t want them to catch me off guard while I’m injured.”

Uncle Pan nodded before heading off. The old master then looked at the young man on the bed, who was even taller than he was. He slowly sat the young man up before pressing his palms on the young man’s back.

“This is your fortune for sowing good karma. I hope you will continue to take care of Xiao Yun in the future,” the old master muttered before circulating his Qi, causing a cyan glow to seep into the young man as a medicinal smell spread through the enclosed room.

—Not long later—

The old master weakly stepped out of the room as Uncle Pan hurriedly went up to support him. Uncle Pan asked with a worried face, “Old master, how did this happen? It shouldn’t require this much to save him?”

The old master weakly coughed before replying, “It seems he had a special constitution. He stole a bit more than expected. Greedy, but I didn’t expect to discover such a special body! No wonder he didn’t die for all my poison! He will be perfect for testing my medicine in the future- *cough* *Cough* I think we’ll have to delay the trip back a bit. I’m afraid I won’t make it far in this condition. Let me rest for a day.”

Uncle Pan could only nod as he supported the old master to his room, glancing back at the room with a pitying look.

—Unknown time later—


[Host has awaken from hibernation mode.]


[Host has absorbed potent, unknown poisonous content. Host’s ability {Poison Body} has gained 5 levels.]

[Host’s injuries have been healed from external Cyan Grade true Qi and potent medicinal content. Residue true Qi absorbed. Host’s {Colorless Emperor’s Rainbow Mountain} has gained 4 levels.]

[Host has absorbed potent, unknown medicinal content. Host’s ability {Divine Blood Rebirth} has gained 5 levels.]

Uggg … a bout of dizziness surfaced in my mind before slowly fading away. Where am I? Dang oh dang, what the heck is up with that power up?

I confusedly sat up on the fairly luxurious, but still hard bed as I stared out into the small room. I slowly got out of bed as I stood up weakly to figure out my situation. Eh? Stood up?

I stared at my now healed legs in surprise. I could not help but excitedly stare at my arm as well, but unfortunately, it was still missing.

Although I was excited, I can’t help but feel suspicious about this windfall. I understood that nothing comes free, at least not with Mr.Aura on duty. I knew I should quietly leave when possible. Just as I was about to activate {Ghost Emperor’s Voyage}, a voice interrupted me.

“Oh, you are awake young man.”

I looked over to see a middle age man. I stepped back as I pulled my sword out of my inventory. I knew Mr.Aura won’t let me off without a fight.

“Mm, calm down young man. I mean no harm,” the middle aged man stated.

I could not help be suspicious as I questioned, “Who are you? And why am I here?”

The middle aged man smiled as he said, “You can call me Uncle Pan. I am a servant of the old master Ma.”

Unfortunately, I did not recognize any of those name; however, it seems that the middle aged man understood my confusion. Hence he claimed, “Perhaps you would know our young master, Ma Yun.”

Ma Yun? Ah! I could not help but exclaim in surprise, “Fatty?”

“Ohoho, it seems you are pretty close with the young master to be calling him that. Yes, that would be our young master … previously,” Uncle Pan replied.

I nodded in understanding as I remembered the skinny ‘Fatty’ of a bro I was with. I guess we made it out of that alive after all. I stored my sword away as I stared at Uncle Pan vigilantly. Although it was true, there was no proof that what he was not lying.

Uncle Pan chuckled as if he could read my mind, “Young man, you don’t have to worry. Although both the old master and young master are recuperating from their injuries at the moment, you will be able to meet them later. You don’t have to worry about me harming you as that would waste the old master’s efforts in saving you. If you are worried that I would bring harm to you, you may leave for the moment, and come back later when the young master is awake.”

Although I was starting to be swayed towards believing him, I chose to escape when I could. If the Fatty’s really here, I could always come back to save him. As I prepared to activate {Ghost Emperor’s Voyage} at a moment’s notice, I nodded and followed Uncle Pan as he led the way out of what seemed to be a large mansion.

It was easier than I thought. Nothing happened. I was brought out and Uncle Pan went back in after telling me to come back at night. I looked back in shock at both the man and the tent that I came out of. I slowly backed away to marvel at the tent as I could not help but exclaim internally that I must learn how to build one for myself!

Suddenly, someone bumped into me from behind, nearly shoving me to the ground. I hurriedly looked over in anger as I saw a shadow dashing away while a pouch was tossed into my hands. Then, I heard someone yell, “Catch the thief! He stole my treasures!”

Both the nearby crowds and I looked over to the person yelling. What we saw was a man with an angry face pointing in a direction. Then, angry glares along with disdain was thrown in my direction as a crowd formed around me. What the f**k? It wasn’t me!

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