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SPA Chapter 74

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 74

Chapter 74: Charge!

I despaired as the ball rolled towards me, but a hand reached out and pulled me away from the ball’s path. I looked up at the owner of the hand and it was the Fatty.

“B-bro Pro! Are you alright? The clone just said to wait here to pick you up and pull you away, but he didn’t say anything else. I can still hear that accursed ball, but I don’t think I can dodge it again,” the Fatty said as he pulled me in a straight path that was almost perpendicular to the ball’s path.

I was grateful for being saved once more, but I still curiously asked the blind Fatty, “T-thanks, but Fatty, how were you able to find me? Even if they clone points you in a direction, you won’t be able to so accurately find someone being blind and all?”

“Ah, it’s a special ability I cultivate. It allows me to sense all living organisms in a certain range. That’s how this young master found you in the forest,” the Fatty responded proudly.

“Huh? Then does that mean you can dodge that living ball by yourself?” I questioned curiously as the ball screeched to a stop as if it understood we were talking about it.

“*cough* This handsome young master’s ability only can sense superior beings, not inferior objects with no life,” the Fatty answered with an arrogant tone.

I now understood that I won’t be able to shake off the fat stalker unless he stops stalking me or I become a non-living object.

After listening to the Fatty’s claim, when I looked over at the ball, a face swerved around in our direction before snickering as if it understood that we were doomed due to the Fatty not being able to sense it. I can’t blame it because we pretty much are if I can’t think of a way to destroy it. I will need a super strong attack to crack those balls, yet the only attack I have is {Invincible Fists}- wait! That’s it!

“Fatty! I’ve got any idea to crack the nut! But I’ll need you to carry me until I tell you otherwise,” I told the Fatty excitedly.

“A-ah? Carry you? Dodge? But Bro Pro, I can’t see. Let alone dodge, I might even walk straight into the ball. I think it would be better off if you walk on your own feet Bro Pro,” the Fatty stated.

“Yea, no can do. The ball’s already crippled both of my foot Fatty. I’ll probably die if you don’t carry me. Plus, no worries, I’ll tell you which side to dodge. You be my legs and I shall be your eyes. Alright, hurry up now, the ball’s coming again!” I told the Fatty as the eyes on the ball disappeared once more.

“Ah! F**k that ball! Alright, Bro Pro, let’s do this ‘I be your legs you be my eyes thing’, just don’t be the third leg for me in the future, but I’ll happy to be your eyes for girls,” the Fatty responded with an honest tone as he placed me on his back.

“Hah! I won’t need you to be my eyes for girls, this Pro is a pro at picking out girls! Just-dodge right quickly!” I responded while commanding the Fatty to dodge.

The ball rolled past us once more before it stopped to stare at us with an angry face. Then, it began to roll up the slope once more to increase its speed because it understood it won’t be able to catch the Fatty if it doesn’t.

“Alright, Fatty, that f**king ball will be a tough nut to crack, but I’ll need you to hang on. I’m going to be charging the God skill I got from the inheritance device. I won’t be able to move, but I’ll direct you once the ball comes. Listen carefully, and prepare to use your speed buff skill to dodge if I tell you it’s from overhead! Once I charge up enough, I’ll tell you to throw me in a direction. Do it without questions asked,” I commanded.

“T-throw you? But Bro Pro, if I throw you, won’t you get crushed by the ball?” the Fatty questioned.

“Heh, at that time, I will be able to crush the ball with my fist so no worries,” I said with an evil smirk as I felt a shiver from the Fatty as he muttered, “Not my balls please.”

Hence, I started charging {Invincible Fist} as I commanded the Fatty to play dodge-ball. As the Fatty continuously dodged, I felt his body mass get smaller and smaller because he had to use the super speed buff in order to dodge the ball sometimes. Although he became to complain about how much more fat he will have to lose, I told him that he could lose weight and become handsome or have his balls crushed by the ball. He smartly stopped complaining after that and dutifully ran around for a long time afterwards.

—1 Hour Later—

Charging for about one hour, I have gained 360 strength for my next attack. I believe that should be enough. Even if it isn’t, I have no choice but to risk it as the Fatty was going to run out of fat otherwise as the Fatty was now a skinny man after an hour of exercise. I also don’t think we will have much space to run to soon because as the ball rolled more and more, it began to heat up.

The good news is that instead of breaking down or being melted, the ball’s shape held as it seems to be made of some unknown metal that seems to require even higher temperatures to melt; however, it is already red hot like a piece of metal out of a furnace. The bad news is that starting not long before, it began to leave trails of fire behind as it rolls, which served to cut down our possible running space. We are now trapped in a boxy area in a slice of the circle with fire on all sides.

I watched as the ball rolled up to the ceiling once more before it stopped up there, preparing to launch off the ceiling in our direction. Heat gathered around it as it lit up in fire, becoming a fire ball hot enough to attract girls from all over. Like a meteor, it bore down upon us, signifying dooms day if no Saitama appears to stop it.

If that ball lands, all of the space near us would probably be covered in fire. I knew I had to go all in now or I won’t even get the chance.

Hence, I yelled, “Fatty, throw me upwards diagonally to the front! You don’t have to worry about the angle, just toss it at will, I trust you!”

The Fatty stiffened for a bit, before gritting his teeth. Then he launched me as hard as he could in a 45 degree angle upwards. It seems the ball had taken my flight as challenge as it launched itself off the ceiling in my direction, confident that it would win.

Ominously, heat gathered around the ball as it lit up in fire, becoming a fire ball hot enough to attract girls from all over. Like a meteor, it bore down upon me, signifying dooms day if no Saitama appears to stop it.

Let this finish in one punch! As I raised my fist and punched at the ball, I howled, “ONE PUN-!!”


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