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SPA Chapter 62

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 62

Chapter 62: Out of a Hole, Into Another

Although I sprinted with all my might, in the end, we did not outrun the cats as it seemed that some of their pack had already moved in front of us to block our path. Hence, we ended up surrounded by cats as they glared at us from all sides. I saw the one that I fought hobbling over, whimpering to what seems to be a larger, leader-like cat. That cat then glared in my direction as it growled a command to the cats, who began to tightened the encirclement. Oh lord why does this always happen to me? Am I going to die again?

The Fatty’s face paled in fright as his body fat shook like waves.

“A-am I going to die here? B-But I’m too young for that! I still haven’t tried all the flavors at Spring’s Night yet!” the fatty cried with a stuttering voice.

“We’re at death’s door and that’s what you think about?! You f**king idiot! If it wasn’t for you, we wouldn’t be in this situation!” I roared at the Fatty.

The Fatty looked back at me with puppy-dog eyes as if he was wronged. Unfortunately, puppy dog eyes of a fat mass of meat doesn’t have enough charm to negate my negative feelings. It actually served as an grueling sight that enhanced my fury instead. However, I sighed as I knew that nothing I say would matter in this situation. We are already trapped, and we will need to work together to get out of this alive.

“Alright, I’ll be in charge of killing them. You’ll be in charge of blocking them off and taking them down,” I commanded as I readied my sword, hoping to end each fight in one shot.

“W-why am I in charge of blocking-” the Fatty tried to retort, but I cut him off.

“What else would you do with all that fat!? Do you want to die here? If not, then we have to do this together! Plus, you’re not actually taking their hits, just simply ram them away with your speed!” I growled.

The Fatty’s face contorted a bit, but it seemed that he had came to a decision as he nodded. Then we stood there, back to back, awaiting for the fight to start. As if it knew we were ready, the leader cat gave a long howl like a wolf. Although I wanted to complain that howling is for dogs, but the army of cats charging at us from all directions prevented me from getting distracted. As the first cat reached me, I dashed forward, piercing my sword right into it before pulling out and jumping back to my original position.

The Fatty on the other hand dashed to the right and left, knocking back two cats with a thud, but he still took a swipe from a third one which caused him to howl in pain. Unlike before, the Fatty gritted his teeth as he continued which earned my approval as I dashed off to finish the cat that assaulted the Fatty. The fight continued as seemingly non-ending waves of cats charged at us. There were already many corpses of cats that are lifelessly lying around us like a barrier, but they also served as a ramp for cats to attack us from the air. This led to me beginning to take damage as even after I kill the cats in the air, their bodies would still crush down upon me, causing me to falter for a bit which allows for some attacks to land on me.

Although the Fatty kept the cats on land away from me, he had no power to do so for those in the air as although he had speed, it was only when he was attached to or near the ground. Although it seems that we have made progress, but it was not a lot compared to all the effort we have made. Both the Fatty and me were already exhausted as we both breathed heavily. Although I have regeneration, I still had many deep gashes on my body. As for the Fatty, he’s already had chunks of flesh scraped out. I don’t know how much pain he’s suffering from, but it seems to be real bad as his eyes were already bloodshot. I knew this cannot go on as there seemed to be a crowd of cats left.

“F-Fatty do you have any ideas to get out of this situation?! This can’t go on!” I yelled at Fatty.

“Hell if I did, do you think I would still be here?!” the Fatty howled back.

“Ahhh! If only I can recover some Qi, I might be able to sneak us both out of here!” I yelled as I drove my sword into another cat while the Fatty knocked away a cat aiming at my back.

“Curses to the Qidian Xian! Why didn’t you say so earlier!? I might lack fighting power, but money is something I don’t lack, let alone mere Qi recovery medicine! How do you think I sustain my running speed all this while?!” the Fatty howled back as he took our a bottle from his storage ring and tossed it to me.

I put away my sword and caught the bottle. Then, I backed away from the cats and told the Fatty to cover for me for a while, “Fatty, block them off for a bit like a real man for this bro!”

“F**k you! You better f**king hurry up!” the Fatty angrily responded but still did his job.
I used my mouth to pull off the cap on the bottle, and poured all of its content into my mouth.

[Ding~ Host has consumed Mid grade {Qi Recovery Pill} x10. Host’s Qi is quickly recovering.]

[Qi Recovery Pill] (Blue – Mid)
Durability: One time use
A pill that can recover up to 500 Qi over time at a rate of 1% of max Qi per second. Pill recovery does that stack and will expire after 10 seconds after full Qi recovery. Continuous use of pill will cause recovery effects for this pill diminish by 5% for every pill eaten, up to 10 pills, whereas any more would have no effect until pill residues disappear after 24 hours.

“Holy f**k! Wastrel! You only need one of those pills to recover all your Qi at your level! Why would you use it all?!” the Fatty howled in grief while knocking back another two cats.

“I only have one hand and we’re in battle! How else am I supposed to eat them?!” I roared back as I felt my Qi recovering at a quick pace of 3 Qi per second.

“Ahhhhhh!” the Fatty howled in anger while bashing the cats even harder than normal, as if he has lost a family member.

Seriously, is money that important to you bro?! Of course, I don’t care about trifling money because my mindset is beyond worldly possessions, just that I don’t mind having more. As if the cat leader could feel that I was recovering, it howled in anger as the cats parted ways to make a path for it to pass. Then, it began to charge at me at an insane speed. I tried to dodge, but my reaction was too slow as it had already arrived in front of me, swiping a claw at my head. But then, with a heavy thud, a flesh mountain appeared in front of me.

“Arrrhrhrhggh!” the fatty howled in pain as he spat out a mouthful of blood onto my face.

“F**k! Fatty, hang in there!” my heart clenched in gratitude as I held onto the meat shield.

“H-hurry! G-get us the f**k out of here! I can’t hang on anymore!” the Fatty howled before passing out. I knew I couldn’t wait any longer as I swiftly activated {Ghost Emperor’s Voyage} and void form. Then, the both of us disappeared into the void, narrowly avoiding a second swipe from the cat leader, causing it to howl in anger.

Heh! Finally made it! I knew I could easily escape now as there was no barrier blocking my way. I swear I will come back for revenge some day. I took my first step dragging the Fatty along, but my step didn’t land on solid ground. Both me and Fatty fell through the ground into darkness.

F**king Mr.Aura! We just got out of a death hole just to land in another hole?!

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