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SPA Chapter 52

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 52

Chapter 52: A Father’s Gift

I rushed towards my {Prison Key} location marker with my {Ghost Emperor’s Voyage} rapidly as I couldn’t wait to leave this god forsaken place. After all, I only have 24 hours probably before I will be teleported back to my cell, so I must make it out before then. Around 2 hours later, I finally reached the chamber where my father laid, much faster than I anticipated because I did not have to creep slowly towards it like my clone.

I entered the circular chamber and my clone was chilling on the ground while my father was circling around it in fascination. Oi old man, don’t start having fantasies about your son. I made a obvious cough sound to grab my father’s attention. He looked over at me, then shuddered as his eyes focused on my missing arm, but he recovered quickly.

“*cough* Oh you’re finally here. Taking so long just to walk such a short distance. Aiii~ did I shock my genius son dumb with my ultimate revelation of his father’s awesome background?” my father confidently stated.

My mouth twitched. If it’s anyone’s background, it’s my beautiful, gentle mother’s background, not this shameless old man’s. Aii~ What can I do, he’s my father alright. After all, he inherited my handsome and shame- *cough* righteous personality. No, it’s definitely not the other way around. Fate allowed him to inherit it and pass it to me.

“Alright, alright, let this genius child of yours get the key, then we can go out. Then, you can personally watch me turn that dog emperor into mince meat,” I smirked as I headed towards the sword.

“Okay son. Go forth! Release the seal to the denizens who will bring destruction upon this kingdom! Mwahahaha!” my father uproariously laughed as my mouth twitched again.

Although he sounds like an evil spirit, but I am more confident that he’s mentally retarded from being trapped here for 16 years. Aii~, let’s just get this over with. I took out my {Earth Dragon’s Fang}, held it with my mouth, and made a small incision on my fingers on my right hand to let a drop of blood fall onto the sword. The sword then vibrated as a rainbow glow surfaced on it’s hilt. Great~ another rainbow grade. I hope it doesn’t end up as trash this time. I took the sword out as my father floated by the sword’s side with an excited glow in his eyes.

“It really … it really is … hahaha! Good! My son is alive! Heaven has not forsaken us! Xue’er, our son is still alive!” my father emotionally shouted towards the heaven as tears dropped down his eyes.

“Oi! You mean you didn’t believe me before?! Then what was up with all of that drama?!” I chirped back.

“Oh, that was just to fool you into actually doing the blood test. If your blood was not of my blood, the sword would not only not recognize you as its master, but would also kill you with a sword Qi. No big deal because you’re my son,” my father calmly proclaimed.

Oi! I would have died if I failed that?! F**k, I need to be careful of evil spirits in the future.

“Alright, now that I got the key, tell me how to use it so we can go and get our well deserved revenge,” I demanded.

“Mmm, all you have to do is inject some Qi into the sword and wish for a pathway to open. Then a pathway that will last for 24 hours shall be opened to the entrance from your position, unless you close it with a thought as well,” my father patiently explained.
Alright. I injected some of my Qi and thought of a path opening. Then clunks were heard as the seemingly smooth wall of one side of the circular room sunk to the ground.

Outside that exit, I saw the maze slowly split apart as multiple gears cranked and rotated, all the way until a tiny speck of light could be seen in the distance. Mmm, the old man didn’t lie. I then placed the sword into my inventory, sent a message to my clone to use it, and turned back around to my father.

“Alright, father, we should go now. The plan would be set into motion soon, we need to make haste,” I said with a smile.

“Mmm~ hold on, before you go, father has a gift for you. I can’t just have a silly brat like you go fight the world without power now can I?” my father spoke with his hands crossed behind his back like an expert.

Ohhh~ finally here! The inheritance, but my father was just an emperor … is that any good?

“Don’t worry, this is a powerful skill because it was left by your mother for you before she gave birth to you,” father continued as he stroked his beard.

Oi. So it’s from my mother, not even from you! Alright, no complaints. My father waved his hands as a force entered my mind.

[Detected unknown mental transmission. Mental transmission deemed to have no negative consequences on host, so {Divine Mental Fortress} is not activated.]

[Host has gained ability {Pinnacle Sword Dance}.]

[Parallel Sword Dance]
Level : 0
This ability’s level scales with the host’s highest sword skill level. This ability allows the host to deal percent extra damage with any attacks when host is cooperating with the one host loves. The boost in percent is dependent on the trust that host’s love has on host. As the ability’s level increases, the percent damage cap is increased by 10% per level, with a default of 100%. The default lower bound is 0, and will increase by 10% every 10 levels.
Current minimum damage boost : 0%
Current percent damage cap : 100%

Yup, OP- OP my a**! Pretty much useless unless I’m with Ling’er, but she- URGG stop thinking!

“Hahaha! Shocked?! You should be! That’s the ultimate skill that your mother practiced with your handsome father almost every day! It deserves to be a praised as a godly ability there is no limit to its power, especially when you have a beauty by your side like your mum~” father excitedly chattered.

“Oi, so this skill wasn’t even left behind! It was just something that you managed to pick up from mother! Did you not manage to learn anything else?!” I glared at my exceedingly more shameless father.

“*cough* Heh, of course your mother didn’t try teaching me any of her techniques. I was too much of a genius to use such techniques, *cough* with the exception of this very strong technique. As the saying goes, Love has no bounds, my son,” my father honestly claims with no shame.

My mouth twitched. Alright, I’ve got to stop complaining. At least I got something out of this unreliable old man. *sigh* When other fathers give their sons OP cheat inheritances, my father gives me a sword skill that can rarely be used, let alone the fact that I don’t actually have any sword skills. At least give me a sword skill or something.

“Alright, it’s getting late my son. It’s about time you head on out to your adventure. Remember, you must smash that b*st**d’s head for me alright?” my father gently said.

“Alright old man, no problem. Just watch me smash him to pulp. Alright, let’s go old man. We’ve got to meet up with the rest,” I said as I giddily walked towards the exit, but when I turned to look to the side, I saw no one following me.

Eh? Where’s that old crackpot? Did he shame himself to much that he got his retribution?

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